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Dining room with Scandinavian furniture

10 small dining room ideas that cost almost nothing

Here's how to maximize your small dining room without spending a lot of money.
how to refurbish doors shutterstock 62614618

How to restore your old wooden door to its former glory for some vintage charm

Want to revive an old wooden door that has rich, storied history? Here's how you can refinish your door quickly and easily.
small white modern kitchenette

These genius basement kitchen ideas will totally enhance your home

Adding a kitchen to your basement is a great use of space. Try these ideas.
brick fireplace decor ideas minimal white

These 8 spectacular brick fireplace ideas add much-needed character

A brick fireplace is a great statement piece for your living room. Follow this handy decoration guide.
plants and large window in modern bathroom with large tub

These are the gorgeous colors the experts say make a small bathroom look huge

These are the colors design experts say work best in small bathrooms. With these hues, you can create a tranquil, relaxing space.
modern and minimal Japandi styled room

What is Japandi style? The minimalist design you didn’t know you wanted

Japandi design mixes functionality, minimalism, and natural elements in a way everyone will love.
linen vs cotton sheets white and book on bed 1024x1024

Try this ingenious hack for upcycling your disgusting old sheets

Are your old sheets too awful to donate? Try this amazing upcycling hack instead.
curved white sofa in a modern living room

The best tips for a warm design if you have all-white furniture

A while living room doesn't have to be a disaster. Here's what you need to know about an all-white style.
Red Ford Mustang Mach-E EV with its front trunk, or 'frunk' opened, full of ice and shrimp while young people eat and chat.

4 secret ways owning an EV will make your daily life easier

We all know EVs are better for the environment, but there are plenty of ways they're better for you, too. Here's how owning an EV will make daily tasks simpler.

Add instant curb appeal to your home with these 5 popular front door colors

There are so many color choices when it comes to your exterior door. These popular front door colors will instantly give your front facade a much-needed boost.
Cottagecore bedroom.

Cottagecore is evolving for the better: How to achieve a modern pastoral look

Cottagecore is evolving. This is how to incorporate it into your home this year.
Bathroom with aqua vanity

The annoying bathroom design flaws most homeowners can relate to

These are the bathroom design flaws that are all too common and how you can fix these design mistakes.
storage ideas for small bedrooms folding clothes and organizing stuff in boxes baskets  concept of tidiness minimalist lifest

7 simple storage ideas for a small bedroom that totally work

Keep your room neat and tidy with these great storage ideas for small bedrooms.
dark grey textured walls home design with pink chairs

The interior design principles everyone follows (but should actually ignore)

Rules are made to be broken. These are the design rules you don't always have to follow.
shelf ideas for laundry room shutterstock 542619211

Is your laundry room a mess? These incredible shelf ideas are all you need

Organize your laundry room with these great laundry shelf ideas.
vintage fireplace mantel decor with metal milk jug and candles

How to add farmhouse appeal to an otherwise drab, boring mantel

This is how to decorate your fireplace mantel for a farmhouse look
test paint colors shutterstock 1347354281

This is the right way to test paint colors before you commit to a whole room

Paint swatches won't give you the true idea of how paint will look in a room. This is what you have to do before you paint.
Kitchen with blue frame fronted cabinets

These 7 amazing kitchen cabinet ideas will totally refresh your kitchen

Completely transform your kitchen with these fantastic cabinet ideas.
Family in home with open floorplan.

Is the open concept house dead? Here’s what the experts say

With more people working from home, does the open floor plan make sense anymore?
Staircase with under-stair storage

5 brilliant basement storage ideas that will clear up space in your home

Your basement has untapped potential as a storage spot. Try these basement storage ideas.
Black and white bathroom with black tub and large window with lots of light

Bad bathroom design: The worst mistakes design experts have ever seen

The experts want you to avoid these bathroom design fails.
Finished basement seating area with white walls and carpet

How much does it cost to finish a basement and add value to your home?

