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8 dining room lighting ideas you should install before your next gathering

The perfect dining room light is sure to draw the entire room together. Whether you opt for a classic chandelier or mounted lights, there are countless styles, choices, materials, and sizes to choose from. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t fret: We’ve scoured the web for the most stylish and trendy dining table lighting ideas to bring you eight options that are sure to transform any room.

Before making your purchase, measure out the dimensions of your table. Regardless of the fixture you choose, it’s bound to look a little out of place if it’s too big or too small for the table it’s meant to adorn. When shopping, keep in mind that the diameter of the fixture should be about one-half to two-thirds the width of your dining room table.

Charming chandeliers

Chandeliers add a touch of luxury to any room, and these work especially well with long, rectangular tables. This fixture balances the width of the table and adds visual interest to the room, especially if the dining table has a simple design.

We love these metallic chandeliers by Kelly Clarkson. For a more eclectic look, consider adding two or three of these smaller pieces to the room. For a more traditional option, this drum chandelier has clear crystals hanging from its five candelabra bulbs. The simplicity of the drum design paired with the shimmer of the crystals makes for a fun centerpiece that complements a more modern or sleek design. Both have hundreds of 5-star ratings, and you can browse through many customer photos to see what the fixtures look like over various table options.

Finally, for those who love a boho-chic design, this Baja chandelier is a perfect option. It has coconut shell talons that hang from wooden bead strands and is made from all organic materials that can come in natural or dark gray.

Perfect pendants

For a more romantic fixture, check out these gorgeous flower pendants from Pottery Barn. The globe shape is adorned with natural capiz shells, making for a centerpiece that is reminiscent of a lotus flower detailed with nickel at the tips of the petals.

Looking for more drama? This Moroccan pendant light is the way to go. The Etsy shop owner describes the material as vintage copper and notes that it gives off playful shadows on the ceiling and walls. The best part of this item is that you can order it in four different diameters, so you can customize it depending on the size of your table.

Last but certainly not least, this gorgeous crystal pendant comes in both round and rectangular shapes and three different bulb options. As one of the most customizable options on this list, this is perfect for those with a more unique dining room design.

Flushmount lighting

If you’re not a fan of hanging lights, consider investing in flush mount options instead. These are great options for rooms with low ceilings where there isn’t ample space for hanging lights. This Aptos fixture from Serena and Lily is made from three tiers of tropical shells, each of which has been “cleaned, sorted, and strung by hand.”

If you have a large room and a massive table to match, this tumbled brass flush mount fixture from Pottery Barn is the perfect statement piece. Inspired by falling rain, this piece adds an illusion of movement to the room. While the fixture only needs five bulbs, the light reflects off of the crystals making it appear as if there are dozens of small lights hanging from the piece.

Speaking about the importance of proper dining table lighting, designer Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors told HGTV, “This is the item you should splurge on. It will not get dented, scratched, dirty, or torn by kids or guests, and will set the tone for the room.” With so many chandeliers, sconces, and pendant lights to choose from, you have endless opportunities to mix and match until you find a setup that exhibits your personality and design style.

Though picking the fixture is a fun DIY project, consider hiring a professional to install it. Especially for the larger or more expensive pieces, it’s best to leave it up to the experts so you know it will look perfect when all is said and done.

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