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Octopus decor: Do you love or hate this weird lighting? The internet has thoughts

When it comes to beachy decorating ideas, this octopus decor is definitely unique

Whether you’re spending some time at your beach house this summer and have realized it’s in need of a refresh or you’d like to give your traditional home a coastal makeover, beachy decorating ideas are always welcome. Coastal decor is perfect for summer and, thanks to its light and bright nature, can even cheer up your home during the cold winter months.

Driftwood, seashells, nautical symbols — all are hallmarks of beachy design. But have you considered octopus decor? It’s a little more out there, but the right statement piece can be the anchor (forgive the pun) for your ocean-inspired design. This octopus-inspired wall sconce has gotten some buzz lately, but do you think it’s stunning?


Octopus decor: The internet is loving this wall sconce

This unique piece of octopus decor was recently posted to the r/ATBGE subreddit, which stands for “Awful Taste But Great Execution.” It’s a place for Redditors to post quality craftsmanship that’s lacking good taste. Essentially, the stuff that’s so ugly, gaudy, and tacky, you should hate it, but you also kind of love it.

And the internet’s verdict? Love it.

While appleciders declared, “This is beach house decor,” and user c-lynn99 noted that it would work well “in a seafood [restaurant] or on an oceanic fisherman’s boat,” Perle1234 piped up, “I love weird art. I’d happily hang that on the wall of my home in the mountains of Wyoming…”

And that sentiment was thoroughly agreed upon with the top comment from ogodilovejudyalvarez simply declaring, “I think it’s great taste.”

Of course, people did have their criticisms.

Redditor willerklixx suggested they “would prefer it in black with gold antiquing, maybe, but in the right space this would look really cool.”

User atlantis_airlines agreed with adding a metallic touch, pointing out that they’d like to see it in “bronze with a bit of oxidization.”

Others critiqued the number of lights held with JCBashBash summing up, “It should hold more candles; it’s got eight arms…”

Still, for many, the only downside to this octopus decor was what they were sure the price tag would be. In reference to a similar wall sconce available on Etsy, which goes for $1,225, Redditor ChaiTeaAZ noted, “I wonder if they can sell just a single tentacle sconce.”

How to incorporate octopus decor into your coastal design

One thing is for sure — as beachy decorating ideas go, an octopus wall sconce (or chandelier or sculptural lighting of any kind) is absolutely a statement piece. You definitely do not want to pair it with loads of driftwood, sand art, and nautical paraphernalia that make you feel like you stepped into a pirate-themed restaurant. Instead, your octopus decor should be supported by more muted takes on the theme, allowing it to be the centerpiece of your design and avoid kitsch entirely.

Some beachy decorating ideas include:

  • A soft color palette that includes a mix of neutrals like crisp white, sand tones, and weathered gray, as well as serene blues and greens
  • Natural materials like linen and rattan
  • An open design that makes use of natural light and fresh air

With a few well-placed touches and a casual approach to beachy (is there any other kind?), you can make your octopus decor the star of the show — while avoiding a thematic disaster in your design.

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