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Dining Room

best pendant lights kitchen island retro glass light 1

8 dining room lighting ideas you should install before your next gathering

Having a get-together soon? Our lighting finds will have your dining room looking better than ever.
Modern dining room with blue chairs and rug.

8 items under $150 that will make your dining room pop

Dining room a bt drab? Our selections will have it looking sensational without breaking the bank.
stain being painted on a table

How to refinish a wood coffee table in a week

Give that old coffee table a refresh with this simple guide
Dining room table

10 decor errors that make your dining room look outdated

These dated designs have to go -- the experts say so
Dining room with mirror

5 ways to make any tiny dining room look larger

Small dining rooms don't have to feel cramped if you implement these tips
moroccan seating ideas style living room

Why Moroccan seating is ideal for your home

Entertain your guests and family with this unique seating style
dining room with narrow table

Put together a small dining room by following these tips

Put together a small dining room that still feels spacious - here's how
dining table centerpiece

How to choose centerpieces for your dining room table

Pick beautiful dining room table decor with this great style guide.
rustic centerpiece

Centerpiece inspirations for your dining room table

Whether you're looking to make a statement or dress up a plain room, here are some tabletop decor ideas for every budget
lazy susan on dining room table

This $25 item is exactly what your dining room table is missing right now

Bring fashion and function to your dining room table with this one incredible product
the best kitchen table and chairs for 4

Types of dining room tables and how they work for you

Choosing a dining room table is a tough decision. What do you need to know to make that choice?
Festive Christmas place setting

How to style your dining room for Christmas

You want to make your dining room as festive as possible for the Christmas season. Our guide helps you achieve that with handy tips.

How to style your dining room for Thanksgiving

Use produce, fall colors, and outside greenery to help style your Thanksgiving table and the dining room for a cozy, welcoming look for family and guests.
style your dining room for halloween party decoration orange

How to style your dining room for Halloween

Whether you're looking for sweet or spooky, check out the top tips for creating a Halloween dinner party everyone will love.
Dining room with red and pink walls with a wooden table

Will a bright dining room liven up your whole home?

Brightening up your dining room can help liven up your entire home. We have several effective ways to improve your space.
A living room with couch and artwork on the wall

Contemporary remodeling tips that won’t break your budget

Giving your home a remodel doesn’t have to break the bank. Our contemporary remodeling tips will make the most of your budget.
Wooden table being painted brown

Before you refinish your dining room table, consider painting it instead

When you paint your dining-room table, you’ll be able to highlight its natural shape with paint. Follow these tips to do it right.
Dining room with red walls and table

The one quick change that will totally transform your dining room

There’s one weekend project that could transform your dining room. We show you how to upgrade it with architectural detailing.
aop version 412 best banners

The best banners for simple wall decor in any space

Don’t let your walls be plain or your celebrations fall flat. With a banner, you can add some fun to your everyday home decor or creatively enhance any event.
the best paintings on canvas

The best paintings to spice up your decor on a budget

Paintings transform a plain wall into a work of art. Check out our list of the top-rated paintings that will help elevate your space at an affordable price.
the best three tier serving trays cake and fruit in tray

The best three-tier serving trays to dress up your table set

Bring a whole new level of fancy to your dinners with a classy three-tier serving tray, with the best ones rounded up for you in this list.
the best cocktail napkins for weddings cucumber cooler drinks

The best cocktail napkins for some functional and stylish decor

Glasses holding cocktails leave rings on wood tables if left unattended for long periods. Avoid these unsightly rings by checking out our list of napkins.
aop version 232 black and white tuxedo cat relaxing in a living room

The best chair covers

If you have pets or young children, you know the value of using chair covers. Extend the lifetime of your chairs with the protective seat covers on our list.
best metal stools for your bar or counter high angle view of red

The best metal stools

A set of metal stools is a great idea for your home bar, counters, and other seating solutions. We curated a list of the very best metal stools just for you.
the best wooden stools for your kitchen bar empty in row at restaurant

