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This is the affordable farmhouse decor item that will bring your design together

When it comes to finishing touches in any room design, nothing beats the simplicity and comfort of a beautiful farmhouse rug. Adding a rug to your design is a great way to ground the space, add a luxe textile, and create the perfect blend of color and pattern. Farmhouse-style rugs are a great option for homeowners aiming for a rustic touch without creating a dark and heavy space.

Today, we’re giving you the best tips for how to style a farmhouse rug in your space and to let you in on why it’s a must-have decor piece.

Why you need a farmhouse-style rug

Farmhouse rugs are an affordable solution for homeowners looking to add some final details to their home design. With many rugs priced below $200 (and plenty below even $100), they’re a great way to save money without sacrificing your design aesthetic. Below are a few ways a farmhouse-style rug could greatly transform your space.

They’re the perfect neutral addition to your space

The modern farmhouse style has gained much popularity in the past few years. This style blends modernity with rustic appeal and is filled with stunning wood tones, beautiful and crisp white color palettes, and plenty of gentle neutral touches.

One way to achieve a similar aesthetic in your design is to add a farmhouse rug to your room. It can be the perfect neutral addition to any space because farmhouse styles rely heavily on neutral palettes to offer a sense of comfort and authenticity. @greeneacresfarmhouse on Instagram shares a post featuring two-layered farmhouse rugs that provide a neutral and grounding aesthetic.

They bring subtlety to any room

Farmhouse-style rugs offer subtlety when coordinated with your room design. Since they lean toward neutral palettes, minimal patterns, and a quaint, faded quality in the overall design, farmhouse rugs aren’t distracting. As a result, they are often a great choice for homeowners looking for a soft floor textile that won’t detract from the room’s existing design. The neutral tones of these rugs also make them easy to pair with existing furniture or wall palettes.

They’re easy to maintain

Another reason many homeowners, regardless of their design style, favor farmhouse rugs is that they’re easy to maintain. Rather than being thick or fluffy, farmhouse rugs are often made of machine-woven fabric that is lightweight and far from shaggy. These rugs are great for families with small children or pets because the tightly-woven material is unlikely to shed and is easy to clean.

How to style a farmhouse rug

Styling a farmhouse rug successfully depends on your preferred aesthetic. However, these rugs look best in farmhouse, traditional, and rustic designs. Below are some of our favorite ways to style these gorgeous rugs.

Add it to your living room

Adding one or two neutral-toned farmhouse-style rugs to your living room can be a great way to add more texture and dimension. For example, you can opt for a simple farmhouse rug in a neutral color on top of a tweed rug for a more rustic and natural effect. Or you might consider using a farmhouse rug with a muted pattern to create a cohesive look with other textiles in your room’s design. For a monochromatic effect, match the color of your rug to your furniture. If you prefer to add more color to your design, choose a cool, neutral rug to pair with warm-toned furniture and flooring or vice versa.

Try a farmhouse rug in your kitchen

Another way to use this affordable design trick is to use farmhouse-style kitchen rugs. Rugs like the one you see in this post on Instagram by @blessed_ranch are a great choice. Long runners look stunning in front of kitchen sinks or kitchen islands. They don’t take up too much space and offer the perfect balance between style and function. This rug leans toward a monochromatic color palette with an intricate faded pattern. This allows the farmhouse-style runner to blend seamlessly with either a colorful or stark kitchen design without detracting from the original vision.

Add one to your bathroom

A farmhouse-style bath rug could be a fantastic addition to a room that needs more comfort. Tile flooring can be hard on the feet and often slippery post-shower or bath. Adding a farmhouse-style bath rug to your space can provide a slip-resistant surface while also giving you the perfect cozy and plush feel of a relaxing and rejuvenating space. As we mentioned above, try to choose a neutral-colored rug with a minimal or faded pattern to best incorporate this textile into your design.

Don’t forget your outdoor space

Using farmhouse-style outdoor rugs on your patio, balcony, or deck can be a great way to bring more of the comfort of the indoors into your backyard. You’ll want to ensure that you choose a rug meant for outside conditions to prevent mold or excessive wear and tear. Also, be sure to match your rug to your outdoor furniture colors, just as you would if you were styling your interior.

Try a runner in your entryway

@remingtonranchfarmhouse on Instagram shows us just how much of a difference a farmhouse-style runner can make in an entryway. The neutral runner has a pale blue undertone and faded pattern that allows it to blend beautifully with the mint blue front door and neutral palette throughout the rest of the room. This subtle and neutral rug helps ground the design while creating a sense of fluid movement throughout the space, perfect for welcoming guests into the home.

The farmhouse-style rug is an essential decor piece to add to any space. From living room accents to patio extras, these rugs are an affordable option for homeowners looking to add a subtle yet comfortable textile to their space. Try to layer your rugs if you can, and focus on blending your neutral rug with the rest of your design to create one cohesive look.

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