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How a blue bathroom can actually be stylish — and raise the value of your home

When it comes to color trends in decorating, colors come and colors go… but one color is so classic, it truly never goes out of style. That color is blue. And it makes sense — with so many levels of blue, there’s bound to be a shade that suits your personality and your decorating style. From calm and serene, to bold and energetic, there are shades of blue that run the gamut of barely-there to all-out vibrant. 

Blue can work in any room in your home, from kitchens to bedrooms, living rooms to dining rooms, and everything in between. But aside from its creative value, there’s a very good monetary reason to paint your bathroom blue. If you’ve been thinking about updating your bathroom and can’t decide on exactly which color to choose, here’s why blue should be your choice.

light blue bathroom
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Is blue a good color for a bathroom?

With all of those white porcelain fixtures, blue is a logical color choice for your bathroom. And, if you’re getting tired of the grey trend, the right shade of blue can actually be seen as an alternative neutral. And, blue pairs well with so many colors on the color wheel, it’s no wonder that it continues to be a popular color choice for decorating. 

If you’re sprucing up your home for resale, paint color is one strategy that can actually help improve your chances of a sale and could increase your home’s selling price, too. In fact, a recent study by Zillow tested 15 different paint colors to find out which ones made the biggest impact with buyers. For bathrooms, the results were conclusive:

“Light blue was by far the most popular color for a bathroom. Survey participants who viewed a light blue bathroom claimed they’d be willing to pay more: a 1.6% increase in offer price or a nearly $5,000 increase in value on a $290,000 home, on average.”

— The Zillow Group

Image used with permission by copyright holder

How do I decorate a blue bathroom?

There are so many different shades of blue and so many ways to incorporate blue into your bathroom decor. Here are a few of our favorites:

Painting the blues

  • Go bold: If you’re looking for vibrant color, blue has so much to offer. From rich navy, to bright turquoise, to vibrant cobalt, there is a multitude of deep blue options that can make your bathroom really pop. Bold shades of blue work best in bathrooms rich with white fixtures and tile work, but can also be impactful with touches of blue, too.
  • Go pale: Not a big fan of color? By keeping your paint color ultra pale, you can incorporate a slight hint of color without breaking your neutral vibe. There are even paint and tile colors so pale blue that they are practically white, but when placed up against something that is pure white, the slight hint of color becomes a bit more pronounced and provides a striking visual contrast. 
  • Blue ceilings… the sky’s the limit: Bring the blue theme to a whole new level, by painting the ceiling a pale shade of sky blue. It’s a sure-fire way to lend a soothing, spa-like vibe to enjoy while soaking in the tub.

Towels and more

Don’t have the budget to paint, but still want to go blue in your bathroom? Add blue accents through towels, shower curtains, window treatments, and bath mats. If you have a neutral bath, blue bath linens add color without the need to retile or repaint. 

Stripe it rich

Wallpaper is making a big comeback, and one of the most visually appealing wallpaper options would be vertical stripes in cornflower blue and white. If wallpapering isn’t in the budget, there are plenty of peel-and-stick options that can transform your bathroom while adhering to your budget.

Painted furniture

Whether you opt to paint your bathroom vanity or pick up a towel etagere at a tag sale and then give it a wash of blue, hand-painted furnishings are a unique way of incorporating shades of blue into your bathroom.

Coastal vs. nautical

Lovers of the sea find inspiration in shades of blue.

  • Go coastal in pale blues with gray or sea-green undertones. Add sand-colored bath mats, bowls of sea glass, and rattan accessories. 
  • Go nautical in hues of crisp navy and stark white. Add antiqued brass accents and dark teak woods. 

There are so many ways to incorporate blue into your decorating and to give your bathroom a fresh new style. It’s a look you’ll love, and a look potential buyers for your home will love, too. 

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