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how to make chalked paint shutterstock 1742397383

This is the easiest way to make your own chalk paint

Chalk paint can be a fantastic way to decorate your furniture, but it can be expensive. This is how to make your own.
how many solar panels do i need for my home shutterstock 1561073777

5 important questions to ask before buying solar panels for your home

Solar panels are a worthy investment for your home. This is how many you'll need — and all the right questions to ask before you install.
what to consider when buying an electric car high angle view of saleswoman showing customers at showroom

5 important things to consider before buying an electric car

Thinking about buying an electric car? These are the factors to consider before bringing one home.
Child's loft bed with office area underneath.

Multifunctional furniture is exactly what you need for your super tiny home

Multifunctional furniture goes beyond sleeper sofas. This is the multifunctional furniture for small spaces you need for every room in your house.
Person laying down laminate flooring in basement

What flooring is best for a basement? Don’t make an expensive mistake

What flooring is best for a basement? These are the important pros and cons to know.
the best entryway tables table

Add function and style: How to decorate an entryway table

This is how to decorate an entryway table for the best first impression.
Modern Scandinavian living room style

This is the best kept secret for designing a phenomenal room

Want a well-decorated room? This is how to achieve it.
modern muted green bedroom wall color

8 phenomenal green bedroom design ideas (from nature-inspired to bold)

Green is a trendy home color choice this year, and these are the best green bedroom design ideas for your home.
Light neutral color palette for small bedroom design

Steal the look: 7 sneaky ways designers arrange furniture in small bedrooms

The experts share their best tips for arranging furniture in a small bedroom.
maximalism design with patterned couch in living room

Unforgettable maximalist design tips for every room in your house

Big and bold is on everyone's minds lately. Try these design tips for every room in your house.
free home design changes a light living room with yellow details  sweden

10 phenomenal ways to change up your home design for free

You can change up your home with these 10 free home design tips.
home remodeling projects shutterstock 557515918

These are the home remodeling projects that will add value to your house

According to Zillow and Realm, these are the most popular home improvement projects — and the ones that will add value.
Ted office accent wall and dresser

What colors go with red? How to complement this bold statement color

What colors go with red? Here's how to decorate your home in a gorgeous way.
person using color swatches with magenta fabric

KitchenAid’s color of the year adds a bold, vibrant splash your home needs

All-white kitchens are losing favor to bolder, more vibrant designs — and KitchenAid's color of the year fits right into that vibe.
Interesting wall art

These are the best home design trends for an Aquarius

From aquarius bedroom design to kitchens, these are the ways to decorate for your zodiac sign.
home design apps elmhurst  il usa february 24 2021 a luxurious kitchen

Get a practical (and pretty) space with the right lighting over the kitchen sink

This is what you need to know about the lighting over your kitchen sink.
Woman sitting by electric fireplace with mug

5 reasons an electric fireplace is a terrific idea for your home

If you're looking to make your home cozier, an electric fireplace is a great idea. Here's why.
how to replace kitchen faucet shutterstock 404421880

How to install a kitchen faucet (and save a ton of money)

Kitchen faucet replacement isn't hard. This is how to do it.
Small bathroom with blue tiles and floating sink

7 imaginative small bathroom storage trends you don’t know about yet

Try these seven secret ways to add tons of storage space to your small bathroom.
Woman relaxing in bathtub

All the coolest tech that will make your bathroom a true luxury experience

Tech is everywhere in our lives — including our bathrooms. These are the features you should consider.
near neutral color palette and paint colors

Create a stellar backdrop for your home design: The 4 best neutral paint colors

Neutral rooms don't have to be boring. In fact, these hues can be the perfect way to brighten up your home.
how long does it take to charge an electric car 0x0 homecharging 1

How long does it really take to charge an electric car? What you need to know

Wondering how long it will take your new EV to charge? We've got all the details you need in this handy guide.
large tub in modern bathroom design

5 striking bathroom remodel ideas experts are including in every design

Interior design experts love these bathroom remodel ideas — and you will, too.
japandi styled living room with raw wood textures

These gorgeous Japandi style living rooms make us rethink minimalism

These Japandi interior designs offer serenity and warmth, and totally make us want to renovate.
Small kitchen storage hooks.