Thinking about finishing your basement? Read this before you start.
ev car myths 21 frd mch 48118

6 myths about owning an EV you probably believe

There's a lot of misinformation out there about owning EV cars and trucks. We dispel some common myths.
modern and vintage grandmillenial style dining table

How to achieve the perfect grandmillennial look in your home right now

It's easy to go a bit overboard with the maximalist style favored by grandmillennials. Here's how to achieve the look.
lg smart gardening appliance tiiun lifestyle 01

LG thinks it made an indoor smart garden you’ll actually care about

LG's newest entry into the green living category is an indoor smart garden that can fit in even the smallest homes. Read all about it.
Marble kitchen backsplash wallpaper

Marble isn’t just for counters: The trend about to take over your whole home

Marbling is a great trend for everything from dishes to wallpaper.
Classic at home bar in basement

6 creative basement bar ideas for the perfect entertaining space

Want to add a bar to your basement for a great entertaining space? Try these amazing ideas.
Man running on treadmill in home gym.

What you need to know about home gym flooring for a great fitness space

This is what to consider when putting in flooring for your home gym.
do ev chargers add value to homes close up of woman charging electric vehicle with cable in

Do these 3 important things to get your garage ready for your new EV

If you're purchasing a new electric vehicle, there are a few things you must do to your garage to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck.
luxury living room design with big windwos

Want luxury home design on a budget? Our expert says to do these 4 things now

These are the tips the experts have for getting a luxury look in your home at an affordable price.
blue walls in a maximalist living room

Experts say these cozy fabrics for the home will be everywhere this year

Interior designers are loving these fabric design trends for the home.
best electric cars and evs for 2022 ford f 150 lightning platinum

These are the 10 best EVs launching in 2022

Shopping for a new electric vehicle? Try these standout options.
dark brown accent color in home office and library

5 cozy home library ideas to inspire your inner bookworm

Need some inspiration for your cozy home library? Look no further.
woman planning an interior design layout

Experts say you should avoid these hallmarks of bad home design

These are the worst mistakes interior designers have ever seen homeowners make when it comes to home design.
Gallery wall above bed with black and white frames and small mirror

This cool new gallery wall trend is exactly what your small home needs

If you're feeling fatigued by gallery walls, this is the trend for you: It's new, fresh, and perfect for tiny homes.
gray living room with pink sofa and blue rug

How to choose a sofa color that will completely transform your living room

The couch is a focal point of your living room, so it's important to choose the right color. Here's what you should know.
how to build a home gym at workout with kids

How to build a fantastic home gym for less than $250

Building a home gym isn't that hard. This is how you can do it without spending too much money.
Gray modern designed home office

Interior designers are totally loving these home office ideas

This is how interior designers are decorating home offices in 2022.
living room with gray and green color palette

12 helpful home design apps that make a renovation a breeze

These home design apps will make your remodeling project so much easier.

Research says these 2 interior paint colors will make you happier

Need a mood lift? These home design colors will make you happy.
woman standing in a white kitchen with rustic winter decor

8 simple winter kitchen decor ideas that will complete your rustic design

Looking to freshen up your rustic kitchen this season? Try these ideas.
modern Scandinavian living room with a large fireplace

Embrace the hygge life: 7 timeless Nordic-inspired fireplace mantel decor ideas

This is how you can create a cozy, refreshing space using Nordic-inspired fireplace mantel decor to add a bit of comfort to your home.
grandmillennial style and design living room patterns color

Grandmillennial design: Making traditional styles cool again

Grandmillennial style takes the comforting nostalgia of your grandma’s decor, but puts a modern spin on it.
farmhouse style bath

This is the best house design style for Capricorns

These are the styles, colors, and decor Capricorns should have in every room in their home.
white modern small kitchen with open shelving

8 small kitchen ideas that actually make this tiny space functional

If you have a small kitchen, you don't have to live with limited prep space and bad flow. Here's how to make this space work for you.
People celebrating New Year's Eve in living room.

Decorating for New Year’s Eve on a budget: What you need to know

Decorate your home for a New Year's Eve celebration in a simple, affordable way.
Comfortable pale pink upholstered chair

Is 2022 the year of… wallpaper?

Wallpaper is making a big comeback. Here's how to incorporate it into your home.
Green living room with gold accent pieces

These captivating colors will dominate home design in 2022

Looking to change up your interior space? These trending colors are fresh, inviting, and fun.
what bidens build back better plan means for evs vehicle to charging 01

The government just made buying an EV much less exciting

Have you been thinking of getting an EV? Read the latest on the proposed federal tax credits before you do.
Living room sofa with green and white pillows with a wood coffee table

Why green home design is the 2022 trend we all need right now

Green design is all about sustainability, biophilic schemes, and natural elements. Here's how to incorporate the green design trend into your home.
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