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Emotional escape rooms are the newest home trend (seriously!): 5 fantastic ideas

Are you on a journey to find more peace and calm at the end of every day? Consider taking those first steps right in your own home. Meant to provide a relaxing retreat that radiates self-expression, emotional escape rooms are becoming a beloved part of many households. From serene retreats to exciting rage rooms, there are plenty of fantastic ways you can boost your mental wellbeing with a small remodel.

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What is an emotional escape room?

An emotional escape room is just what it sounds like. It’s a room meant to provide an emotional escape for those who need a quick break from their daily routine. Depending on who the emotional escape room is for, the design and vibe of the room can differ significantly, though the intent remains the same. Emotional escape rooms are similar to safe spaces, designated areas meant to provide a safe and reassuring environment for anyone under emotional distress. With safe spaces gaining so much popularity on college campuses, many homeowners are now creating more personalized versions.

What goes in an emotional escape room?

As mentioned above, an emotional escape room can differ tremendously depending on who intends to use it. For some people, a quiet room with massage oils, diffusers, and gentle background music is the ideal oasis for emotional escapism. Alternatively, others may find a soundproof and durable rage room to be more their speed. Whether you require a tranquil setting or a space that allows you to release pent-up emotions safely, emotional escape rooms are most effective when they cater to your needs.

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Ideas for bringing an emotional escape room to your home

If you’re interested in creating a haven in your home, look no further than Pinterest. Pinterest recorded data of some of the most popular search terms regarding emotional escape rooms to inspire users as they craft their own. We recommend trying a few of these trending styles, mixing and matching the different ideas until you’re left with a space that’s perfect for your emotional needs.

Tiny at-home library

Whether you have an entire spare room or a cozy, secluded nook, you can transform it into a tiny library space you can escape to when you need to clear your head. Create custom shelving or purchase some gorgeous bookcases and line your walls with your favorite reads. Be sure to add a comfy chair, a warm blanket, and a light to read by at night. Finish the library with a few small side tables fit for holding tea, coffee, or snacks.

Music room

Music-themed rooms are trending as well, showcasing how people are practicing self-care and dedicating spaces for their creative outlets. These rooms are great for musicians, dancers, or those who prefer to simply relax to their favorite tunes. If you want to create a music-themed room, consider whether you want to include instruments, speakers, or a record player in your space. Additionally, full-length mirrors and hardwood flooring can be a great addition for dancers.

For those who need more relaxation, add a small diffuser, soundproofing equipment for the walls, and a soft couch or chair to recline and enjoy the tunes.

Trendy rage room

Rage rooms are a fairly new concept to many homeowners but are now a trending idea as more and more people recognized their need to let loose. Rage rooms are extremely cathartic, allowing you to yell, jump, and smash objects to let go of your anger. This room requires a little more space, so this is perfect if you have a large basement or spare room.

Cheap breakable plates, punching bags, old furniture, outdated electronics, and baseball bats are commonplace in these rooms but feel free to play around with other objects to determine what gives you the best release. Remember to wear protective gear and be careful with glass! Rage rooms can be a fun and safe outlet for any pent-up emotions, but they’re only effective when you participate with caution.

Massage room

If you want to include a massage room in your home, you can’t go wrong with a few spa beds or recliners and plenty of sweet-smelling essential oils and lotions. Consider turning your master bathroom into a spa retreat where you can soak in a warm bath surrounded by aromatic candles. Gentle music, lush greenery, and mood lighting bring tranquility to the room, while dimmable lights and storage space ensure it’s functional as well. Home massage rooms were up 190% in Pinterest search, so it’s clear that many homeowners are turning to these spaces to relieve pent-up muscle tension.

Crystal room

Crystal rooms are just what you might expect. For geode and crystal lovers, having a safe space to store your precious gems and display your fanciest crystals can be a fun way to relax. This emotional escape room is best adorned with plenty of plants, displays for your collection, and perhaps a chair or two to bask in the ambiance of the space. While most popular in teen and young adult searches, crystal and geode emotional escape spaces can benefit anyone of any age.

Emotional escape rooms are the latest trend in home design, creating an opportunity for homeowners to relax in a space that meets their needs. Figure out what brings you peace and allows you to express yourself, and you can create an emotional escape room that’s catered to your needs.

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