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Cottagecore bedroom.

Cottagecore is evolving for the better: How to achieve a modern pastoral look

Cottagecore is evolving. This is how to incorporate it into your home this year.
Bathroom with aqua vanity

The annoying bathroom design flaws most homeowners can relate to

These are the bathroom design flaws that are all too common and how you can fix these design mistakes.
storage ideas for small bedrooms folding clothes and organizing stuff in boxes baskets  concept of tidiness minimalist lifest

7 simple storage ideas for a small bedroom that totally work

Keep your room neat and tidy with these great storage ideas for small bedrooms.
dark grey textured walls home design with pink chairs

The interior design principles everyone follows (but should actually ignore)

Rules are made to be broken. These are the design rules you don't always have to follow.
vintage fireplace mantel decor with metal milk jug and candles

How to add farmhouse appeal to an otherwise drab, boring mantel

This is how to decorate your fireplace mantel for a farmhouse look
cozy teenage room decor ideas modern teenager interior with comfortable bed against green wall

5 fantastic cozy bedroom decor ideas your teenager won’t hate

Every teen will love these cozy bedroom decorating ideas.
Kitchen with blue frame fronted cabinets

These 7 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas will totally refresh your kitchen

Completely transform your kitchen with these fantastic cabinet ideas.
Family in home with open floorplan.

Is the open concept house dead? Here’s what the experts say

With more people working from home, does the open floor plan make sense anymore?
Black and white bathroom with black tub and large window with lots of light

Bad bathroom design: The worst mistakes design experts have ever seen

The experts want you to avoid these bathroom design fails.
do ev chargers add value to homes close up of woman charging electric vehicle with cable in

Do these 3 important things to get your garage ready for your new EV

If you're purchasing a new electric vehicle, there are a few things you must do to your garage to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck.
blue walls in a maximalist living room

Experts say these cozy fabrics for the home will be everywhere this year

Interior designers are loving these fabric design trends for the home.
dark brown accent color in home office and library

5 cozy home library ideas to inspire your inner bookworm

Need some inspiration for your cozy home library? Look no further.
woman planning an interior design layout

Experts say you should avoid these hallmarks of bad home design

These are the worst mistakes interior designers have ever seen homeowners make when it comes to home design.
Gallery wall above bed with black and white frames and small mirror

This cool new gallery wall trend is exactly what your small home needs

If you're feeling fatigued by gallery walls, this is the trend for you: It's new, fresh, and perfect for tiny homes.
gray living room with pink sofa and blue rug

How to choose a sofa color that will completely transform your living room

The couch is a focal point of your living room, so it's important to choose the right color. Here's what you should know.
how to build a home gym at workout with kids

How to build a fantastic home gym for less than $250

Building a home gym isn't that hard. This is how you can do it without spending too much money.
Gray modern designed home office

Interior designers are totally loving these home office ideas

This is how interior designers are decorating home offices in 2022.
living room with gray and green color palette

12 helpful home design apps that make a renovation a breeze

These home design apps will make your remodeling project so much easier.
boho inspired bedroom

You’ll absolutely want to steal these cozy boho bedroom ideas

Here's how to decorate your boho bedroom for the cozy sanctuary of your dreams.
woman standing in a white kitchen with rustic winter decor

8 simple winter kitchen decor ideas that will complete your rustic design

Looking to freshen up your rustic kitchen this season? Try these ideas.
Cozy winter porch bench and decor

How to turn your porch into a winter wonderland (no real snow necessary)

Make your front yard feel magical with these winter yard decor ideas.
home fitness or gym group of young friends people doing exercises in

Is home fitness killing the gym industry?

Are home gyms here to stay or will you be back at your gym?
modern Scandinavian living room with a large fireplace

Embrace the hygge life: 7 timeless Nordic-inspired fireplace mantel decor ideas

This is how you can create a cozy, refreshing space using Nordic-inspired fireplace mantel decor to add a bit of comfort to your home.
grandmillennial style and design living room patterns color

Grandmillennial design: Making traditional styles cool again

Grandmillennial style takes the comforting nostalgia of your grandma’s decor, but puts a modern spin on it.
farmhouse style bath

This is the best house design style for Capricorns

These are the styles, colors, and decor Capricorns should have in every room in their home.
white modern small kitchen with open shelving

