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white and grey kitchen with white countertops

Interior designers say this is how to get the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams

Does your farmhouse kitchen need an update? You don't have to completely remodel the space. Here's what to do.
couple cooking in efficient kitchen

Experts explain how to make your kitchen more efficient

An efficient kitchen is exactly what you need this year. Here's what you need to know.
best paint for cabinets shutterstock 1784492126

This is the absolute best paint for your DIY cabinet project

Want to paint your cabinets so the color will be long lasting? This is the paint you should use.
small white modern kitchenette

These genius basement kitchen ideas will totally enhance your home

Adding a kitchen to your basement is a great use of space. Try these ideas.
Modern and minimal Japandi styled room

What is Japandi style? The minimalist design you didn’t know you wanted

Japandi design mixes functionality, minimalism, and natural elements in a way everyone will love.
Cottagecore bedroom.

Cottagecore is evolving for the better: How to achieve a modern pastoral look

Cottagecore is evolving. This is how to incorporate it into your home this year.
dark grey textured walls home design with pink chairs

The interior design principles everyone follows (but should actually ignore)

Rules are made to be broken. These are the design rules you don't always have to follow.
Kitchen with blue frame fronted cabinets

These 7 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas will totally refresh your kitchen

Completely transform your kitchen with these fantastic cabinet ideas.
Family in home with open floorplan.

Is the open concept house dead? Here’s what the experts say

With more people working from home, does the open floor plan make sense anymore?
woman planning an interior design layout

Experts say you should avoid these hallmarks of bad home design

These are the worst mistakes interior designers have ever seen homeowners make when it comes to home design.
living room with gray and green color palette

12 helpful home design apps that make a renovation a breeze

These home design apps will make your remodeling project so much easier.
woman standing in a white kitchen with rustic winter decor

8 simple winter kitchen decor ideas that will complete your rustic design

Looking to freshen up your rustic kitchen this season? Try these ideas.
grandmillennial style and design living room patterns color

Grandmillennial design: Making traditional styles cool again

Grandmillennial style takes the comforting nostalgia of your grandma’s decor, but puts a modern spin on it.
farmhouse style bath

This is the best house design style for Capricorns

These are the styles, colors, and decor Capricorns should have in every room in their home.
Black kitchen faucet with water running

Don’t waste money on a plumber for a leaky faucet — how to fix it yourself

Fixing a leaky faucet is easy. Here's how you can do it without having to call the plumber.
bleached light wood flooring in an entryway

7 incredible new wood flooring trends you have to know about

What type of wood floor should you put in your home? These are some of the best trends we're seeing right now.
17248 the best geometric rugs rug

Don’t ruin your favorite decor: What you need to know about washable area rugs

Keep your washable area rugs looking like new with this cleaning advice.
Modern home with soapstone countertop and concrete wall

Say yes to these 5 questions before you get concrete kitchen countertops

Concrete kitchen countertops are striking, but they're not for everyone. Don't get them unless you can say yes to these 5 questions.
Rustic dining room with modern accents

These are the dated interior design trends the experts say will die in 2022

Does your home feature these dated trends? Interior designers say they're fading away.
A light green rug sits in a room with dark colored chairs and plants.

Green is the ‘in’ color: These popular area rugs make a bold statement

Green is a very trendy color right now. We totally love these green area rugs, and you will, too.
Blue and white kitchen with modern lighting

7 ways to completely refresh your kitchen (you can do in a single weekend)

You don't need to renovate to get a new kitchen. Try these ideas.
curved white sofa in a modern living room

Forget straight lines — it’s time to embrace curves in your furniture

Curvy furniture is having its moment. We’ll take a look at this retro revival and show you just how you can embrace curves in your furniture for years to come.
hydropro plus sous vide machine review delta cooking

The 5 kitchen appliances no home chef should ever live without

Some kitchen appliances are gimmicky, but these are the ones every homeowner should have. After you check these off your list you'll save time and more.
Boho-inspired bedroom

Sagittarius style: How to decorate your home, according to your zodiac sign

Want to know more about Sagittarius decor? We've got you covered.
Welcoming living room interior, dining area and kitchen view

2022 home design trends our experts say will be really hot

Get ready for these ultra-cool home design trends that the experts are raving about.
Italian kitchen with white cabinets

