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These tiled fireplaces on Instagram prove hearths can be a unique design feature

Fireplaces elevate any room, be it a living room with a traditional hearth or a master bedroom complete with an electric furnace. Perfect for cuddling up on cold winter nights, bringing the fireside into the home offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to relax in cozy luxury. If you are a lucky homeowner with a gorgeous fireplace, why not take advantage of its stately nature and draw even more attention to the stunning feature? Revamping your hearth with some decorative tile work can refresh and modernize the space, bringing your fireplace from plain and predictable to intriguing and inspiring.

Need a little inspiration for your remodel? Below are some of the best tile fireplace ideas from Instagram that you’re sure to love.

A clean and simple centerpiece

A hearth’s interior is usually dark and dingy, largely because of the scorching flames burning the already dark-colored brick. Instagrammer @arrowsandbow brought more brightness to the space by decorating the interior with modern yet timeless white herringbone tile and painting the outer brick details white to create a clean and refreshing look. Herringbone tile has gained popularity as a more exciting alternative to subway tiles, so this sophisticated remodel is sure to revamp your design in a classy, understated way.

For minimalists and modernists, white tile laid in a geometric pattern creates a subtle centerpiece that’s visually interesting but not too distracting. If you use your fireplace often, be sure the tile and grout can withstand the high temperatures of the flames. Constantly cleaning and replacing damaged tiles can be a pain though, so this style may be a better fit for furnaces that are purely ornamental.

The black and white patterned look

Interior design studio @blackbanddesign has perfected the art of the black and white pattern. This hearth consists of small black and white tiles with alternating vertical and horizontal pieces to create a contemporary geometric design that’s especially fitting for coastal, Mediterranean, and modern homes. If you plan to invest in black and white patterned tile for your fireplace, be sure to limit the amount of pattern used throughout the rest of the space to ensure a focused design.

If you aren’t a fan of the two-toned look, keep the vertical and horizontal pattern but opt for monochromatic tile work. This can be an excellent choice for homeowners who don’t want their fireplace to detract from other statement pieces in the home. Last, finish off the look with warm woods and neutral accents to soften the look of the tile and contribute a more organic feel to the room.

A unique take on a Spanish style

Spanish-style fireplaces and their arched tile designs are typically colorful and eclectic, but Instagram user @studioshamshiri shared a more unique take on this hearth. This Spanish-inspired fireplace with sunburst tile work and a matching interior adds warmth to the otherwise all-white decor. The neutral two-toned look is great for minimalist homes with stucco walls, but there’s still an opportunity to inject some color here. Instead of brown, try out terracotta hues or blue and white tiles to shift the look toward a warmer European style.

A colorful mosaic statement

For the eccentric homeowner, colorful glazed tile presents an opportunity to showcase some personality and creativity. This lively mosaic statement piece by @pewabic on Instagram features glass tile work with an organic, asymmetrical appeal. The vivid blue, green, and purple glazed tiles are reminiscent of sea glass, making this pattern a perfect feature for beachside homes.

For best results, build the rest of the room around the color scheme of the fireplace tiles. For example, a blue and green fireplace would look best in a room with additional blue and green accents. For a more striking look, accent with complementary colors like orange and yellow, as the stark contrast will contribute to the maximalist vibe.

The colorful and eclectic tile design

Recently, retro-inspired design, grandmillennialism, and maximalism have overtaken minimalism in popularity. Instead of clean whites and sleek surfaces, many homeowners are turning toward vintage-inspired designs and textures that bring more color and character into the home. Instagram user @theottohouse seems to be at the forefront of this design revolution, showing how to add some exciting colors and patterns to the hearth. They used a hexagonal tile with white and pastel yellow stripes to create an asymmetrical design and paired it with a pastel pink mantel and plenty of art pieces.

To bring this mid-century flair to your home, spend some time experimenting with different tile shapes and color palettes until you land on a scheme that matches your vibrancy and liveliness.

Upgrading your fireplace doesn’t always need to be a gut job. Adding some tiling, be it classic white or colorful glass, can bring a little more life to the heart of your home.

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