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person holding color swatches

The experts say these are the best paint colors for your zodiac sign

To help you find some inspiring new paint colors to spruce up your space, an expert astrologer gave us insight on the best paint colors for each zodiac sign.
hellenistic greek statue bust on windowsill with candles

Get ready for the Hellenistic revival in home design

Hellenistic design is making a comeback. Here's what you need to know.
Living room with design inspired by nature

These are interior designers’ favorite green design trends for your home

Green design is mega popular, but experts say these are the styles they're absolutely loving.
river table design ideas with water feature

This table has a river running through it, and the internet has questions

Check out this amazing, unique river table that brings green interior design to a whole new level. It’s taken the internet by storm and people have thoughts.
Pregnant woman looking at paint swatches for nursery.

Create a tranquil space for your baby with these soothing nursery colors

The colors for a nursery can affect the mood of both you and your baby. We love these nursery color schemes, and your little one will, too.
Red house with for sale sign in the front yard

12 new home must-haves buyers have proven they’ll pay more for

Homebuyers are willing to spend up to 3.7% more on a house for these amazing home features.
First-time homebuyers standing outside new home

No sale: Homebuyers reveal their biggest deal-breakers

Selling your house? These are the problems you have to fix if you want to get the best price for your home.
modern coastal living room with blue and white wicker

8 modern coastal design ideas that will give you the chic home of your dreams

Add some comfy charm to your modern home with a coastal vibe. Try these fantastic modern coastal design ideas.
flower patterned wallpaper with flower vase on nightstand

This designer’s tips for a grandmillennial bedroom are absolutely phenomenal

An interior designer shares their tips for a gorgeous grandmillennial bedroom.
Mudroom with mirror

These are the gorgeous bathroom tile trends design experts are drooling over

Interior designers are loving these bathroom tile trends.
wood kitchen walls and backsplash

The most Instagramworthy minimalist kitchen designs we’ve ever seen

Take inspiration from these minimalist kitchens for your next renovation.
Secondhand furniture shop with unique pieces

8 handy tips for buying secondhand furniture (so you don’t end up buying junk)

You can find all sorts of eclectic, amazing secondhand furniture — but there are some things you should know before you buy.
Rustic Mediterranean living room with neutral colors and exposed wood beams

Rustic Mediterranean interior design is the relaxed style your home needs

Want a design style that's simple, yet classy? Rustic Mediterranean can help you achieve the look.
best tiktok storage hack neat cozy containers

Never lose track of your stuff again with this genius TikTok storage hack

Are your storage bins a mess? With this amazing TikTok storage hack, you'll be able to find whatever you need in seconds.
woman arranging flowers in a vase on the table

7 fabulous spring decor trends that Instagram is obsessed with

Give your home a makeover with these Instagramworthy spring decor trends.

10 easy ways to lower your electric bill (because it’s way too high right now)

Green living isn't just good for the environment. It saves you money, too. Here are the investments you should be making in your home.
Man building a deck.

How much does it cost to build a deck? More than you think

Building a deck in your yard is a great way to create outdoor living space. Before you begin, make sure you budget correctly.
maximalist kitchen decor ideas that inspire cozy and modern small apartment

Designers share their secrets for a gorgeous maximalist kitchen

Wondering how to achieve a maximalist look in your kitchen without getting too kitsch? Designers share all.
Person looking at paint swatches.

Don’t make these 5 dumb mistakes when picking paint colors for your home

Choose the best hue for your home — don't make these silly mistakes.
Kitchen with blue frame fronted cabinets

Crown molding can offer huge visual impact to your kitchen cabinets

Adding crown molding to your cabinets can add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Follow this handy guide to achieve the look.
best bathroom tile ideas with bathtub and plant

8 ways to get the minimalist bathroom design of your dreams

A minimalist bathroom can create a soothing experience. Try these fantastic design ideas for some elegant simplicity.
bedroom paint colors light grey aesthetic

The best bedroom paint colors for every vibe and aesthetic

Want your bedroom to reflect your personality? Try these ideas.
Two women planning a kitchen renovation

Home ‘improvement’ projects real estate experts say are actually terrible

There are some home remodeling projects the experts say are a waste of time (and some that hurt the value of your home). Here's what to avoid.
closet organization ideas caucasian woman organizing at home spain

Spring cleaning 101: 5 closet organization tips the pros always use

According to the experts, these are the closet organizing hacks you need to know.
Small living space with eclectic furniture

Is rented furniture the solution to supply chain issues?

