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How you can make your home more modern and minimal

The terms modern and minimalism often go hand in hand as both styles favor simplicity, clean lines, and a “less is better” attitude. If you adore these aspects in home design and are considering paring down to a more modern and minimal design, we have just the tips for you!

Below are some of our favorite tricks for curating stunning, modern, minimalist home designs to create the luxe, 21st century home of your dreams.

Cut the clutter

Above all, modernity favors minimalism to allow for a clean and sophisticated look. A great way to invite more of this aesthetic into your home is to cut the clutter. Unfortunately, clutter comes in many shapes and forms. Whether you have a pile of donations, you still need to sift through or a ton of paperwork on your desk, clutter can quickly overtake your home and become an eyesore.

Try out minimalism

Cut back on clutter by embracing minimalism. Minimalism focuses on owning less to live a more simplistic and efficient lifestyle. Try to get rid of duplicates that you don’t need, and cut back on decor as well, including the number of pillows and blankets in your living areas and any knick-knacks that rest of the shelves.

Understandably, minimalism isn’t for everyone. For those with big families and busy schedules, minimalism might not be functional because you likely need convenience and accessibility. If this simplistic trend isn’t for you, take it to a less extreme degree and focus on throwing away or donating only items that you don’t use. While you can hold on to keepsakes, art projects, and other fun items, it’s time to say goodbye to broken and unused ones.

Keep your home tidy

Another way you can cut back on clutter is to keep your home tidy. This method is less concerned with how much you have and, instead, focuses on ensuring everything has a dedicated place. Instead of having a catch-all pile in your home, try to sort things into their appropriate locations. This means you can avoid rifling through the dreaded junk drawer.

woman decluttering her bedroom

Invest in stylish methods of organization

Invite more modernity in your home by investing in stylish organization solutions. Minimalism takes time to get used to, and for larger families, it can be challenging to get rid of a lot at once. Instead of stressing over what to get rid of, simply organize them more effectively.

Opt for space-saving storage containers and dividers to organize your kitchen appliances and utensils. You can also use cabinets to store items like DVDs, electronics, and books in your living room so they don’t draw attention away from your carefully picked decor.

Storage ottomans and side tables are other great alternatives to hide your clutter without throwing it out. Making use of multi-functional decor is a great way to save space in the home, and you can use this as an opportunity to add a fun statement piece to the room. Feel free to play around with shape and design to create a focal point that looks sleek but still full of character.

Focus on clean lines in your home design

One common feature of modernism is the use of clean lines to define the space. Sharp, straight lines on tables, tv consoles, and other furniture make the room appear more crisp and clean. Pair these square-shaped items with round ottomans and mirrors to soften the look.

Additionally, avoid too much layering. Since modern styles favor a minimalist approach, try to limit the number of pillows, wall decor, rugs, and other decorative pieces that can quickly clutter a space. Instead, add texture by picking furniture with different finishes or pillows crafted from natural materials.

light and bright modern living room

Opt for neutral colors

Modern aesthetics love neutral colors. Black, white, greys, creams, and browns look lovely in modern spaces because they’re softer than pure white but still provide a sense of cleanliness and serenity. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with accent colors! Today, many modern rooms make smart use of orange, red, blue, green, and even pink hues as accent colors to add more vibrancy to the room. We also recommend placing a few plants throughout your home to add more life and color without taking away from the minimal appeal of the design.

Making your home more modern is relatively simple as long as you focus on cutting back the clutter and reorganizing the space for maximum efficiency. Minimal and modern doesn’t mean beige and boring, so feel free to experiment with color, texture, and shapes as you design. As long as everything has a place and the rooms are tidy, you can nail the modern aesthetic.

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