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10 office desk lamps that will add an element of functional design to your space

Office desk lamps are often overlooked pieces of equipment. Though lighting is crucial in an office setting, little time is spent talking about office desk lamps. The best part about these lamps is that they are functional, but they can also be decorative. No matter your style, you can probably find an office desk lamp that fits your decor and helps your eyes or mood—whatever you’re going for. Whether you want colorful office desk lamps for your home office or minimalist office desk lamps for your real office, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorites below.

Light Society Black Retro Desk Lamp

This vintage style lamp features a mid-century modern style for your office desk, living room table, or nightstand. The lamp is made of iron and features an angled arm in an antique brass finish. The lampshade swivels so you can aim the light directly where you need it, and the on/off switch is an easy pull cord. Rest easy no matter where you place this new lamp due to its national safety standard rating and one-year limited warranty.

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Overall this lamp has 4.6 out of 5.0 stars with 355 ratings. Most customers like the style (5.0), brightness (4.8), sturdiness (4.7), and more. However, many users don’t like how small the lamp is, and others complained about the type of bulb required. As with all online shopping, be sure to check the measurements and specifications of what you’re ordering, so you’re sure it will meet your expectations and needs.

FORSÅ Work Lamp

The Forsa Work Lamp from Ikea uses an LED bulb (included) and has a cool, retro, nickel-plated finish. The classic style will brighten your workspace in more ways than one. The arm and shade are adjustable, making this lamp perfect for a desk, bedside table, or end table.

The Forsa Lamp gets 4.1 out of 5.0 stars, with the main thing bringing the score down is the light bulb that is supposed to be included. Most customers love the lamp—ease of assembly gets a 4.9 (which is a remarkably high rating for Ikea, which is notorious for complicated assembly), value for the money gets a 4.6, appearance scores a 4.8, and all of the other categories score in the high fours. The low scores come when customers receive the lamp believing it has a bulb included and doesn’t. Do yourself a favor and pick up an extra bulb just in case, and you’ll be happy with your new lamp.

Ventosa Table Lamp

The Ventosa Table Lamp has a suction cup on the bottom, making it a fun and functional design. Stick the lamp anywhere you need a bit more light, from your office desk to a bottle on a bookshelf. Available in both black and blue finishes to fit any style, this table lamp will likely be a conversation piece at your next gathering.

Customers love the modern design and the fact that they can stick it almost anywhere they can think of. Customers also like the packaging and say the unboxing is enjoyable because of it. The lamp is corded, so beware when placing it outdoors, but many people have had success with this lamp outside.

Napa Home & Garden Clive Pendant Lamp

This lamp’s rich green color and vintage design will add a classy dash of color to your home or office desk. The cord length is 72 inches, so you’ll be able to hang this lamp wherever you need the extra light and style. The lamp is designed for interior use only, which is good since you are office desk lamp shopping, right?

Marselis Table Lamp

This lamp’s design was inspired by the bent tubing of street signs and features a 360-degree rotating adjustable diffuser. The diffuser can emit both direct light and ambient light via the integrated LED. The lamp is crafted from powder-coated die-cast aluminum and steel and will add a modern touch to any office.

Matin Table Lamp

This table lamp will add a pop of color and style to any office, whether it is turned on or not. The brightly colored, cone-shaped, and pleated shade sits atop a polished brass base for a combination of classic and modern styles perfect for almost any decor. The lamp uses LED technology that emits warm, radiant light for up to 25,000 hours.

Customers love the fact that this lamp is available in so many different colors and the way it adds color to any room. Many people who bought one of these lamps found themselves ordering at least one more since they loved the first one so much.

Setago Table Lamp

This table lamp is named after its mushroom-shaped appearance—“seta” means mushroom in Spanish. The end of the name “go” refers to the portable nature of the lamp in that it is cordless and, therefore, can go almost anywhere. The light is rechargeable, making it great for camping if you’re not using it as a desk lamp. The lighting is adjustable, and it is available in several colors so that it will work well in almost any office setting.

Whatever your reason for shopping for a new office desk lamp, there sure are a ton of options out there to choose from. If you’re looking for style and function, we think we’ve found both in the selections above. No matter you’re style or needs for lighting, we’re sure one of the models above will fill both voids for you.

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