Is rented furniture a good option for you? Weigh the pros and cons.
family packing boxes in living room

Spring cleaning hacks: How to organize a room with too much stuff

Overwhelmed by a room with too much stuff? Follow these tips and you'll feel better — and your room will look better — in no time.
how to make a pallet wall shutterstock 656928232

Add instant rustic charm to your home: How to make a pallet wall

A pallet wall can be an interesting feature that adds natural charm and texture to your design. Here's how to DIY this project.
Brick doorways painted with pastels

This is how much it really costs to paint a whole house

Find out how much it'll cost you to paint the exterior of your home — and some handy ways to save.
dark green monochrome color palette for living room design

The biggest do’s and don’ts for a monochromatic color scheme in your home

A monochromatic color scheme can look put-together and elegant. Here's how to do it right.
the best floral wallpaper to brighten up your rooms 1

Get inspired by these truly creative maximalist bedroom decor ideas

Maximalist bedrooms are bold and vibrant. Find inspiration in these cool ideas.
Grandmillenial inspired floral wallpaper with cabinet and chair

6 stellar grandmillennial decor ideas from Instagram you’ll want to steal

Not sure how to do grandmillennial style right? Take inspiration from these cool designs.
New suburban blue home with large front yard

These are the features homebuyers actually care about

Want to know what homebuyers are really looking for in a house? This is the dream list.
a vintage cottage kitchen design and dining table

5 luxe cottage interiors that will make you rethink what cozy should look like

Cozy cottages can be sophisticated and elegant too. Take inspiration from these great designs.
very peri home design pantone wall color white chair

How designers are adding this super-trendy, soothing color to their projects

Very Peri is one of the most talked about home design hues. Designers share their tips for using it.
how to install a farmhouse sink shutterstock 1339847972

A simple, 5-step guide to install a farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink cam be a beautiful addition to your remodel. Here's how to install one yourself.
how to install a wall heater shutterstock 1395135974

How to install a wall heater in your garage

Wall heaters can give your garage a much needed temperature boost. Use these tips to install one the right way.
how to frame out basement walls shutterstock 1579542922

Everything you need to know about framing basement walls but were afraid to ask

Want to finish your basement? This is your guide to framing out basement walls.
woman organizing clothes into bins

9 clever hacks to organize your storage room so you can actually find things

These amazing hacks for organizing storage rooms will make your life a whole lot easier.
Woman painting chair yellow on deck outside.

These incredible furniture paint colors will totally refresh your home

Want to redo your home without a total renovation? These are the best furniture paint colors for a whole new look.
rustic and industrial living room with metal and wood tv console

The ultimate home design guide for blending rustic and industrial decor

This is the right way to blend rustic and industrial decor for a completely fresh look.
Young woman walking to EV with charging cord

EV charging’s coming to your town: you still need it at home

The U.S. government is investing a lot in EV charging in every state. But you still need EV charging in your garage. Here's why.
garage gym remodel active woman exercising on a rowing machine in her home during covid 19 pandemic

Secrets revealed: The expert guide to a garage gym remodel

An expert shares their top tips for a garage gym remodel.
painting ideas for small rooms shutterstock 1342102307

3 clever painting hacks to make a small room look huge (no matter the color)

We all know the advice to go light and bright when choosing paint colors for small rooms. But these clever hacks make a space feel huge regardless of the hue.
Gray-blue house exterior

Need a new color scheme for your house? Try these top-rated exterior hues

We absolutely adore these color schemes for houses. Yours will be the best looking on the block.
how much paint do i need shutterstock 425530825

This is how much paint you will actually need for your next DIY project

Planning a DIY project? This is how much paint you need to get.
maximalism and modern decor yellow blue space

How to add trendy maximalist decor to a modern aesthetic

Modern homes have a clean look, but today's trends are all about bold and busy patterns. Here's how to blend the two.
are electric cars better for the environment volvo c40 recharge  fjord blue

Are electric cars better for the environment? The real truth

There are a lot of myths out there about electric cars. Here's what you need to know about their effect on the environment.
retro vintage room design with neutral color palette

Vintage home decor is getting new life with these striking trends

According to the experts, these are the vintage patterns and materials that will be everywhere.
Man installing white kitchen cabinets

You won’t believe how much you can save if you DIY your kitchen cabinets

Should you DIY your kitchen cabinets? This is everything you should know.
Yellow wall molding with blue chair and a modern aesthetic

What colors go with yellow? 6 fantastic options to transform your home

Yellow is one of the happiest home design colors. Here's how to decorate with it.