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The best scented candles for fall (for every room in your house)

Fall is here, and for those of you that can’t get enough of all things autumn, there are tons of fall-scented and fall-flavored products out there to choose from. If you want your house to smell like the harvest season, you’re sure to fall in love with any and all of these scented candles. Though pumpkin-spice is an iconic flavor and aroma, don’t worry if the infamous latte isn’t your thing. This list is full of plenty of other seasonal scents to get you in the sweater-weather spirit.

Woodwick Fireside Scented Candle

The Woodwick Fireside scented candle smells just like an autumn bonfire and kind of sounds like one too. The wick of this candle is made of wood, so the flame dances and crackles naturally to complete that warm, fireside feel. The hourglass shape creates a wide opening for the scent of the melted wax to escape through, filling the room with up to 130 hours of that cozy fireside scent.

Best for: Cozy fall nights cuddled on the couch with a good book

Harvest Spice Speckled Ceramic Seasonal Candle

This Harvest Spice scented candle will complete the fall ambiance in your home with a scent that combines cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and other spices with undernotes of vanilla. The speckled orange ceramic container will pair beautifully with your autumn decor as well. This three-wick candle will burn for around 49 hours.

Best for: Everyday use in the living room (the container blends so well with harvest decor)

La Jolie Muse Fresh Apple Scented Candle

This Fresh Apple scented candle blends apple, lemon, and other fruits with hints of sandalwood and musk to bring the scent of fall into your home. The fragrance diffuses quickly to fill the room with coziness throughout its 75 hours of burn time. The candle is a warm red color to match your fall decor, and the aroma of apple cider and cinnamon donuts will make your living room smell like you’ve been baking all day.

Best for: Use in the kitchen, making your home smell like your favorite fall dessert

Sweet Water Decor Hello Fall: Cinnamon, Apple, and Clove Scented Candle

This aptly named candle brings apple cider, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon into your home in a stylish glass jar-style candle. This candle brings all the comforts of fall, and it’s also made with American grown soy wax that’s gluten, lead, and phthalate-free. This candle is on the smaller side with a burn time of around 40 hours, but there are several other fall scents (like Leaves and Mulled Cider) from Sweet Water Decor to check out, so we suggest you order a few.

Best for: Bedroom or bathroom decor

Bonfires, apple cider, sweaters, cloves, cinnamon, pumpkin, hooded sweatshirts, wool socks — the list could go on. These iconic aspects of fall provide a sense of coziness and calm.  If you love the feeling you get when you breathe in the crisp fall air and don your favorite jacket, you can bring this feeling right into your home with the right candle. All of the options above smell great and burn for a long time, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Give one a shot next time you want to get cozy. Happy harvest season!

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