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The internet has thoughts about this awful bathroom tile job

We all dream about the perfect bathroom remodel. Not only does this project come with a serious ROI — a midrange bathroom reno has a 70.1% return on investment — but we can all use a serene, luxurious space to retreat to after a long, stressful day. Of course, not all remodels are created equal. There are some ideas that are just a bit dated, and others that should never see the light of day in any bathroom again.

And then there’s this design, which took its commitment to bathroom tile to a whole new level… and Reddit, not surprisingly, had something to say about it.


How much tile is too much tile in the bathroom?

Recently featured in DiWHY, a humor subreddit dedicated to terrible DIY projects, this bathroom doesn’t just feature tile floors and walls, but tile cabinets as well.

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Redditor MrSnowmanJoe joked, “Not enough tiles,” to which RusticCrow quipped they “were thinking of adding some to the mirrors.”

Not only is this bathroom hideous, but it’s also a huge waste of money. The average cost of tiling a bathroom (including labor) is $2,000, but it can range anywhere from $450 to $10,000.

This depends on a number of factors — the size of the room, how much your labor costs, the quality of the bathroom tiles — but on average, you’ll spend about $12.50 per square foot. Instead of tiling every square inch of your bathroom (except the ceiling), recognize that less is more.

Forget floor to ceiling tiles on the wall: tile only the bottom half and paint the rest. (Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, add a bit of sophistication to your space with bold, trendy wallpaper.) Not only will this give you the ability to add a pop of color, but paint is much easier (and much less expensive) to change a few years down the line when you want to give your bathroom a bit of a refresh.

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You don’t want to be too monochromatic

Redditor iwantedthatwaffle joked, “This is no bathroom…. It’s a tomb.”

Some likened it to the Flintstones, but others defended the design, saying it reminded them of ancient architecture(and certainly, Hellenistic design is having a bit of a moment).

But even those willing to give the design the benefit of the doubt noted the flaws. Redditor grednforgesgirl commented, “It wouldn’t be bad if the doors were a nice dark stained wood, but the tiled cabinet doors [are] a little much. Maybe if the tile on the wall only came up about halfway it would be a bit better too.”

DarkWorld25 added, “I think if the cabinet doors were flush, and the countertops were in a contrasting material, it’d be nice. As it is, it looks out of place and too monotonous at the same time.”

A monochromatic, all-stone bathroom can work when done correctly, but the obvious cabinet doors take away from the desired effect. To fix that, Darkdingybasement suggested, “Make the tile size much larger, maybe a glossier texture. Push open cabinets so that the countertop is flush with the cabinet doors. A faux stone bathroom could be cool with the right execution.”

Add in a cool light fixture or a sink with dramatic fixtures, and you’re on your way to an interesting design.

Tile is a fantastic feature for a bathroom, and an all-tile look can look fantastic. But to get more for your money, you’re better off going with a design you can update in a few years without needing to gut the room.

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