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chinoiserie wallpaper design in an office space

Hand-painted wallpaper is having a moment: What to know about this classic feature

We absolutely love hand-painted wallpaper and its amazing history.
built in closet with drawings and hanging white tshirts

How to maximize closet space: Our 9 best tips and tricks

Is your closet overstuffed, disorganized, and overcluttered? Here's how to organize your closet to maximize your space.
Bright and vintage home design

The fantastic home decor ideas Wayfair stylists absolutely love

These are the home decor tips and trends Wayfair stylists think you should consider adding to your interior design.
Pouring cream paint into a paint tray

A perfect neutral: These are the best cream paint colors

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hue that is classic, warm, and inviting, check out these cream paint colors that will elevate your design.
Brown and orange pillows on a white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedside table with vase

Experts explain how to decorate with orange while avoiding garish design

A little orange goes a long way. Experts tell us how to use this 1970s favorite in modern design.
marble flooring in grey room with red chair and side table

5 incredible reasons you should get marble floors (and 5 why you should pass)

To help ease your decision-making process, we’ve gathered five reasons you should invest in marble floors and five reasons why it may not be for you.
Corner bench seating on patio

The ultimate guide to midcentury modern patio furniture

Midcentury modern is a favorite design aesthetic for a reason. Here's what you need to know about midcentury modern patio furniture.
modern neutral patterned living room by FLOR

The stunning summer design trends the experts say will be everywhere

From vibrant color-blocking to glamourous metallics, we absolutely adore these designer-approved summer design trends.
Finished basement with pool table and light colored walls

These fantastic basement paint colors will brighten up your space in no time

Basements don't have to be dingy and dull. Our favorite paint colors work for finished basements no matter what you're planning to do with the space.
Bedroom with green wood panel accent wall

4 awful retro design trends interior designers never want to see return

Retro design is super popular right now, but designers wish these trends would just stay away.
Beach-themed vacation home decor

Octopus decor: Do you love or hate this weird lighting? The internet has thoughts

Driftwood, seashells, nautical symbols — all are hallmarks of beachy design. But have you considered octopus decor?
Modern farmhouse living room with exposed wood beams

Don’t fall into these modern farmhouse interior design traps

These are the dos and don'ts of modern farmhouse interior design.
cozy small balcony ideas dining area

5 easy ways you can transform a balcony from small to cozy and intimate

We've come up with five cozy small balcony ideas to get your creative juices flowing. They work on balconies of every size, and they won't break the bank.
dark green living room with green sofa and gold details

These amazing jewel tone paint colors will add drama and sophistication to your home

Jewel tones are incredibly trendy right now. These hues are some of our favorites.
Modern white kitchen with quartz counters

Experts tell us which kitchen countertops you should buy next

These are the kitchen countertops that interior designers are choosing. Let the experts help you decide which is best for your next remodel.
Maximalist bathroom with wallpaper

Before & after: This powder room refresh is must-see

Need a little inspiration for your powder room decor? Check out this recent powder room renovation.
happiest home design styles scandinavian styled dining room and open plan kitchen with patio

10 creative ways to blend your indoor and outdoor home decor for a gorgeous aesthetic

As we spend more time outside, blending indoor and outdoor decor is essential to a cohesive design.
blue and turquoise room decor with metal details

Add some glam to your home: The do’s and don’ts of metallic decor

Metallic decor adds a bit of glam, but you don't want to overdo it. Follow this guide.
mint walls in midcentury modern dining kitchen area

10 amazing kitchen ideas for the midcentury modern enthusiast

Midcentury modern kitchens are timeless. Get inspired by these 10 ideas.
man and woman painting a room

Remedy your painting mistakes with these 4 quick and easy fixes

Does your paint job look like an amateur did it? Fix these common painting mistakes in a few simple steps.
Can of black paint with a paintbrush

What is the best black paint for furniture? How to DIY a luxe, elegant look

Black furniture makes a statement. This is the best black paint for your next DIY project.
Small white kitchen with large windows

7 super inventive ways to organize a small kitchen we learned on TikTok

We love these cool ways to organize a small kitchen, and you will, too.
White modern kitchen with black pendant lights and black stools

This expert’s kitchen design ideas are incredible (and don’t require a full remodel)

These are the kitchen design ideas the experts say will wow any guest.
Basement home office.