9 brilliant, simple ways to add storage to your small kitchen

Try these nine ways to increase your small kitchen storage.
daybed with drawers

These genius daybed ideas for small spaces will make your home feel huge

A daybed is the perfect item for your small living room, bedroom, or home office. Try out these daybed ideas for small spaces.
Woman holding Monstera plant against wall at home

7 amazing feng shui plants that are super easy to keep alive

Want to feng shui your home? These are the best plants you can get.
Vintage chest as a living room coffee table

The supply chain sucks — buy secondhand furniture online from these great spots

With supply chain issues and vintage furniture trending, it's time to think about buying secondhand. These are the best places to shop.
glass globe feature in modern kitchen

The case for midcentury modern lighting: How to add it anywhere (or everywhere)

Midcentury modern lighting is a great way to add depth to any design scheme. Try these ideas.
Vintage entry table.

Secrets revealed: How experts find vintage room decor everyone is jealous of

This is what the experts say you should know about finding vintage decor.
Three quarters front view of a white Lucid Air parked in a modern house's driveway.

What homeowners really think about having EVs in their driveways

There's a lot of buzz about electric vehicles. Here's what your friends and neighbors really think about them.
white and grey kitchen with white countertops

Interior designers say this is how to get the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams

Does your farmhouse kitchen need an update? You don't have to completely remodel the space. Here's what to do.
couple cooking in efficient kitchen

Experts explain how to make your kitchen more efficient

An efficient kitchen is exactly what you need this year. Here's what you need to know.
decorative glass terrarium home decor on a table

Why decorative glass is making a major comeback in home design

Looking to refresh your home? Try glass accents (really).
Dining room with Scandinavian furniture

10 small dining room ideas that cost almost nothing

Here's how to maximize your small dining room without spending a lot of money.
how to refurbish doors shutterstock 62614618

How to restore your old wooden door to its former glory for some vintage charm

Want to revive an old wooden door that has rich, storied history? Here's how you can refinish your door quickly and easily.
small white modern kitchenette

These genius basement kitchen ideas will totally enhance your home

Adding a kitchen to your basement is a great use of space. Try these ideas.
brick fireplace decor ideas minimal white

These 8 spectacular brick fireplace ideas add much-needed character

A brick fireplace is a great statement piece for your living room. Follow this handy decoration guide.
plants and large window in modern bathroom with large tub

These are the gorgeous colors the experts say make a small bathroom look huge

These are the colors design experts say work best in small bathrooms. With these hues, you can create a tranquil, relaxing space.
linen vs cotton sheets white and book on bed 1024x1024

Try this ingenious hack for upcycling your disgusting old sheets

Are your old sheets too awful to donate? Try this amazing upcycling hack instead.
curved white sofa in a modern living room

The best tips for a warm design if you have all-white furniture

A while living room doesn't have to be a disaster. Here's what you need to know about an all-white style.
Red Ford Mustang Mach-E EV with its front trunk, or 'frunk' opened, full of ice and shrimp while young people eat and chat.

4 secret ways owning an EV will make your daily life easier

We all know EVs are better for the environment, but there are plenty of ways they're better for you, too. Here's how owning an EV will make daily tasks simpler.

Add instant curb appeal to your home with these 5 popular front door colors

There are so many color choices when it comes to your exterior door. These popular front door colors will instantly give your front facade a much-needed boost.
Cottagecore bedroom.

Cottagecore is evolving for the better: How to achieve a modern pastoral look

Cottagecore is evolving. This is how to incorporate it into your home this year.
Bathroom with aqua vanity

The annoying bathroom design flaws most homeowners can relate to

These are the bathroom design flaws that are all too common and how you can fix these design mistakes.
storage ideas for small bedrooms folding clothes and organizing stuff in boxes baskets  concept of tidiness minimalist lifest

7 simple storage ideas for a small bedroom that totally work

Keep your room neat and tidy with these great storage ideas for small bedrooms.
dark grey textured walls home design with pink chairs

The interior design principles everyone follows (but should actually ignore)

Rules are made to be broken. These are the design rules you don't always have to follow.
shelf ideas for laundry room shutterstock 542619211

Is your laundry room a mess? These incredible shelf ideas are all you need

Organize your laundry room with these great laundry shelf ideas.
vintage fireplace mantel decor with metal milk jug and candles

How to add farmhouse appeal to an otherwise drab, boring mantel

This is how to decorate your fireplace mantel for a farmhouse look
Blue paint samples on a white wall

This is the right way to test paint colors before you commit to a whole room

Paint swatches won't give you the true idea of how paint will look in a room. This is what you have to do before you paint.