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Kitchen remodel before & after: 1950s-inspired reno turns a boring space fab

Reddit absolutely adores this bright, sunny kitchen renovation

While there will always be a place for white kitchens in our design arsenal, experts have said that kitchen renovations these days are veering more toward colorful cabinets, bold backsplashes, and a generally maximalist approach to design. In short? Kitchen remodel before and after photos are a stark contrast from minimalist white to an explosion of textures and hues.

Of course, you might be a bit reluctant to take the plunge. Kitchen renovations are expensive and labor-intensive — they’re definitely not something you want to repeat in a year. Need a little inspiration? This 1950s-inspired kitchen renovation is bright and happy and we can totally picture baking delicious peanut butter cookies in it.

Posted to the r/HomeDecorating subreddit by Redditor chaiispice, this kitchen renovation depicts a mostly white space transformed into a gorgeous room filled with a colorful, patterned backsplash and mint green cabinets.

And Reddit loved it. User tusk10708 summed it up with the top comment: “It’s so fun! And sunny! Nice job!”

Even people whose personal styles don’t veer toward colorful complimented the finished look. Redditor Hoppinginpuddles said, “I am an OG goth baby. Through and through. All of my house plans are dark and gothic and spooky (in a classy way mind), but this is… delightful and I would be stoked to have this kitchen.”

Redditor cat_power added: “This reminds me of an Animal Crossing kitchen in a totally fun and good way.”

One user queried whether the backsplash is truly 1950s, but chaiispice responded, “No, not quite. The colors in the backsplash are a nod to the midcentury but I was looking for a blend of old and new.”

And Trick-Many7744 noted that while the tiles weren’t 1950s, inspired doesn’t have to mean 100% authentic. “I think the pastel tiles are cute. Definitely better than almost all alternatives,” they said.

Chaiispice confirmed that the tiles are actually peel-and-stick from Wayfair and they were on sale for $2 per square foot.

“They were very easy to apply, and I was able to save a lot of money,” they said.

As for the cabinets, green is definitely the “in” color this year, though the mint green choice puts a fresh twist on this popular trend. Chaiispice confirmed that they used Valspar’s Sprinkle and that they painted the cabinets on their own.

“Painting the cabinets was the most tedious part of the whole process,” they said. “The photo only captures part of the kitchen obviously but all of the cabinets took me close to a month.”

All in all, everyone loved the choice. Redditor OneSensiblePerson summed it up: “This is a lovely and refreshing surprise. Great job. Love the glass knobs.”

Of course, Reddit wouldn’t be Reddit without offering some helpful advice for finishing touches. Apet57 noted that KitchenAid “makes countertop appliances the same color as the cabinets that would complete your retro look” while TroubledNature would love to see “a Smeg toaster and a little vase of tulips.”

Adding color and pattern to your kitchen can be done in a tasteful way — and it can absolutely be a throwback to retro styles while still feeling fresh and modern. If you need some inspiration for your kitchen renovation, look no further than this kitchen remodel before and after.

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