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These are the most beautiful kitchen lighting ideas we’ve ever seen on Instagram

Kitchen lighting is one of the trickiest things to style. Whether you’re struggling to position a clunky piece above an island or have trouble placing your under-cabinet lighting in just the right spot, kitchen lighting presents a challenge for nearly every household.

However, skipping over your kitchen lighting can leave your design feeling lackluster or unfinished. Often, kitchens can appear dull or empty without proper, decorative lighting. So today, we’re bringing you some of the most creative kitchen lighting ideas to inspire you to amp up the look of your space.

Globe lights

Design studio @lodesigns shares an eclectic take on the mid-century-inspired globe light. Globe lights are a fun choice of statement lighting for kitchens because they add a rounded form to a space dominated by straight lines and sharp corners. Transparent globes with gold details are especially popular in modern kitchens where they add a warm yet sophisticated look above a center island, as seen in @lodesigns’ post. What we love most is that the center of the globe light consists of a small chandelier. Three tiny prongs face upwards with rounded light bulbs to create a look that’s eccentric and fresh, making for the perfect kitchen statement piece.

Wicker pendant lights

When choosing the design of your kitchen ceiling lights, we recommend first thinking about your design aesthetic. Do you prefer minimalist, modern spaces, or busy and bold boho designs? Taking stock of your likes and dislikes will narrow down what ceiling lights will look best in your space.

As an example, @oo.angiee on Instagram shares their take on lighting in a modern boho kitchen, where they place wicker pendant lights above the island for a neutral, yet eye-catching, statement piece. They pair beautifully with the wicker floor mat, bamboo countertops, and other wooden and wicker elements throughout the space.

Don’t think that these natural materials only work with a boho design. Wicker pendant lights can be a great addition to Scandi, Japandi, beach-inspired, and even modern design styles. The wicker is soft and inviting, bringing some earthiness to the design that makes it feel perfectly cozy.

Quirky chandelier

These days, mid-century modern elements are abundant, particularly in modern and contemporary spaces. To bring a mid-century accent to your space, opt for a quirky chandelier like this one from @buildwithferguson on Instagram. This statement light is grand, comprised of asymmetrical metal fixtures with several globe lights, and adds more dimension to the space. This odd shape provides an organic feel to the space while maintaining a modern and fresh take on the classic grand chandelier-inspired.

Finish it off with bold colors like electric blues and bright oranges to match the big personality of the light fixture.

Wall-mounted lighting

For some homeowners, massive pendant lights or grand chandeliers can be too clunky for the kitchen. Small spaces, low ceilings, and more simplistic or minimal designs can look too crowded with bold statement pieces. Instead, we recommend wall-mounted lighting for homeowners looking to add unique lighting to their space.

Instagram users @mcgregorhomes and @kelseyleighdesignco are a design duo who shared a snap of their kitchen, which boasts gorgeous gold wall-mounted light fixtures. These pieces are simple, luxe, and perfectly suited for any size space. If you’re struggling to add creative lighting to a tiny kitchen, we recommend trying out wall sconces like these to add personality without overwhelming your design. While these gold sconces lend themselves to modern and more luxe design styles, traditional, vintage, rustic, and other styles can still benefit from a simple lighting fixture or two.

Layering your lighting

If you’re ever in need of lighting inspiration, you can always count on @candiceolson to give some solid tips. This well-known HGTV designer shared her take on layering lighting via Instagram. In her post, she encourages homeowners to use multiple sources of lighting to create a layered look.

For example, you can add under-cabinet lighting as well as wall-mounted fixtures. Or, use a statement piece above the island but maintain the simple recessed lighting overhead. To spruce up your space, consider adding another light fixture to achieve this dynamic look.

Kitchen lighting is a challenge for many households, but creating a welcoming atmosphere through your light fixtures is a highly rewarding experience for any designer. To make your home bright, welcoming, and unforgettable, opt for bold statement pieces and wall sconces for a more sophisticated look, or incorporate multiple lighting sources for a unique, layered effect. With these tips, you can create a kitchen design that is polished and exciting.

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