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Bathroom with orange walls

These are the best plants to put in your shower for a nature-inspired sanctuary

Adding a plant to your shower provides design and health benefits. These are the best shower plants.
woman smiling while seated outdoors

DIY advice: Should you build a raised patio on your own?

Looking for DIY tips about building a raised patio on your own? It's not as hard as you may expect, so long as you know the basics. This guide has you covered.
plants and large windows in office space

Create a cozy midcentury modern living room — our top tips

Make your midcentury modern living room feel cozy and warm with these great ideas.
blue and tan color palette in midcentury modern kitchen with geometric tile backsplash

Kitchen remodel before & after: 1950s-inspired reno turns a boring space fab

Need a little inspiration for your own kitchen remodel? This 1950s-inspired kitchen renovation is bright and happy.
how to clean pool tiles

Get rid of gross buildup: How to clean pool tiles for summer swimming

This is how to clean pool tiles so guests (and you) will actually want to go in your pool.
Dusty rose walls with pink couch and green plant

Barbiecore: The glam new home design trend you’re missing out on

Bolstered by next summer’s Barbie movie, Barbiecore first swept fashion trends and is now hitting home aesthetics. Here’s what you need to know.
Kitchen island with stools

Our favorite ready-to-order kitchen islands: Upgrade your kitchen

These kitchen islands are not only on the high end of quality and style, but they are ready to order so you can start your kitchen makeover as soon as possible.
two-tone bedroom wall paint

Two-tone bedroom wall paint combos that will wow anyone

If you want to paint a bedroom two colors, use these inventive two-tone wall paint combos and design ideas that can elevate and transform any bedroom.
contemporary studio design decor

5 genius studio apartment ideas we learned on TikTok to make small spaces feel opulent

If you're decorating a tiny apartment, you'll want to know these studio apartment ideas.
Gallery wall above bed with black and white frames and small mirror

4 huge mistakes the experts say you’re making with your gallery wall

Gallery walls are having a moment, but don't make these silly design mistakes.
Living room with multiple types of lighting

8 enchanting living room lighting ideas to brighten any home

Consider these fantastic living room lighting ideas that work in any space.
Bright and vintage home design

The fantastic home decor ideas Wayfair stylists absolutely love

These are the home decor tips and trends Wayfair stylists think you should consider adding to your interior design.
Pouring cream paint into a paint tray

A perfect neutral: These are the best cream paint colors

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hue that is classic, warm, and inviting, check out these cream paint colors that will elevate your design.
how to repair wide cracks in concrete shutterstock 505982602

DIY 101: Repair concrete gaps and instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal

Concrete gaps aren't just unsightly — they're a serious tripping hazard. Here's how to fill large gaps in concrete (and small ones, too).
Brown and orange pillows on a white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedside table with vase

Experts explain how to decorate with orange while avoiding garish design

A little orange goes a long way. Experts tell us how to use this 1970s favorite in modern design.
Close up of white and pink phlox flowers.

6 kinds of perennials that bloom all summer for a gorgeous garden all season

We've found some incredible perennials that will bloom all summer long to keep your home looking sensational for months.
Midcentury inspired bathroom design with floral wallpaper

These captivating midcentury modern bathrooms will inspire your next reno

From midcentury modern vanities to patterned tile, these old-school-inspired bathrooms are gorgeous.
transfrom backyard simple touches patio lights deck gardening woman relaxing in hammock against wall at yard

The one feature every backyard or balcony should definitely have

If you don't know how to hang a hammock, it's time to learn. It'll totally elevate your outdoor space.
White Instant Pot Solo Coffee Maker with red coffee mug

This amazing Instant Pot coffee maker is almost half off for Prime Day 2022

Buying this Instant Pot Solo Prime Day deal will ensure you get a delicious cup of coffee just how you like it every day.
Keurig K-Mini

Prime Day: This Keurig coffee maker is 20% off (and won’t take up counter space)

This Keurig K-Mini Prime Day Deal gives you the chance to save 20% on the most compact Keurig model.
evening with string lights on patio

Year-round lighting: The best all-weather outdoor string lights we’ve seen yet

The warm glow of all-weather outdoor string lights creates a charming mood. Create a relaxing haven in your own home for all seasons.
modern neutral patterned living room by FLOR

The stunning summer design trends the experts say will be everywhere

From vibrant color-blocking to glamourous metallics, we absolutely adore these designer-approved summer design trends.
Beach-themed vacation home decor

Octopus decor: Do you love or hate this weird lighting? The internet has thoughts

Driftwood, seashells, nautical symbols — all are hallmarks of beachy design. But have you considered octopus decor?
outdoor light timer benefits a tiny house with large glass windows  sits in the backyard at night surrounded by trees and par

4 outstanding benefits of setting up outdoor light timers

Thinking about getting outdoor light timers? This is why you need them.
cozy small balcony ideas dining area

