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This cool new gallery wall trend is exactly what your small home needs

The gallery wall has become a hallmark for many homes. Lots of homeowners use beloved art prints and paintings to fill up blank space while also showcasing their unique personalities and styles. However, while the gallery wall has been a staple for many home renovations in recent years, a new trend is emerging that may shake up the way we view these decorative statement pieces.

Today, we’ll offer you one of the best gallery wall ideas and everything you need to know to pull off the look in your own space.

multiple antique mirrors on gallery wall

Why you need to use feature mirrors

Feature mirrors are the latest addition to the gallery wall aesthetic. Adding a statement piece or several reflective beauties can truly transform your space. Here’s how.

Open up your space

First and foremost, mirrors on your gallery wall allow you to open up your space. Their surfaces reflect light, making your room feel bigger and brighter. For small homes that have limited wall space or that lack adequate windows and abundant lighting, adding a mirror to a gallery wall can help you open up the space and make the room feel more expansive.

Add more dimension to your gallery wall

Mirrors add more dimension to existing gallery walls. Whether you intersperse your mirrors among your existing prints and paintings or opt for a full mirror gallery wall feature, doing so will create more visual interest in your space. Not only will the reflective surface bounce light and color around the room, but it will also act as an interactive piece that reflects other beautiful features of the room.

Add character

Above all, mirrors on your gallery wall add character and charm to your home. You can express your personal style by choosing frames that appeal to you, and you also can be bold and expressive with your design.

How to use mirrors on your gallery wall

If you’re interested in using mirrors on your gallery wall, here’s what you need to do.

Find a style that suits your home

When choosing mirrors for your gallery wall, you want to pick frames and shapes that suit your style. Whether you prefer classic wooden frames, antiqued mirrors, or Art Deco shapes, there’s something for every design style. For a vintage look, opt for large mirrors with ornate frames and antiqued glass. Alternatively, modern lovers may prefer a sleek black frame on a rectangular mirror to create a crisp-edged look in their space.

Use more than one mirror in your design

The great thing about adding mirrors to your gallery walls is that you aren’t limited to just one. In fact, mirrors can look stunning when used as your sole gallery wall decor. And since mirrors are super affordable, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy prints or paintings. Instead, buy a dozen mirrors of different sizes that suit your taste, and hang them up to create a unique gallery wall that will open up your space.

Aim for an asymmetrical look

To successfully pull off your mirror gallery wall, try to use a lot of different sizes and shapes. Opt for a large statement mirror with an arched top, and pair it with rectangular mirrors. Additionally, feel free to use frames of different colors, or use both ornate and simplistic frames. Place your mirrors on your wall asymmetrically for an organic look. No matter how you do it, be sure to limit yourself to three or four colors and styles that blend well together so your end result doesn’t look too kitsch.

Gallery walls have taken a completely new form in recent years thanks to the latest trend of using mirrors in place of traditional art. Play around with your design and the shapes and sizes of mirrors you choose to incorporate into the space, and you’ll love the transformation.

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