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Love the look of a modern nursery? Here’s how to bring that inspiration to life

If you love minimalist, modern style, why not continue the trend when choosing nursery decor? Gone are the days when a baby’s room meant babyish decor. Today’s busy parents are all about combining form and function in a space that’s both workable and attractive. But, can a sleek, modern nursery still be inviting? Absolutely! Below, we lay out some of our best tips for designing a modern nursery.

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Less is more

The key to modern design is to incorporate only the things you need. Simplicity is the goal and essentials should always be within easy reach. Open-shelf storage cubbies, with spots for removable baskets, keep clutter at bay while ensuring that moms can always find the things they need. Add a few hooks to walls for hanging baby’s towel, blankets, or sweaters. Consider furniture pieces that do double duty — a dresser with a changing pad top that can be removed post potty training, or cribs that convert into twin-size beds as babies grow. Invest in furnishings that can stand the test of time. 

When it comes to wall decor, a modern nursery keeps things as simple as possible. A few well-chosen pieces of art add style and give baby visual stimulation. Create an accent wall with a graphic wallpaper pattern, or create a hand-painted mural of geometric shapes or whimsical clouds. Focus on designs that can transition from babyhood to childhood and even beyond.  

Keep floor space uncluttered and opt for solid neutral carpeting or hardwood flooring. A plush, faux sheepskin area rug invites cuddly play or reading time with baby, and can be switched out as your child grows. 

For windows, choose light-blocking shades or wood-slat blinds, flanked by steel-grommeted panels that coordinate with walls or bedding and draw close with a simple pull of your hand. 


Skip the ruffles and fussy patterns and stick with sophisticated bedding options. You can never go wrong with gender-neutral solids and simple prints that redefine nursery style. Since outer bedding isn’t always part of the crib display, be sure to select sheets that complement the modern design aesthetic of the rest of the room. 

Place a hand-knit throw on a chair or neatly folded on an open shelf for extra warmth that’s always at-the-ready.

Modern nurseries forgo classic rocking chairs for sleek, upholstered gliders that look equally at home in family rooms or master bedrooms. 

The power of color

Pastel hues of pink, blue, yellow, and mint green may always be popular for nurseries; but, today’s parents are not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to baby-appropriate colors. Create a room with a more sophisticated color palette, and it becomes something that babies can grow with for years to come.

White: Clean, minimalist, always in style, a white room forms a backdrop for so many possibilities. Pale gray or pastel walls provide visual contrast to furnishings and bedding of snowy white. 

Black and white: Go ultra modern with a bold mix of black and white and get the added benefit of stimulating baby’s brain. That’s right, according to studies, the contrast of black and white sends the strongest signals to a baby’s brain, which can actually help stimulate brain growth and visual development. 

Gray: The neutral tone most often favored by decorators in recent years can also be a wonderful choice for a modern nursery. Gray works beautifully when paired with shades of yellow, pink, aqua, or white, and can effortlessly make the transition from infancy to teen years and beyond. 

Green: Skip minty hues in favor of cool sage tones. Add furnishings in black, white, or natural woods for a room sure to soothe baby and please mom and dad’s innate good taste.

Yellow: Pale, subtle shades of yellow are soothing for babies, and when paired with gray are on point for any modern nursery. 

Clean lines, subtle themes, and unexpected touches of texture and pattern, these hallmarks of the modern nursery are super easy to achieve. Don’t be afraid to try something unexpected in creating a room that both you and your baby will love for years to come. 

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