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8 spectacular farmhouse kitchens that prove blue is a top hue

Farmhouse kitchens feature many classic pieces like oversize sinks and sweet, cottage-inspired upper cabinetry, transforming any kitchen into a comfortable nook. From cabinet curtains to rustic woods, farmhouse kitchens provide a sense of coziness that goes unmatched in interior design. And while this rustic aesthetic usually features neutral tones and natural materials, interior decorators are now incorporating shades of blue into the kitchen to give it a much-needed pop of color.

From bold and moody hues to tranquil baby blues, below are some amazing uses of color in farmhouse kitchens that are sure to inspire your next redecorating session. Whether you’re more interested in blue kitchen cabinets or a center island, there’s a farmhouse design idea here for you.

Modern, deep blue center island

Modern farmhouses often use white and neutral color palettes to keep the eclectic blend of modern and rustic design from looking too busy. For added visual appeal, a deep blue center island can also tie together these disparate styles, bringing a contemporary flair to otherwise rustic accents. As Instagrammer @the_brothers_stonington highlights in their post, a navy blue center island alongside marble countertops and farmhouse decor can enhance the light and bright feel of the space. To make an even more cohesive look, a bit of blue paint on your cabinets will draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Whimsical periwinkle for a gentle touch

Soft blue kitchen cabinets can also bring a whimsical and soothing aesthetic to the space. @chrissymarieblog on Instagram shows us how magical a farmhouse kitchen can feel when you experiment with different shades of blue. The soft, near-lilac undertones create a sense of serenity, and metal lighting and wooden decor make the entire space reminiscent of a cozy cottage.

Baby blue brings to life a cottage aesthetic

Modern farmhouse kitchens often exhibit an open floor plan, but traditionally styled farm homes might have a closed-off or secluded kitchen nook that can be challenging to decorate. Thankfully, Instagrammers like @houseintheheights highlight just how simple it can be to revamp your color palette and open up the space. They used a cool baby blue alongside classic brick and shiplap for a simple, clean design that prevents the space from looking cluttered. The bright blue on the floor-t0-ceiling cabinetry also draws in light and creates an airy, open feel even though the kitchen is tucked away in a corner.

Blending pastels with rustic design

Rustic beams, tile flooring, and dark wood are staples of rustic farmhouse design. Unfortunately, because of the deep, earthy shades, rustic decor tends to appear dark and heavy. To counteract this darkness, designer @charlottegaisford shows how pastel color palettes can deliver some much-needed brightness. These baby blue kitchen cabinets pop against the dark wood tones and black countertops, shifting the focus to the lighter elements of the room’s design. Additionally, pastel yellow walls and metallic accents create the charming farmhouse look we all know and love.

Muted blue walls for a subtle backdrop

The subtle addition of muted blue walls can create the perfect background for your farmhouse design. @farmhouse.decoration on Instagram shows how to blend a cool blue tone into the kitchen design without detracting from the warmth and coziness of classic farm homes. The contrast between the cooler blues and whites and the warm wood beams creates the perfect balance of contemporary and rustic design.

Monochromatic inspiration for a unique touch

An uncommon yet sophisticated approach to modern farm home design is the monochromatic color palette. While traditional whites and neutrals are often the stars of farmhouse designs, opting for something more unique and lively could put an eccentric twist on your kitchen aesthetic. Interior design studio @tiffanybrooksinteriors features an all-blue kitchen that feels fresh and inviting to step into. Blue cabinetry, backsplash tile, and chairs create a cohesive yet captivating look and the different shades add depth to the design. This designer also anchors the room with a neutral center island to prevent the blue from overwhelming the space.

Classic light blue center island

Showcasing how to add a more subtle pop of color to the kitchen, Instagrammer @goldenboysandme shares their take on a classic farmhouse kitchen with a light blue center island. With warm tones, off-white, and plenty of rustic elements adorning the space, this cozy blue center island looks right at home in this country-inspired kitchen. The blue island is quirky and fun, adding a splash of color to the space and creating a focal point in the design without going overboard.

Sliding barn door and vent hood

If you prefer your modern farmhouse to be a little more modern and a little less farmhouse, design firm @hw.interiors has the perfect look for you. The neutral palette throughout most of the kitchen creates a clean and sophisticated design that’s reminiscent of trending minimalist designs. However, the most interesting aspect of the design is the use of color. Instead of putting the bold blue on contemporary accents, this designer uses color to bring attention to the more rustic elements like the farmhouse door and the vent hood. This is a creative and fun way to accentuate the farmhouse appeal without going too traditional.

From dark navy to periwinkle, blue is a beautiful color to add to your farmhouse kitchen decor for a pop of color or an intriguing focal point. Additionally, whether you prefer rustic or modern farmhouse aesthetics, blue is the perfect color to bring that tranquility to your home.

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