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What are bamboo bed sheets? Why you should consider them for summer

These are the pros and cons of bamboo bed sheets

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If you search for products to help you get better sleep, bamboo bed sheets are one option that will often come up. But are these smooth, airy bed sheets worth the investment?

Especially in the summertime, we tend to get a bit warm and restless in our beds, which can cause trouble sleeping. For a good night’s rest, bamboo bed sheets may be the solution for you. Still, there are a few things you should know before you purchase them.

Here are the pros, cons, and everything else you need to know about bamboo bed sheets to buy this summer. 

Pros of bamboo bed sheets

The biggest draw of bamboo sheets is that they’re light and breathable. A good set of these bed sheets will be cool to the touch. Unlike cotton sheets, they have the ability to keep your temperature down throughout the night, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Bamboo bed sheets are also super soft and silky. These qualities also make them really comfortable to sleep in as opposed to your average cotton or polyester sheets. When the summer heat hits, there’s no denying that bamboo sheets are the superior option for their airy qualities and soft texture.

Cons of bamboo bed sheets

Because of the complex manufacturing process to transform bamboo into a fiber, bamboo bed sheets are typically more expensive than others. For some people, the cost is worth the comfort, while for others it’s not.

Also, while bamboo is a natural and eco-friendly material, bamboo bed sheets are not. Some people may believe they’re being environmentally friendly by purchasing these sheets, but the opposite is true. Because there is an involved manufacturing process, the toxins released from that process can be harmful to the atmosphere. 

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What else you should know

When bamboo is turned into a fiber, it becomes rayon, viscose, or lyocell. According to Federal Trade Commission regulations, manufacturers and sellers must label bamboo bed sheets as such. Any product that’s made from bamboo should say “rayon made from bamboo,” “viscose made from bamboo,” or “lyocell made from bamboo.”

Also, there are three ways that bamboo bed sheets can be woven, creating different types of these sheets: percale, sateen, and twill. Percale is the coolest in temperature of the three. Sateen is a bit softer and warmer. Twill is typically ribbed, making them a bit less soft but more durable.

If your goal is to buy green products that are good for the environment, then bamboo bed sheets are not for you. Stick with pure bamboo products that are not manufactured into a fiber.

However, if you’re willing to spend the extra cash and are prioritizing a cool, restful night’s sleep, bamboo bed sheets are definitely worth a try.

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