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Restore order with our favorite craft room organization solutions

Craft rooms are a place of inspiration, peace, and creativity. They house all of your artistic tools and projects in one cohesive space to maximize your productivity — and what is less motivational than a cluttered or mismanaged space?

Whether your craft room is a spare bedroom, basement, or a small space sectioned off from the rest of the house, it’s essential to keep it organized so that you eliminate stress during your artistic hour. We’ve put together storage solutions for some of the most commonly-used objects in your craft room so you can get back to what you love without any hassle.

organized and clean craft room

For often-accessed items

Having things you use regularly at arms-reach is essential, but that desire can quickly become an excuse to have an entire room covered with scissors, tape, thread and more. These are our favorite organizational tools to keep everything we need at our fingertips.

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Pegboards are one of the best devices for storing items vertically, and they’re customizable and appealing to look at, which makes them great for any craft space. Use a pegboard to store scissors, tape, thread, bins of markers, or other tools is perfect for keeping these items from cluttering your workstation.

To make your pegboard stand out from the rest, you can paint it to match the aesthetics of your room. Additionally, framing a pegboard allows you to create a classic, sophisticated look. If you want to take it a step further, try creating a

pegboard wall

by filling the space from floor to ceiling. Not only does this increase room for vertical storage, but it looks stunning as well!

Converted work station

If your desk is short on space for all your frequently-used items, or if you’re looking for something a bit more durable, consider purchasing a kitchen island.

Most kitchen islands come with additional storage underneath and on the sides. This allows you to house all of your craft paper, rulers, cutting tools, and larger craft supplies in an easy-to-reach space that doesn’t clutter your closet or floor.

Islands also allow you more space to work than many desks. Since kitchen islands are built with pots, pans, and other clunky kitchen implements in mind, they are often larger than the traditional office desk, which means more useable square footage for you.

craft room drawer organization
Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock / Shutterstock

For drawers

Drawers are great storage spaces in theory, but how often do you just chuck things inside before forgetting all about it? Make the most of that space and remove temptation to be disorganized with…

Clear organizers

If you have several drawers in your craft room, a clear organizer can make a big difference. You don’t want your drawers to become a catch-all. Instead, they should be organized and easy to use.

Use drawer organizers from the kitchen or bathroom department of your local store. They are often larger and provide more storage opportunities than traditional office drawer organizers.

Opting for a clear organizer also allows you to see the contents within. It can be a pain to sift through all of your organizers and containers to find one item. Instead, keep things simple and easily visible. This will save you time and stress so you can keep your focus on your crafting.

craft supplies organized in clear jars

For tiny items

Who among us hasn’t lost track of pin backs, needles, tiny stickers or the ever-elusive bobby pins? Struggle no more with these unique ideas.

Jewelry organizers

If you have several small craft tools or items, jewelry organizers are the way to go. Many jewelry organizers are compact with several compartments for storage. You can opt for clear, white, or wooden organizers to suit your craft room style.

These organizers are perfect for storing pens, markers, tape, post-it notes, and smaller craft tools. If you have a shelf or even some extra room on your desk, a few organizers can go a long way.

Glass jars

You know those large glass jars you use to store cookies, flour, or other treats? Why not use them for your craft room?

Kitchen jars

come in all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to find the ones that best suit your space.

These jars enhance the accessibility of your tools while also organizing supplies in a visually appealing way. Store your paper clips, thumbtacks, beads, buttons, and other small trinkets in these jars for easy access.

For everywhere

One of the best craft room organization ideas that will save you time is labeling your containers and drawers. While clear organization methods don’t necessarily require a label since you can see the contents inside, not every organizer in your craft room will be clear.

Label fabric organizers, baskets, and drawers to help you find items quicker. An excellent organization hack is to store similar items in their own space. For example, you can fill one drawer with pens while another contains all of your markers. By labeling the outside of the drawer, you eradicate the need to pause and question which drawer has what, saving you time in the long run.

Craft rooms are a place of creativity, self-expression, and functionality. By investing in time-saving organization solutions, you provide yourself with more freedom to keep doing what you love. Experiment with vertical storage and color coordinating ideas to find the aesthetic that makes you feel most productive and inspired.

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