Kitchen backsplashes are about to get a lot bigger (and way more vibrant)

From design styles to materials, this is what the experts say you should look for in a kitchen backsplash.
granite kitchen countertops modern farmhouse with bar and coffee nook

Combine practicality with style: 4 kitchen floors that aren’t ugly or boring

You want your kitchen floors to be sturdy and easy to clean, but you also want them to be stylish. Try these options.
christmas holiday decor with gold and white tree

These are our favorite winter color schemes for every room in your house

Brighten up your home this winter with these fantastic color schemes.
kitchen with dark cabinets and wooden countertop

This is the best kitchen sink material you can choose for your home

Need a new kitchen sink? This is the type you should choose.
Couple shopping for area rugs

If you’re searching for affordable rugs that look expensive, go here

This is where to shop for rugs that look luxury (without luxury prices).
lighting fixtures in kitchen

These unique kitchen lighting ideas make a bold statement

Lighting is an important part of kitchen design. Try these unusual designs.
person using a compact coffee maker on kitchen counter

A Black Friday coffee maker is the best gift you can give yourself

In need of a new coffee maker or think one would make a great gift? This is why you should get a coffee machine on Black Friday — and the best ones to get.
bright pink chair and printed wall art in maximalist room

Minimalism vs. maximalism: Which is more stylish?

Minimalism or maximalism? Here's how you can decide.
woman sitting on white couch with a laptop

These items for your home are actually worth buying on Black Friday

These are the big-ticket items for your home you should actually wait for the holiday sales for.
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling

Trendy indoor plants can make a design statement — here’s how

Incorporating trendy plants into your design can look amazing. We love these ideas.
feet resting on black and white vinyl tile floor

These modern kitchen floor tile design trends are anything but basic

These modern kitchen floor tile ideas are on trend.
thanksgiving dinner wagyu beef vermont steak

There’s still time to get this show-stopping item for Thanksgiving dinner

Don't have a boring Thanksgiving dinner! Instead of turkey and ham, mix things up a bit with this show-stopping item that's almost guaranteed to please.
gray kitchen island

Can you paint kitchen countertops? How to get that marble look on a budget

Want to give your kitchen countertops a facelift? Find out whether painting is an option for you.
child on couch – Christmas tree

Where to find the hottest Christmas decorations right now

We love shopping for Christmas decorations from these stores.
hydropro plus sous vide machine review

Review: The HydroPro Plus is pro-level sous vide anyone can (and should) buy

The HydroPro Plus is a top-end sous vide machine meant for professional kitchens -- but does it belong in yours? We put it through its paces to find out.
Living room with gray walls and couch

These 4 paint colors will increase the value of your house

This is what you should paint every room of your house to maximize its value.
kitchen tool essentials baking family

Our favorite kitchen goods site is having a huge sale right now

Get everything you need for a successful Thanksgiving with this amazing sale.
blue kitchen cabinets redecorated after kitchen remodel

The average cost of a kitchen remodel is way more than you think

Wondering what the cost is to redo your kitchen? Read this handy guide.
Luxury home with gray and white kitchen island

Please don’t make these silly mistakes when remodeling your kitchen

Don't make these mistakes when you redesign your kitchen.
family-holidays-Christmas tree

The experts’ guide to decluttering your home before holidays guests arrive

Decluttering and organizing your house in the fall can help you feel less stressed around the holidays. Do it in stages so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
breville control freak on sale deep fry

Our favorite premium kitchen gadget is on a deep discount (but there’s a catch)

The uber-expensive Breville Control freak is on sale right now – but there's a catch. We love this multi-tasker, but should you buy one?
granite kitchen countertops modern farmhouse with bar and coffee nook

4 things to consider when choosing granite kitchen countertops

Granite kitchen countertops offer a lot of benefits. Here's how to choose the right design for your home.
new homepod mini colors are ugly

Fine, we’ll say it: The new HomePod mini colors are absolutely hideous

Apple announced new colors for its popular HomePod mini, but two of them are terrible.
kitchen fall decor trends autumn home resized

Forget boring white — 4 kitchen fall decor trends we’re obsessed with

We absolutely love these fall decor ideas for your kitchen.
kitchen with dark cabinets and wooden countertop

Bored of your kitchen countertops? Change the color and refresh the whole room

Not sure how to choose your kitchen countertop color? Read this guide.