8 small kitchen ideas that actually make this tiny space functional

If you have a small kitchen, you don't have to live with limited prep space and bad flow. Here's how to make this space work for you.
modern living room design

These incredible living room rug ideas will change up your space instantly

Sometimes, a new rug is all you need to freshen up your decor. Try these ideas.
woman sleeping in bed

These are the pillows you absolutely need if you have neck or back pain

Neck and back pain can make sleeping miserable. This is what you should have in your bed to make your nighttime routine easier.
lit fireplace with rack of tools and bin of wood

Make the fireplace the focal point of your living room: How to cozy up your home

Fireplaces are warm and inviting. Try these ideas to use yours to make your living room even cozier.
refresh brick fireplace white resized

Your handy guide for painting a brick fireplace so it doesn’t turn out awful

This is the DIYers guide to painting brick fireplaces.
bleached light wood flooring in an entryway

7 incredible new wood flooring trends you have to know about

What type of wood floor should you put in your home? These are some of the best trends we're seeing right now.
17248 the best geometric rugs rug

Don’t ruin your favorite decor: What you need to know about washable area rugs

Keep your washable area rugs looking like new with this cleaning advice.
Modern home with soapstone countertop and concrete wall

Say yes to these 5 questions before you get concrete kitchen countertops

Concrete kitchen countertops are striking, but they're not for everyone. Don't get them unless you can say yes to these 5 questions.
Rustic dining room with modern accents

These are the dated interior design trends the experts say will die in 2022

Does your home feature these dated trends? Interior designers say they're fading away.
cozy attic bedroom ideas modern design  3d rendering interior concept

Make the most of your attic: How to turn this unused space into a cozy bedroom

Attic bedrooms can be unique and interesting. Here's how to style a great one.
EV car charging

What real estate agents really think about EV chargers in the home

This is what real estate agents really think about installing EV chargers in your home.
A light green rug sits in a room with dark colored chairs and plants.

Green is the ‘in’ color: These popular area rugs make a bold statement

Green is a very trendy color right now. We totally love these green area rugs, and you will, too.
Carpet cleaning spray on stained carpet

The super simple guide to deep cleaning carpets (because yours are really gross)

Do you deep clean your carpets enough? Probably not. Here's how often you should and how to do it.
Blue and white kitchen with modern lighting

7 ways to completely refresh your kitchen (you can do in a single weekend)

You don't need to renovate to get a new kitchen. Try these ideas.
Man working at his computer on a desk in his home office

How to completely upgrade your home office for less than $200

Your home office needs a little love this year. Here's how to refresh it without breaking the bank.
modern cabin bedroom with light colored fabrics

Forget the winter blues with these 5 cozy bedroom ideas

Make your bedroom warm and cozy with these incredible ideas.
curved white sofa in a modern living room

Forget straight lines — it’s time to embrace curves in your furniture

Curvy furniture is having its moment. We’ll take a look at this retro revival and show you just how you can embrace curves in your furniture for years to come.
hydropro plus sous vide machine review delta cooking

The 5 kitchen appliances no home chef should ever live without

Some kitchen appliances are gimmicky, but these are the ones every homeowner should have. After you check these off your list you'll save time and more.
how to position area rug in a bedroom new luxury home

Don’t make these silly rug mistakes in your bedroom: How to position an area rug

An area rug can liven up your bedroom. Don't make these design errors.
boho inspired bedroom

Sagittarius style: How to decorate your home, according to your zodiac sign

Want to know more about Sagittarius decor? We've got you covered.
Welcoming living room interior, dining area and kitchen view

2022 home design trends our experts say will be really hot

Get ready for these ultra-cool home design trends that the experts are raving about.
people cozying up to the fire by a fireplace in a living room

5 cozy living room design tips so you can snuggle on the sofa all winter long

These cozy living room ideas will keep away the winter blues.
Festive wood trees and reindeer decor against a blue background.

Add charm to your Christmas and winter decor: How to make 3D wood trees

3D wood trees are the perfect winter decor and easy to DIY. Here's how.
Wall art hanging in the bathroom above the toilet

Don’t forget about wall art when freshening up your winter bathroom decor

Everyone remembers candles and cozy bath mats when changing their bathroom decor for winter, but new wall art can really make a statement. Try these ideas.
best sleep trackers tracker bedside 1024x1024

These amazing bedroom decorating tips can actually help you fall asleep faster

What you have in your room can affect how fast you sleep. Here's how to decorate yours.