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You’ll absolutely want to steal these cozy boho bedroom ideas

Boho chic has been around for decades. It first appeared in the late 1960s and ’70s, when the idea of “peace and love” made its way into the home’s interior via earthy tones, natural elements, and an “anything goes” mentality when it came to decor. Boho-inspired looks include a lot of vintage pieces, pictures from travels abroad, and an inviting, lived-in look that can make a space feel cozy and warm. Nowhere is this more important than in a bedroom — a space where you want to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

Achieving a cozy boho bedroom is easier than you think, because it incorporates all the things you love mixed together in one space. Whether you’re drawn to more modern bohemian bedroom decor, farmhouse-inspired furniture, or coastal boho, these Instagram users nailed the look. Here’s how you can too!

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Bringing nature indoors

One of the foundations of a boho style is bringing nature inside. You can achieve this by adding plants, wood furniture, wicker, and other elements that bring serenity and calm to the bedroom. We love this look from Home Cozy Vibes for doing just that, all backdropped against a natural, soft color palette.

If you don’t have a green thumb, there are tons of lifelike artificial plants available that would look stunning in a bedroom, with no care required. Layering in string lights, candles, or soft lighting adds another cozy element to help you unwind before bed, like this look from Indoor Happiness.

Coastal boho-inspired bedrooms

Natural elements continue in a coastal boho bedroom with light wood, wicker, and stone. We love the soft, neutral textiles of the duvet, throw blankets, and pillows in ivory, rust, and light pink of this bedroom by Mystic by Sea.

You can also bring in some of the colors of the ocean, like in the bedroom from Rowhouse Shop. We love the subtle blue tones mixed with a wicker headboard and wood lamp. You can find a similarly shaped wicker and rattan headboard on Wayfair. Pair all of this with a faux fur rug nestled beside the bed, so softness is the first thing you’re met with when you climb out of bed.

Decor for a farmhouse boho vibe

If you’re going for a more farmhouse boho feel, there are a lot of elements you can add to your bedroom to make it feel cozy and warm. Think darker wood dressers, wood beams, and a vintage-inspired duvet, like this one from Wayfair. In terms of color palette, think of earth tones like gold, pink, orange, and yellow, which you can add in with pillows and area rugs.

Adding global elements, tons of texture on walls and in textiles, and earthy materials can help you achieve a farmhouse boho look. We love the amount of pattern and texture in this Those Design Ideas bedroom. We’d add a pop of bright color in the throw pillows to make it more boho, like they did in the Wash Ashore Home look.

Other decor ideas for a boho bedroom

In terms of decor, boho bedrooms capture the essence of the person who lives in the space.

  • Consider hanging a picture collage of your time spent traveling or spending time with family and friends.
  • If you don’t have a ton of natural light, adding wall sconces on either side of your bed or a large gold metallic mirror to a wall that will reflect any light coming in will create added warmth.
  • Nestle a corner bookshelf into one nook, and fill it with your favorite books.
  • Add cozy elements like throw blankets, candles, and string lights to offer even more serenity to the space.
  • If you find a macrame wall hanging, hang it on another wall to further the texture theme of the walls.

We love the idea of a hanging chair in a corner that you can cozy up in to read a book, or bed pillows that offer color and texture where you can lay your head at night. The thing about boho-inspired bedrooms is that you are surrounded by memories, nature, and items that show a life well-lived. Whether that’s an antique bowl you picked up, a throw rug from a recent trip, or a candle scent that reminds you of traveling with a friend back in college, the idea is to let your life inspire what you choose in the bedroom. When you have the room perfectly suited for you, you can put your phone down, turn off the TV, light a candle, and fully unwind from the day.

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