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5 luxe cottage interiors that will make you rethink what cozy should look like

Cottage decor reminds us of simplicity and invites a sense of coziness into the home. Often a blend of farmhouse and vintage decor, the cottage aesthetic aims at creating a simple yet elegant space where homeowners can relax. If you’re interested in creating an intentionally designed space that adds comfort to your home, then we have five stunning cottage interiors that you need to see.

These fabulous spaces might inspire you to rethink your cozy aesthetic and encourage you to explore more luxe, purposeful designs.

Get a little moody with your color palette

One unique way you can experiment with cottage home decor is to get a little moody with your color palette. Darker shades like emerald green, deep navy, velvety purple, and cozy brown can help you create a more intimate and relaxing space. When we imagine cottage home interiors, we often think of light and bright settings. However, Instagram user @decofromablondie shows us how a moody color palette can transform cottage design into a luxe and sophisticated space.

The dark evergreen walls give this room a cozy feel without overpowering the cottage style. By using dark tones in your design, you can create an elegant aesthetic that enhances the look of your space. Try incorporating a dark color into your cottage office, bedroom, or dining room for the best effect.

Use curtains in doorways

A staple of cottage home design is the use of curtains in the kitchen to hide exposed piping or under-cabinet supplies. However, Instagram designer @atelier_vignette takes a unique approach to adding curtains within a cottage-inspired design. In their post, you can see a set of curtains on the right side acting as a make-shift door to another room or pantry.

Curtains add a subtle touch to a cottage design that makes the space feel cozy, authentic, and handmade. Since cottage design is all about intentionality and homey decor, curtains are a great way to create room division without becoming too modern. Try using curtains that suit your color palette in your design to create a gentle but elegant division in your space.

Embrace a bit of clutter

It’s tempting to think of clutter as a thing to avoid in good home design. Although, Instagram user @aniutkowo demonstrates how clutter could work to your advantage in a cottage style. Canned goods, spice jars, teacups, and utensil holders are a great way to add a bit of authentic, homely elements to your cottage design. These functional pieces can make great decor items as they highlight the root of the cottage aesthetic. Simplicity and the “living off the land” vibe are a major part of cottage living. Therefore, it’s acceptable to put your pantry on display and use it as a means of decor in your cottage kitchen!

Use open shelving, fine china cabinets, and countertops to decorate your space with baking tools and goods. Get creative by using dainty teacups and platters as a focal point within your design.

Opt for a patterned wallpaper in your home

Patterned wallpaper is another fantastic way to create a luxe cottage home design. With limitless opportunities to find a vintage-inspired wallpaper to put in your space, there are several ways you can curate a gentle look. For example, take inspiration from @gamla_kafehuset on Instagram. This designer used a dark green wallpaper with a small white flower pattern to create an elegant yet soft look to the space. The dark tone creates an air of intimacy, while the delicate flower pattern adds a sense of coziness to the space. If you’re going for a homey aesthetic to your cottage design, try using wallpaper to curate a vintage appeal that feels genuine and stately.

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a trend often seen in cottage home design. This trend is abundant in Britain and other parts of Western Europe where styles like the traditional farmhouse or shabby chic interiors thrive. For cottage decor enthusiasts, painting your kitchen cabinets can introduce an eclectic and vintage touch. To best achieve a cottage aesthetic in your cabinetry, opt for pastel colors like mint, pale yellow, or baby blue. In addition, you’ll want to avoid modern tones like black or brown and instead choose something softer and brighter.

Instagram user @homebytheloch shares a simple kitchenette space with mint green cabinets. A light wood countertop and simple upper cabinetry help enhance the simplicity within this cottage design.

The cottage aesthetic is a beloved trend in today’s home design as people opt for more simplicity and authenticity in their spaces. Try these Instagram-inspired ideas to create a luxe yet cozy feel in your home while also honoring the cottage lifestyle. For the best look, try blending a few of these ideas in your space to create a natural and homey feel.

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