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7 fabulous spring decor trends that Instagram is obsessed with

Spring is the perfect time of year to spruce up your home decor and invite more color into your space. From florals to pastel color palettes, spring offers us the chance to celebrate the changing of the seasons and reinvent our living spaces to create a lush and exciting setting. If you’re looking for the perfect decor to introduce to your space this spring, then check out these trends that have Instagrammers obsessed! Below are seven wonderful spring home decor trends you need to try out this year.

Try out trendy jewel tones in your color palette

Bright colors and jewel tones are trending this year, and spring is the perfect time to incorporate these colors into your home. From jewel-toned purple to rich, royal blue, bright and bold colors are taking center stage. This spring, why not take inspiration from @tropicali_haven on Instagram? This user has adorned her space with vibrant, lively colors perfect for spring. Hot pink flowers above the window, a large hot pink cabinet, and tiny hot pink accents throughout give her space a fresh aesthetic. If you’re looking to spice up your color palette this season, jewel tones are the way to go!

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Use some flower-patterned fabrics

We all know that florals are a staple of spring home decor. But you can take this trend one step further by incorporating flower-patterned fabrics in your design. Instagram user @goboho.decor features a brightly colored flower rug and pastel flower-patterned pillow in their post. Fit for spring, these floral patterns are a great way to enhance your design without all of the maintenance that comes with real flowers. Additionally, using flower-patterned fabrics gives you the freedom to blend spring elements into your existing color palette. Whether you like primary hues, pastels, or darker shades, you’re bound to find just what you need to bring spring into your home.

Large plant vases make a statement

This year, large plant vases that make a statement are trending. For example, @heartmadeinteriors on Instagram showcases their use of this popular spring aesthetic by placing an oversized vase on their coffee table. A stunning bouquet increases the elegance of this look and draws attention to the centerpiece, creating a grand statement in the room. To take part in this trend, we recommend finding a large vase that suits your home’s aesthetic and placing it on your dining table or coffee table, in an entryway, or on the kitchen island for the best effect. Ornate and intricately styled oversized vases are also quite popular right now. In addition, you could enhance this look in your home by choosing a bold-colored vase or brightly colored flowers as a feature in your design.

Don’t forget timeless ceramic pieces

Instagram user @withloveabigailx shows us that timeless ceramic pieces are a must-have in spring home decor. Ceramic bunnies, pastel-colored eggs, and delicate chicks are fantastic knickknacks to add to your space. These small ceramic pieces can be a simple, cute addition to your spring decor when used in moderation. Place small spring-themed items on your mantel, side tables, and shelves to best take advantage of the season.

However, it’s important to keep knickknacks to a minimum. Too many ceramics could leave your space feeling cluttered or kitschy. Additionally, this decor trend is better suited for cottage, farmhouse, modern, and traditional design styles.

Use wicker baskets to hold plants

Wicker baskets are another fun spring home decor trend that people love. Instagrammer @ducksnestinteriors features two stunning wicker baskets on the kitchen counter that exude spring energy. Filled with faux lavender and herbs, these beautiful spring pieces can be placed on tabletops as centerpieces or on the window sill for a gentle aesthetic.

If you have a green thumb, you could also use wicker baskets as live plant holders. Take your potted plants and situate them in wicker baskets so that the pots are hidden. The wicker holder allows you to create a softer, more intentional look to your spring florals.

Update your gallery wall with floral prints

Gallery walls are making a comeback in interior design. Whether you already have a gallery wall in place or are considering this stunning look in your space, you can enhance your spring decor by changing out some existing prints for floral designs. The gallery wall featured by @av.home on Instagram incorporates florals and landscapes that feel dreamy and romantic. While the darker tone matches this aesthetic, you could also use more brightly colored prints or pastel tones in your design to match the look of your living spaces. Changing out your gallery wall prints and paintings seasonally is a great way to update the look of your home and participate in holiday decor.

Opt for glass vases and jars

This spring, glass vases and jars are becoming prominent in many homes. For example, @sey_home_ on Instagram displays this trend beautifully with a tall gold wire planter and clear vase. On the table, a black glass vase holds a smaller arrangement, creating an air of elegance and sophistication. Glass vases are a great way to add extra detail to your spring design. Additionally, you don’t have to use flowers in your vases to pull off this aesthetic. Fill your glass jars, bowls, and dishes with sweets, fruits, or small decor pieces reminiscent of the spring season.

You can even take this trend a step further with colored glass to help highlight the color palette in your home or add a pop of color as an accent tone for your space!

Spring home decor trends are a great way to honor the changing of the seasons while also revamping your space. Try to find unique ways to use your spring decor, and don’t limit yourself to only adding florals into your design. Glass vases, ceramic pieces, and jewel tones are dynamic ways to break the status quo and use spring decor in a fun and exciting way.

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