The best wooden stools for your kitchen

With wooden stools, you can create a modern and relaxed pub atmosphere in your dining room, breakfast nook, or bar area. These casual seats are the perfect height to lounge and relax, while staying active and on the move. In addition, the stools’ warmth of wood makes your room more inviting.
dining room with modern light

30 stunning dining room ideas that’ll make every weeknight dinner special

Looking to make your weeknight meal-time a special occasion? These tips and tricks will make Monday through Friday feel like a weekend reservation.
best table knives knife child using

The best table knives

Table knives come in a variety of shapes and styles depending on their specific function. They are used to cut steak, spread butter or halve hard-boiled eggs with ease. Unfortunately, many overlook the benefits of having the best cutlery in their kitchen.
aop version 90 best espresso spoons man holding saucer with spoon

The best espresso spoons

Create a whimsical post-dinner experience for your friends and family by serving coffee with an espresso spoon. Also known as demitasse spoons, these tiny utensils are smaller than a teaspoon and used to stir sugar, milk or cream into espresso coffee.

The best dining room chairs with arms

Push interior-decoration boundaries by placing dining chairs with arms alongside your table. Here is our select list of most-coveted dining chairs with arms.
the best wooden spoons for eco friendly cooking spoon man blowing on

The best wooden spoons for eco-friendly cooking

Generation after generation, the wooden spoon has been quintessential cookware. This time-tested utensil offers many benefits and uses to your kitchen. They are incredibly versatile. The trusty wooden spoon is a must in every kitchen, and we curated a list of the very best of them just for you.
best edison bulbs light vintage led fixture hanging brick wall

The best Edison bulbs for a romantic vintage glow

We’ve compiled the very best in vintage lighting. This carefully vetted list includes only the top models that produce some of the softest and most desirable warm white light in the market. The romantic glow is a favorite of coffee shops, mixologists, and high-end downtown lofts.
best espresso cups glass porcelain ceramic coffee black on wood table

The best espresso cups for holding the perfect shot

For some enthusiastic coffee-drinkers, having an espresso is more of a ritual than downing your regular-drip morning cup. You want to be able to enjoy its rich flavor and the unique consistency of this concentrated brew. Served in shots, you will most likely want to use a demitasse cup. Here are the best espresso cups.
best pie servers durable decorative serrated server slice of with

The best pie servers for perfect plating every time

When you’ve worked hard to bake the perfect pie, you need a pie server to nail the presentation. Otherwise, all of your efforts could be lost in the process of cutting, lifting and serving the first slice. Make sure your beautiful creation looks just as impressive on the plate with a great pie server from our list.
aop version 16 best dining room chairs party

The best dining room chairs for comfortable meals and memorable celebrations

Meals are meant to be enjoyed in comfort. Having the right chair makes all the difference when it’s time to gather your loved ones around the dinner table to share a nourishing meal and recharge after a long day. Make everyday meals special with the dining chairs on our list.
best pendant lights kitchen island retro glass light

The best pendant lights for fashionable and functional ambiance

Pendant lights are among the most sophisticated solutions to your lighting needs. With the popularity of rustic modern decor, these lighting solutions are the perfect fixtures to complement today’s trends in interior design. Aside from being decorative, pendant lights provide a space-saving light source for any room.
best coffee brewers make grind brewer woman pouring

The best coffee brewers for a fresh cup of joe

When your daily trip to the coffee shop is starting to make a dent in your pocketbook, it’s time to look into getting your own coffee brewer. Not only will you save some money with your new almost-unlimited supply, but you will also discover a world of superior taste, body, and aromas when you start brewing.
how to diy your ideal dining room wooden table and chairs with large window front in modern living stylish apartment

How to DIY your ideal dining room

You can have the dining room of your dreams with just a bit of finagling and a clear idea of your style. Here's more on how to achieve a look you love.