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7 simple storage ideas for a small bedroom that totally work

Finding a place for all of your things is never easy, especially if you have a small bedroom. Maximizing space for an entire wardrobe and personal belongings, which can sometimes be large depending on our hobbies, inevitably forces us to get creative with storage.

Small bedrooms may seem like a lost cause for storing lots of stuff. No matter how hard you try, things may tend to overflow and end up all over the place if you don’t optimize storage and have a concrete plan for where to put everything. 

But fret not — we have some ideas to turn even the tiniest of rooms and closets into storage superstars. So before you start throwing things in the trash, try these simple storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Bed frame with storage

The space under your bed is valuable real estate. You may already have things haphazardly shoved beneath your bed, cluttered and covered behind your bed skirt. However, there is a way to make better use of under-bed space: A bed frame with storage.

A platform bed frame with attached storage is an optimal choice for storing things under your bed. Some have drawers on either side, while others have cubbies to place storage cubes in and use like drawers. Either way, these bed frames are taller than typical frames. They allow you to stack and organize properly in a space that would otherwise not exist for this type of storage.

If you aren’t in the market for a new bed frame, we advise investing in shallow bins or fabric clothing bags to store extra belongings under your existing bed.

Headboard hutch

Here’s another way to turn the space around your bed into a neat storage spot. A headboard hutch attaches to the bed’s head just like any other headboard. The difference is it has shelving and sometimes even small drawers. It could be great to use as a bookshelf or for anything you might use right before bed.

A headboard hutch is similar to floating shelves, only it’s grounded to the bed. Therefore, a headboard hutch will usually give you more storage than just wall shelves. It’s also easier to install. 

Wall-mounted nightstand

The next traditional spot for storing things is beside the bed. Some nightstands or bedside tables can be large and bulky, which don’t lend themselves well to small rooms. Instead, we recommend a wall-mounted nightstand, which is similar to a floating shelf, but it’s usually a drawer and resembles a typical, sleek nightstand.

Installing a wall-mounted nightstand will free up floor space next to your bed while still giving you that drawer for placing all your extra odds and ends. Plus, you can also put things on top of it and use it just like a shelf.

Over-the-door storage

Adding storage behind your door is yet another smart way to maximize space in your small bedroom. The best way to do this is with an over-the-door storage unit. There are several different types of these. It all depends on what you need to store.

Vertical dresser

Ditch the horizontal dresser, and buy a taller, thinner one instead. Vertical dressers save you floor space, where you can place other belongings you may need to put in your room. In fact, with any type of drawers or storage unit you buy, always think about storing things vertically to save space.

Collapsible hangers

Now, let’s get to that tiny closet. There are a few kinds of different hangers that help you keep things compact. Multiple articles of clothing can fit on one collapsible hanger and be pushed to the side to make room for more of your wardrobe.

Hanging shelves

Fabric hanging shelves usually Velcro to hang vertically in a closet, giving you lots of flexible space for your extra clothes, shoes, or other items. Getting one or two of these is a cheap, easy way to create more storage space in your closet.

Storage can be tricky when your bedroom is small and feels so cramped. Eventually, you may give up and think, “Why do I have so much stuff?” However, the stuff may not be the problem, and you don’t need to purge your belongings just yet. 

Utilizing vertical space around your bed, behind your door, and in your closet is the best way to be smart with your storage. Implementing these simple storage ideas in your small bedroom will help you get things in order and feel more organized. Consider them when you’re moving into or revamping your small bedroom.

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