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Control the chaos with these 5 craft room organization ideas

With unruly ribbons, wayward beads, markers scattered in all directions, it’s easy for your crafting space to descend into disorganized chaos. But your crafting room should be your special place, where you are free to create and get away from everyday stress. That’s why it’s so important to have a designated crafting space that brings you the same joy and peace as the crafting process itself. 

Keep your craft projects and supplies in check with these clever craft room organization ideas. Whether you have a crafting room all to yourself or you’re working in the corner of a room, your basement, family room, or a spare bedroom, we’ve put together some tips on how to keep your crafting space neat and organized!

Craft room organization ideas to maximize space

While it would be fabulous to have a huge dedicated space for crafting, not everyone is so lucky. But you can still create an organized and functional place for crafting with these space-saving ideas and a few practical storage solutions. These are our favorites:

  • Over-the-door hanging storage: Take advantage of wasted real estate by utilizing the back of your craft room door with an over-the-door hanging rack. It’s the perfect way to store the items you need while keeping them off your crafting table. With plenty of see-through pockets, you can store scissors, glue guns, ribbons, markers, colored pencils, and lots of other crafting essentials and always be able to spot them at a glance.
  • Hanging shelves: One of the best ways to maximize space is to look beyond the floor and work table. Particularly in a room with limited space, hanging shelves can hold baskets and bins for storing crafting supplies. Logically group storage containers, placing similar items together, and label everything for easier access.
  • A pegboard wall: If ever there was the perfect craft storage idea, it would be the pegboard wall. Mount one to a wall in your craft room, and you can attach hooks, rods, and bins to create a fully customizable organizer that’s the ultimate space-saving storage solution. You can even paint your pegboard in a fun color to brighten up your craft room’s decor.
  • Storage cubbies: Those same storage cubbies you use in the playroom for holding books, blocks, and stuffed toys, can do wonders to organize smaller craft supplies like scrapbooking paper, paint supplies, and yarn. If you have a work table or island in the center of the room, placing storage cubbies at either end gives you practical storage while taking up minimal extra space.
  • Clear jars: Clear apothecary or Mason jars can hold colored pencils, markers, buttons, and other small crafting must-haves. As a bonus, they also add a splash of color and style to the look of your storage cubbies, which hopefully makes organizing feel less like a chore.

Getting the most out of your crafting space isn’t all about space; it’s also about organization. With a few updates and some well-chosen storage solutions, you’ll spend more time crafting and less time searching for crafting supplies in a messy workspace. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing there’s a place for everything you could possibly need to let your creativity run wild!

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