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Multifunctional furniture is exactly what you need for your super tiny home

If you live in a tiny home or apartment, you already know how important making the most out of space is. One of the best ways to create space where there isn’t any is with multifunctional furniture. Multifunctional furniture for small spaces has come a long way over the years, and these days you can find multifunctional furniture for every room in the house. The transformable furniture of today is more than a sofa bed or fold-down table, and it comes in various styles. Check out some of our furniture space-saving ideas below.

Under bed storage drawers.


Finding extra storage space in the bedroom is critical if you have small closets, a small room, or kids that share a room. If you’re running out of room in any of your bedrooms, worry not — there are some genius ideas for functional storage in the bedroom.

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Try a loft bed to create an office space

Most people know about ottomans or benches that double as storage trunks for the end of the bed, and about bed frames that have drawers hidden under them. Multifunctional furniture for the bedroom has also evolved into, for example, loft beds that have entire office spaces underneath. These setups are perfect for small bedrooms because the bed and desk are often the two largest pieces of furniture in the room. Combining them into one footprint just makes sense if you’re short on space.

Get creative with storage and nightstands

If you’re in the market for a new bed, check out an option with room for under-bed storage that doubles as a bedside table. A rolling storage bin that fits under the bed can work for both practical storage and a bedside table — just roll it out at bedtime and roll it back under in the morning. A floating desk/shelving combo is another great way to create storage and workspace in one area. The shelves provide convenient storage, while the bottom can be a workstation with enough room for a laptop or pad of paper.

Couch with storage underneath.

Living room

Gone are the days of hideaway beds that double as couches and have uncomfortable metal springs everywhere.

Turn your coffee table into your desk

Modern multifunctional living room furniture is much more, well, functional — for example, a lift-top coffee table. If you have a small house and have found yourself trying to create a space to work or study, a lift-top coffee table may be just the solution you need. Switch from relaxing to working in seconds with a table that has a lid that raises to a perfect height to work or dine. You can find tables with storage areas under the top so you can hide things away that you don’t want out in the open when not in use.

Everything can offer storage space

Other multifunctional furniture ideas for the living room include side tables with storage, cable management, and even outlets or USB ports. You can also find end tables with lamps attached to them for when you need lighting but don’t have any more floor space. Of course, don’t forget about ottomans that turn into storage space with built-in trays. These ottomans are perfect for meals in front of the TV or setting out snacks for company.


Small bathrooms can cause all sorts of problems, especially if you have multiple people sharing the same space. Since bathrooms are small to begin with, there isn’t much room for adding furniture, but there are small tricks you can use to create more storage space. The double shower curtain rod is one of the best small bathroom space savers around. These double curtain rods hold your shower curtain on one rod and your damp towels on the other. This may not seem like a huge deal, but having these two rods will free up the back of the door and wall space for hooks or shelving.

Dining room

If your house is large enough to have a dining room but you’re still lacking in space, this may be because dining rooms often double as space for other activities. Homework, projects, conference calls, meetings, book club meetings — the possibilities are endless. Multifunctional furniture for the dining room can help transform your dining room to meet your current needs. A small side table with fold-out wings can be stored easily when not in use, turn into a dining table when needed, and act as a desk at times. If you’re short on space or have company often, consider a Murphy bed that turns into a table. A console that converts into a large dining table can be helpful in the dining room, too.

Regardless of why you need more space in your tiny home, multifunctional furniture may be the answer to your storage and function needs. Whether you need more space to work, play, store things, or just live, any of the ideas above will give you some more space. Any piece of furniture that can double its usefulness in a small area is worth considering.

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