7 best basement office ideas so you don’t feel like you’re working in a dungeon

Need to set up a home office? Check out these basement office ideas, and you'll forget you're in a basement while increasing productivity.
grandmillenial bedroom with two beds and patterned wallpaper

How to choose bedroom wallpaper that looks gorgeous and you won’t ever regret

Wallpaper is trending, but you don't want to be stuck with a bad decision. Here's how to make the perfect choice.
modern farmhouse aesthetic with dark colors and vintage touches

Experts reveal the farmhouse style wall decor they absolutely covet

Follow this advice from the experts for amazing farmhouse style wall decor.
Black kitchen faucet with water running

Try this design upgrade: The top kitchen faucet ideas, according to the experts

Interior designers tell us their favorite kitchen faucet trends of 2022.
how to grow parlor palm indoors in a pot

The absolute best parlor palm care tips for a healthy, thriving plant

Parlor palms are beautiful and resilient plants. This is your guide for growing a thriving parlor palm inside.
Man on iPad surrounded by moving boxes

4 indispensable home design apps to turn every newbie into an interior designer

Remodeling your home for the first time? Turn to these incredible home design apps.
modern new-build home entryway with period decor

How to add character and charm to your boring new-build home

New-builds don't come with the same issues as older homes, but they don't have the same history either. Here's how to add personality to your space.
gray modern rustic bedroom design

These are the ugly bedroom decor trends interior designers hate

Avoid these ugly bedroom design trends at all costs.
modern regencycore aesthetic with blue walls and ornate mirror

Is regencycore really a thing? Interior design experts weigh in

Is regencycore the new cottagecore? This is what you need to know about this trend.
Family pretending to sing with cleaning equipment

5 secret house cleaning tips to get the lazy people you live with to help

Do you live with someone who never cleans? These house cleaning tips will help get everyone involved in chores.
red bedroom wall design

10 amazing design tips worthy of your striking, bold red bedroom

A red bedroom makes a statement. This is how to decorate one for the perfect sanctuary.
exposed red brick wall in living room with large windows

The best wall paint colors to make your vibrant exposed red brick pop

Exposed red brick is a fantastic design feature. These wall colors go wonderfully with it.
large tub in modern bathroom design

These are the best flooring options for a waterproof bathroom

Avoid mold issues with these waterproof flooring ideas for your bathroom.
professional organizing help girl boxes jpg

These professional organizer tips and tricks can help any homeowner keep chaos at bay

Follow these professional organizer tips and tricks to organize your space -- and keep it that way.
Woman painting wooden cabinet in her home

Before and after: A cool idea to upcycle a boring old entertainment unit

Repurposed furniture is good for the environment and your wallet. This upcycling project will inspire you to find a spot for your old entertainment unit.
Modern black and white bathroom.

The most Instagramworthy black and white bathrooms we’ve ever seen

Black and white bathrooms are a classic for a reason, and these gorgeous examples prove why.
person sitting at desk home office in bedroom

Design the perfect home office to help new college grads become office rockstars

Set your professional life up for success with these home office ideas perfect for new grads and those new to the working world.
what is contemporary industrial design light airy

Contemporary industrial design: The ultimate guide to this sophisticated style

Contemporary industrial can be a fantastic mix for home design. Here's how to combine them.
kitchen styles in trend fresh twist studio photography by fio creative 02

These are the kitchen trends designers say will elevate your design

Redesigning your kitchen? Consider these trends the experts love.
Couple sitting on sofa in living room

The house projects everyone is doing prove no one wants to move right now

Considering a remodel or a move? These are the most popular house projects.
Woman standing in modern kitchen with unique light fixture

These are the most beautiful kitchen lighting ideas we’ve ever seen on Instagram

You're going to absolutely love these unique kitchen lighting ideas.
Blue and white porcelain plate decor on entryway table with flowers

The gorgeous grandmillennial decor that you probably already own

This is everyone's favorite vintage accent decor. Here's how to use it.
Small kitchen and dining room with black and white modern home design

Secrets revealed: The small house interior design tips the experts trust

Interior designers tell us what they do to make a small house appear bigger.
amazing tile decor ideas tiled fireplace hexagonal

These tiled fireplaces on Instagram prove hearths can be a unique design feature

A tiled fireplace can offer a unique look. Get inspired by these cool designs.
affordable kitchen cabinets replace woman painting

5 amazing ways to replace kitchen cabinets on a tight budget

Here's how you can go about replacing kitchen cabinets on a tight budget. You'll love these affordable kitchen design ideas.
modern dining room with round chairs and table

The fantastic vintage home design trends making a comeback

These throwback design trends are giving 2022 homes a gorgeous vintage vibe.

How to completely refresh your kitchen (no renovation skills required)

You don't need to undergo a whole remodel to refresh your kitchen. With these no-renovation kitchen tips, you can get a whole new look.
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