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8 items under $150 that will make your dining room pop

The dining room is one of the most-used gathering places in the home, giving the family a space to come together to eat, talk, share stories, and celebrate. It’s a room that hosts holidays, birthdays, engagements, and a litany of other special occasions. Because of the importance of this space, the energy of the room should be inviting, interesting, and comfortable. If your dining room is falling short, perhaps it’s time for some new decor that will bring it into 2021.

Because lighting fixtures, tables, and chairs can be very expensive, it’s nice to have some remodel options that don’t break the bank. We’ve scoured the internet for some stunning pieces that will transform your dining room, all under $150.

dining table with centerpiece
Kseniia Lopyreva/Pexels

Tabletop transformations

Finding a table centerpiece that speaks to you is no easy task. It should be interesting and large enough to serve as a statement piece, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the table or prevent guests from seeing each other. We’re obsessed with this Buckhurst metal and glass vase set. With this set of ten vases, you have a lot of versatility and can arrange them in a single line or a circle. To pull all of your common spaces together, consider spreading them across the dining room, living room, and kitchen. At $88.99 for the whole set, this is surely a steal.

If you want tabletop decor that’s both stylish and functional, check out this metal and wood Lazy Susan from Pottery Barn. When you aren’t using it to serve food, put candles or other pieces of decor to add interest to the room. This fan-favorite for family-style meals comes in just under $70 and makes passing the mac and cheese across the table a breeze.

dining room with rug

Wall art

Walls should tell a story, and this fleur de tole wall art from Ballard Design is a classic and simple way to turn any wall into a statement. The black and gold design complements both light and dark paint, and it’s reminiscent of dining out at a new, trendy restaurant. Each piece is $79 and there are four different designs to choose from.

We also love this “Food and Friends” sign from Pottery Barn. It’s whimsical and is sure to give any dining room a pub-inspired aesthetic. This sign comes in at just under the $150 mark, and it’s definitely worth the splurge. If you need to add some light into an otherwise dim room, this beveled mirror from Wayfair magnifies any natural or artificial lighting to create a brighter and more inviting space.

Other interesting finds

If you have the space and love wine, you’re sure to love this modular cork catcher from Wine Enthusiast. With this piece, you can store your favorite wine and accompanying glasses, and it comes with hanging baskets to catch your corks after polishing off a bottle. We recommend writing the date and occasion on each discarded cork to create a makeshift scrapbook of evenings spent with friends and family. Grab one for your dining room for only $149.

If you have an earthier vibe, this macrame table runner from Pottery Barn is a gorgeous addition to any dining room. Place some candles and old driftwood in the center and you’ve got a calming and elegant table setting for dinner with friends. The dining room is also the perfect place for greenery, but if you don’t have a green thumb, enjoy the aesthetic anyway with this faux Croton plant from Grandin Road.

An expensive remodel isn’t necessary to transform the dining room into a cozy and classic space to host your family and friends, especially now that everyone is getting back together after a long year apart. By switching the centerpieces, wall art, and table runners, you can change up the theme of the space without needing to reupholster furniture or repaint the walls.

Best of all, the picks above are all affordable, versatile options that you can repurpose for other rooms or redecorate depending on the occasion. You’ll never be sorry about investing in a space where everyone gathers. Use these ideas for inspiration, and browse Pinterest, your local home decor store, or secondhand shop to find even more pieces with the unexpected power to transform your dining room.

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