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You’ll want to copy this Redditor’s cozy garden design

We love how calming this person's garden design turned out

If you’ve been uninspired by your garden design, Reddit is a wonderful place to go to find ideas. One person shared the cozy garden they’ve been working on, complete with upcycled items, live plants, and enough tranquility to make anyone jealous.

While you can find a ton of garden design ideas on the website, this one is located under the Reddit subpage r/CozyPlaces, “an inclusive and positive community that features cozy places from all around the world of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges,” according to the page description. “We’ve been working on making our backyard our cozy place,” wrote Redditor breeekk. One swipe through their pictures, and you can see they’ve done just that.

Redditor’s cozy garden design

The prospect of a cozy garden space is ideal if you want to spend Saturday afternoons relaxing in the sun with a good book or hosting close friends at night for a bonfire. We think this garden design screams cozy because of the upcycled swing, which is now used to host hanging baskets and lights, and creates an underneath space that tucks into a corner full of live plants.

The wooden bench, the original poster said, is from Home Depot and was originally purchased “thinking it will be a good sitting option.” It ended up not being strong enough and they “converted it to a glorified planter stand.” It looks like it was always meant to be.

Ways to make a garden design cozy

You can easily take other garden design ideas from this poster’s photos. One reason it’s so cozy is the use of live plants and lighting. It makes the space feel comfortable and relaxed. There are also several seating areas, so groups of people can have their own space to talk and unwind.

They also used bird baths and feeders to attract local wildlife to the area, making it a serene place to have a cup of coffee and listen to them sing. Finally, using different plants and trees in one space creates interest and dimension, and provides a unique space for everything to coexist in a cohesive way.

The reactions said it all

Not only is the view breathtaking in this post, but the way they’ve designed the space is inspiring. Many chimed in with comments like, “To call it a cozy place is an understatement; it looks like absolute Flippin’ paradise to me!” and said it motivated them to take a broken swing set in their backyard and use it for hanging plants. “Wow, lovely! and inspiring!” said another.

Sometimes all it takes is seeing another person’s garden design ideas to inspire you to make a change or incorporate part of their ideas into your own backyard. Summer is the time to be outdoors, so why not create a space that you look forward to spending time in with your loved ones?

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