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The case for green bathrooms: Why this nature-inspired hue could work for you

Although green might not come to mind when people think about redecorating a bathroom, it can be an excellent choice. Green is one of the most common colors found in nature, so it can bring relaxing, fresh energy to the space — and it’s one of the trendiest home design colors this year. By bringing this hue into your bathroom, either as a primary color or an accent, you’re sure to create the ambiance you’re seeking.

bathroom with green wall
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Green as a shade of peace

If you like to soak in the tub to unwind after a long day, green walls can help you feel the sense of peace that you’re longing for. Shades of green with yellow undertones can make a bathroom feel sunny and cheerful, while a green with blue undertones can create a sense of modern elegance.

Where to use green in the bathroom

Green can work in a bathroom of any style, from classic rustic ranches to modern minimalist condos. If you’re thinking about including green in your bathroom, the possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Look for patterns in green hues. If you choose to decorate your entire bathroom in shades of green, incorporate patterns in the flooring or wallpaper so the space doesn’t look monotonous. If you decide to hang wallpaper in the bathroom, be sure to choose a type of paper that’s designed to withstand a moist environment.
  • Use green for more subtle accents. If you’d prefer to keep things subdued, you can paint a small area, such as a single wall or a shelf, for an unexpected pop of color. You can also use green as an accent on the floor, backsplash, or accessories, such as towels, a shower curtain, or artwork.
  • A green tub or vanity can make a statement. If you’d like to go bold, install a dark green, free-standing bathtub or paint your existing tub green. You can also add a vibrant pop of color with a green vanity.
bathroom with green wallpaper, tub, and sofa
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How to choose the right shade of green for your bathroom

Some shades of green will work better than others and the amount of light in the bathroom largely influences which colors work best.

If the bathroom faces the south, it will get plenty of natural light during the day. You can therefore use a cooler shade of green with blue undertones, such as olive or seafoam, to create a soothing atmosphere that won’t feel too dark.

In a north-facing bathroom that doesn’t get much sunlight, choose a warmer green with yellow undertones. Apple green or pea green can make your bathroom feel sunny and give you a mental and emotional boost in the morning.

If you want your bathroom to feel cozy, opt for a darker shade of green which can also create a sense of depth. Be careful, though, because a shade that’s too dark can feel overwhelming and make the space appear smaller, especially if you use it prominently on all the bathroom walls. To give your bathroom a subtle hint of green, opt for a sage color that’s almost neutral.

green bathroom tile
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What color goes with green in the bathroom?

When selecting colors to pair with green in your bathroom, consider incorporating complementary colors in the flooring, vanity, shower curtain, towels, fixtures, and other accessories.

Red: We know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t that scream Christmas? It could if you choose the wrong shades, but as long as you stay away from mixing a bright red with a true green, you’ll be okay. Red will pop against the green tones because the two are located on opposite sides of the color wheel. A shade with a red undertone, such as purple, or a shade of red with a neutral undertone, such as terracotta, may work better than a bold red. Combining green and pink in this space will also make a bold design statement. A wallpaper accent wall is a great way to blend these two hues in a subtle way.

Yellow or blue: If red isn’t your style, pair your green walls with yellow or blue accents. Since green is a combination of these colors, they can add color and balance to the space. Pairing a more vibrant shade with a muted one will keep the colors from overpowering the space.

Neutrals: When in doubt, you’re always safe with neutrals like white, beige, or gray. White accents can provide a sharp contrast with a dark shade of green, whereas neutral colors, such as tan or gray, break up the main color in a more subtle way.

Wood and metals: While not colors, wood and metallic accents — whether silver, gold, rose gold, or copper — look fantastic with green. For a rustic or natural feel, wood is the perfect complement. In a modern bathroom, pair green paint with contemporary accents, particularly metal fixtures or a copper sink. Then, combine a soft shade of green with wood, white, gold, or lighter shades of green to maintain a more streamlined design that aligns with your home’s modern aesthetic.

Start by adding green towels, baskets, and rugs to test out the color scheme; then as you get more comfortable, start picking out paints, vanity sets, and other bolder additions. Green may not be the most obvious color to use in your bathroom, but a green bathroom can create a stunning visual effect and evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

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