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What is a pool house and why do you need one by your backyard pool?

From more storage space to an additional poolside bathroom, here's why you'll benefit from having a pool house

Backyard with swimming pool and pool house
Bronco38 / Pixabay

Chances are you’re familiar with pool houses, but have you ever considered adding one to your backyard? Many homeowners haven’t thought about pool houses outside of commercial properties, but adding one to your backyard can be a great way to make your summertime fun more relaxing.

Whether you have a backyard pool or are considering building one, a pool house can also be a great addition. Today, we’ll explain exactly what a pool house is, how it’s used, and why you might benefit from having one.

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What is a pool house?

A pool house is a separate small structure that sits on your property near the pool. You can think of it like a detached garage or shed near the home on the property, except its purpose is to offer more space for pool storage, poolside relaxation, and an additional bathroom for guests.

Pool houses are often used to house storage items like pool toys and floatation gear, pool chemicals, and any other pool-related equipment you might need. Additionally, some homeowners opt to install a bathroom in the pool house, making it easier for family members and guests to access the restroom without having to track pool water through the main house. Pool houses can also provide changing rooms near the pool, additional shade for relaxing by the poolside, and a more luxurious pool experience.

Backyard pool and separate pool house
mgattorna / Pixabay

Benefits of a pool house

There are several benefits to adding a pool house in your backyard. Here are some of the main reasons homeowners love adding one to their properties.

A separate changing space

First, the structure offers a separate changing space for family members and guests to swap in and out of their bathing suits without having to rush in and out of the house. This makes it much easier to enjoy the outdoors and days spent by the pool without having to go indoors or outdoors to change into different clothing.

Additional bathroom

Some pool houses have their own bathroom, which makes a quick dash out of the pool to the restroom much easier and more efficient. This also means you won’t have to worry about pool water tracking through the house or kids having accidents when rushing to the bathroom. While the additional bathroom can cost more upfront, it’s a great way to enhance the poolside experience and limit the number of swimmers going in and out of the main house.

More storage space

Pool houses are also fantastic for storing pool supplies. You can store chemicals, toys, cleaning tools, towels, and any other pool equipment in the pool house for quick and easy access. Depending on your needs and the type of storage system you create, your pool house could also house additional drinks, more sunscreen, a first aid kit, and any other poolside necessities, like extra sunglasses.

Enhances curb appeal and property value

One of the great things about adding a pool house to your property is that it can enhance curb appeal and increase your property value. Many homeowners love the additional storage and increased efficiency of having a pool house in the backyard, which can help up your property value. Pool houses also aid curb appeal by making your backyard look more put-together and glamorous, especially if you invest in the landscaping surrounding the structure.

Additional outdoor seating

Furthermore, some homeowners may opt for a patio overhang and additional seating just outside the pool house to create more shade and lounging space by the poolside so guests and family can have a glamorous and relaxing poolside experience.

Big backyard in-ground pool on patio
todfrank / Pixabay

How big should a pool house be?

The size of your pool house will depend on the size of your property and your needs. If you only require additional storage space for pool equipment, then a smaller structure will suffice. However, if you want to add a bathroom to the structure, a changing space, storage, and extra shaded seating, your pool house might be larger and more costly to construct. Still, the size and price of your poolside structure will greatly depend on what you and your family value when it comes to poolside efficiency.

Having a pool house can increase your property value, up your curb appeal, and make your poolside experience much more enjoyable. Whether you construct one solely for additional storage or prefer to add a bathroom and changing space, pool houses are a fantastic addition to the backyard. They can make your summertime experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.

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