5 easy ways you can transform a balcony from small to cozy and intimate

We've come up with five cozy small balcony ideas to get your creative juices flowing. They work on balconies of every size, and they won't break the bank.
how to fix patchy grass shutterstock 1902434023

Eyesore alert: How to fix patchy grass for a lush green lawn

Don't let patchy grass get you down. Use this guide to get a breathtaking lawn everyone will envy.
dark green living room with green sofa and gold details

These amazing jewel tone paint colors will add drama and sophistication to your home

Jewel tones are incredibly trendy right now. These hues are some of our favorites.
Modern white kitchen with quartz counters

Experts tell us which kitchen countertops you should buy next

These are the kitchen countertops that interior designers are choosing. Let the experts help you decide which is best for your next remodel.
Maximalist bathroom with wallpaper

Before & after: This powder room refresh is must-see

Need a little inspiration for your powder room decor? Check out this recent powder room renovation.
why you shouldnt sleep with the tv on sleeping 1 resized

Snoring keeping you up? Sleep experts share their go-to products

Sleep experts reveal what they use to get to sleep when there's a snorer in the room.
happiest home design styles scandinavian styled dining room and open plan kitchen with patio

10 creative ways to blend your indoor and outdoor home decor for a gorgeous aesthetic

As we spend more time outside, blending indoor and outdoor decor is essential to a cohesive design.
fill empty living room space featured resized

How to fill empty living room corners without looking like you’re trying too hard

We have a few ideas to fill empty room corners that you will love, and it won’t look like you tried all that hard either.
mint walls in midcentury modern dining kitchen area

10 amazing kitchen ideas for the midcentury modern enthusiast

Midcentury modern kitchens are timeless. Get inspired by these 10 ideas.
small living room

If you need odd-shaped living room ideas, try these incredible tips

Are you struggling to decorate an odd-shaped living room? Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of the space
Hand painting wood paneling outdoors

How to paint the exterior of your house so it looks like you hired a pro

Follow these tips to paint the exterior of your home.
how to program garage door opener shutterstock 233751871

Homeownership 101: How to program your garage door opener

A garage door opener is a convenience most homeowners love. This is how to program yours.
how to build a wooden clothing rack shutterstock 1920399971

DIY more closet space today: How to build a wooden clothing rack

This is how to build a wooden clothing rack and instantly double your available closet space.
Small white kitchen with large windows

7 super inventive ways to organize a small kitchen we learned on TikTok

We love these cool ways to organize a small kitchen, and you will, too.
wood stamped concrete pros and cons

Concrete stained to look like wood is super trendy — but Reddit has thoughts

Wood-stamped concrete is one way to spruce up your tired concrete patio, but like all options, it has its pros and cons.
White modern kitchen with black pendant lights and black stools

This expert’s kitchen design ideas are incredible (and don’t require a full remodel)

These are the kitchen design ideas the experts say will wow any guest.
people in apartment

5 expert tips for decorating a bachelor pad so guests will actually want to stay

These design ideas for bachelor pads will impress everyone, from your parents to potential partners.
Basement home office.

7 best basement office ideas so you don’t feel like you’re working in a dungeon

Need to set up a home office? Check out these basement office ideas, and you'll forget you're in a basement while increasing productivity.
Living room with midcentury modern wallpaper

An expert’s guide to refreshing your dated midcentury modern living room

Midcentury modern may be on the decline, but this is how you can refresh your midcentury modern living room without a full reno.
grandmillenial bedroom with two beds and patterned wallpaper

How to choose bedroom wallpaper that looks gorgeous and you won’t ever regret

Wallpaper is trending, but you don't want to be stuck with a bad decision. Here's how to make the perfect choice.
traditional sideboard

What is a sideboard table and can it work in my home?

Wondering what a sideboard table is? A sideboard table may seem old-fashioned, but it might be the best decor choice you can make.
how to fix a yard that holds water shutterstock 1936658137

10 effective ways to get rid of standing water in your yard

Don't let your yard get soggy with every rainfall. This is what you need to do to eliminate standing water and have a healthy yard.
modern farmhouse aesthetic with dark colors and vintage touches

Experts reveal the farmhouse style wall decor they absolutely covet

Follow this advice from the experts for amazing farmhouse style wall decor.
Black kitchen faucet with water running

Try this design upgrade: The top kitchen faucet ideas, according to the experts

Interior designers tell us their favorite kitchen faucet trends of 2022.
gray modern rustic bedroom design

These are the ugly bedroom decor trends interior designers hate

Avoid these ugly bedroom design trends at all costs.
modern regencycore aesthetic with blue walls and ornate mirror

Is regencycore really a thing? Interior design experts weigh in

Is regencycore the new cottagecore? This is what you need to know about this trend.