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Get ready for the Hellenistic revival in home design

This year, we’re seeing a mass revival of amazing home decor styles that speak to our need for a fantastical escape as the world beyond our doorsteps continues to present unprecedented challenges. As a result, 2022 home design has everyone yearning for exciting, cozy, and luxurious details that transform our homes into a much-needed retreat. Therefore, many trends are reemerging to invite a sense of individuality and character into our spaces. One such revival is Hellenistic design. Whether you remember this 1980s classic or you’re curious to incorporate this fabulous trend in your home, we have everything you need to know to pull off this luxe design.

hellenistic greek home decor god goddess statues
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What is Hellenistic design?

Hellenistic design is heavily inspired by Ancient Greece. Greco-Roman art, sculpture, and mythical representations are a staple of this classic design style. Everything from Corinthian columns to neoclassical-inspired wallpapers is welcomed with open arms for Greek-inspired art and mythology lovers. This design style encourages luxury through art and sculpture while inviting a few fantastical elements to create a home design that feels rejuvenating and transformational.

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Homeowners experimenting with this design style are urged to take a step back in time while incorporating modern elements that allow the design to feel cozy and surreal.

Why is it making a comeback?

Hellenistic design was a popular style implemented in many homes and public buildings during the 1980s. This design style radiated luxury with its fanciful busts and stunning columns that created an air of regality in many spaces.

And, according to Pinterest, this trend is back, with major increases in search terms for Hellenistic-related design: searches for “Corinthian columns” are up 40%, searches for “Greek statue art” grew three times as popular, and searches for “Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper” are up 180%.

Designers think this trend is reemerging due to the desire for fantastical spaces. Many homeowners have found themselves cooped up indoors during the past few years. Without access to theme parks, movies, and other public entertainment, people are gravitating toward bringing fantasy and lore-inspired elements into their own homes instead. We all want to feel inspired or experience an escape from reality now and again. Thankfully, Hellenistic home design allows you to achieve just that while also creating a luxe environment in which you’ll want to relax!

greek inspired home decor with corinthian columns
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How can you decorate with Hellenistic design in your home?

Hellenistic design favors classical elements of Greek mythology. To achieve this look in your space, you’ll want to pull inspiration from Ancient Grecian decor while also diving into some of the culture’s exciting lore and mythology.

Corinthian columns

One way you can create a Hellenistic look in your home is by adding Corinthian columns. Shorter columns can be a great addition to your backyard space or throughout your home to be used as a decorative pedestal or side table for potted plants or decor. Larger faux columns can also be installed in entryways or throughout your space to create an air of luxury.

Arches, ornate mantelpieces, and Greek-inspired trim are also great ways to bring Hellenistic design to your home — and you can find peel-and-stick millwork options if you’re unsure you’ll want this look for years to come.

Busts of Greek gods and goddesses

Incorporating decor that pays homage to Ancient Greek gods and goddesses will enable you to invite a sense of fantasy to your space. Gods and goddesses evoke a sense of myth and legend, allowing homeowners to experience the fantastical and surreal within their own homes.

Stone busts atop your mantel, tabletop, or shelves can be a great way to create a luxe look while also implanting a sense of fantasy within your design. Paintings, engraved cups, or Greek-style painted vases can be another fun way to create cohesive decor throughout your space.

Bowls of fruit

A simple and affordable solution to bringing Hellenistic design into your space is to adorn tabletops with bowls of fruit. Often seen in Ancient Greek depictions, bowls of fruit like apples and grapes are a great way to replicate the past. Try adding a sophisticated and modern bowl to your table and fill it with delicious fruit. In the kitchen, you could use real produce for a functional design. Or opt for faux fruit to adorn tables in living rooms or bedrooms.

Grecian-inspired painted pottery can be a lovely choice if you want a more artistic appeal in your space. The rich colors of these bowls will also allow you to add warmth to your color palette while creating a stunning look.

Palm leaves

Palm leaves are a popular element of Hellenistic design. Beloved during the 1980s, the revival of this aesthetic has many designers excited for the endless design possibilities. Add faux or real palm leaves, both lush or dried, to your vases, tables, or mantel. Or try using a fun palm leaf wallpaper pattern to home in on this decoration’s organic and natural feel.

Alternatively, some homeowners have found faux olive trees or sprigs to be a great Grecian-inspired decor element. These plants allow you to add a touch of greenery while also adhering to Mediterranean plant life to create an authentic look.

Urns and vases

Urns and vases were must-haves in Ancient Greece. While often used to store goods, these vases and urns also served as a means of storytelling through intricately painted designs. If you’re aiming for a celebratory Hellenistic design in your home, definitely seek out urns and vases that honor this element of Greek history! Opt for cream or white pieces made of earthenware or pottery to create a subtle yet stylish touch for a modern take on this decor.

Neoclassical-inspired wallpaper

With searches for Aphrodite-aesthetic wallpaper up so much, this is a great option. If you’d like something a little more subtle, try wallpaper that features symbols of the Greek goddess: roses, doves, or sparrows for instance, often in shades that feature aqua, pale greens and blues, reds, pinks, and violets.

As with any design, the key is to not go overboard. A few key pieces will keep your home looking modern and not kitschy.

Hellenistic design is a fun and luxurious trend that many designers are happy to see returning to the home. With a flair for fantasy and opulence, this classical style is perfectly suited for creating a relaxing and intriguing space that is sure to inspire homeowners. A modern twist on many neoclassical elements will help this style blend seamlessly into many spaces while also creating a unique and exciting statement in 2022 home design.

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