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12 new home must-haves buyers have proven they’ll pay more for

As you embark on selling your home, you’re likely looking for ways to market your property and home amenities to maximize the home’s value. Creating the perfect listing description that garners the attention of your prospective buyers is vital for selling your home at a great rate. However, these days, the needs of homebuyers have shifted, and people are more willing than ever to open up their wallets for some unique house features.

Recently, Zillow analyzed some 230 features and design terms across listings for roughly 3.1 million homes sold in 2020 and 2021 in order to determine what sells. This means that Zillow gathered data regarding the most popular search terms that homebuyers are using to find their new dream home and has shared this data to help homeowners maximize the value of their property. Below are some of modern homebuyers’ new home must-haves that could help you increase the value of your home. If your house has these selling points, be sure potential buyers know.

steam oven new kitchen appliance

An updated kitchen

With so many people still working from home, it’s not uncommon to find some new avid home cooks or homeowners who value an updated kitchen where they can make delicious meals for family and friends. While an updated kitchen is always encouraged for homeowners looking to sell, there are a few features that have gained more popularity in the past year.

Of these features, Zillow says, when mentioned in a home’s listing description, steam ovens “contribute to a home selling for 3.7% more than expected.” Steam ovens use sophisticated technology to cook food via steam. Fancy appliances like this are a feature many homebuyers are willing to spend more on.

Additionally, Zillow’s analysis proved that “buyers appear willing to pay more for other functional kitchen features such as new appliances (2.6%) and quartz countertops (2.3%) that make cooking and clean-up faster and easier.”

woman sitting at a desk in a mobile office chair

A home that caters to remote work

Since the shift to remote workspaces, prospective homebuyers have prioritized having a separate work-from-home space in their new dream home. Therefore, house listings that mention a home office or share critical features that would make a home more appealing to the remote-work employee are highly sought after. According to Zillow, these features are high value:

  • Buyers will pay 2.5% more when listings mention high-speed broadband access
  • Buyers will pay 1.6% more for listings that mention terms like “Zoom room” or “home office”

If you have the space in your home to create a secluded home office, we highly recommend doing so and mentioning it within your listing. Additionally, amenities like high-speed internet, soundproofing technology, plenty of natural light, and home libraries are all things homebuyers are searching for and willing to spend more on if it caters to their work needs.

outdoor patio space with kitchen area

Outdoor space that feels like a retreat

Another feature many homebuyers are eager to spend a bit more on is the inclusion of an outdoor space. While backyards have always been popular for families with kids or pets, you don’t necessarily need a larger space to appeal to today’s market. In fact, many homebuyers today are more interested in an outdoor space that feels like a retreat or vacation getaway. Therefore, an area that provides adequate entertainment and relaxation is highly valued and could encourage buyers to spend more:

  • Homes with pizza ovens can sell for 2.3% more
  • Outdoor kitchens can increase the sale price by 2.2%
  • Homes with a saltwater pool can see increases of 2.1%
  • Dog/pet houses can help a home sell for 2.3% more

The right design style

Don’t have the money to fully renovate your kitchen or add a saltwater pool? We understand. The right home staging can help you get the job done.

  • Modern farmhouse and shiplap were associated with a 3% and 2.6% increase in price, respectively
  • Nautical design style saw a 2.4% premium

You might not be able to make major changes to your home, but with a few new throw pillows, lamps, and decorative items, you can help potential buyers envision the potential your home has decorated in these popular design styles.

If you want to sell your home for the best value, we recommend including one or more of these features in your listing description. For example, if you have the space, create a private home office to appeal to the buyers who work from home. Or consider spending a little extra to update your backyard to encourage homebuyers to spend a little more when your home is up for sale. While Zillow’s data doesn’t guarantee that you will see an increase in your home’s value, it is proof that many homebuyers have shifted their desires when it comes to buying property and are now more willing than ever to pay for the amenities that best suit their needs.

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