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Modern autumn hygge set in living room

Here’s everything you need to know about TikTok’s whimsigothic home decor trend

Tiktok's whimsigothic aesthetic is the latest design trend, featuring 90s decor and whimsical vibes. Here's how you can pull it off in your home.
Pale green wall with wood dresser and plant

These are the colors that go with green: Design your home around this year’s ‘it’ hue

Looking for the best complementary colors for your palette? These are the colors that will go with your green home design scheme.
Person holding coffee grounds in a cup for their garden

Pro tip: Starbucks actually gives away coffee grounds to fertilize your garden

Lots of people find putting coffee grounds in their garden beneficial. Not a coffee drinker? Here's where you can get grounds.
pink kitchen walls with black cabinets and white backsplash

6 captivating kitchen wall colors that upgrade your space from boring white

Go bold in your kitchen. These kitchen wall colors make a statement.
Front door view

Try these amazing housewarming party ideas to help make yours a success

Showcasing your new home with a housewarming party is a great way to celebrate and highlight your personality. These party ideas can help.
clean cast iron pan on table

This is the best way to clean a cast iron pan

Trust us — this will make your kitchen and your recipes even better.
mid century modern wallpaper pink print with blue lamp

7 times Instagram made us fall in love with retro wallpaper again

Retro wallpaper is gorgeous. Get inspired by these amazing ideas.
modern farmhouse bathroom with dark hexagonal tiles

Add originality to your home: How to paint farmhouse tile floors

Put a unique spin on your floors with these cool farmhouse tile floors.
contemporary studio design decor

5 genius studio apartment ideas we learned on TikTok to make small spaces feel opulent

If you're decorating a tiny apartment, you'll want to know these studio apartment ideas.
chinoiserie wallpaper design in an office space

Hand-painted wallpaper is having a moment: What to know about this classic feature

We absolutely love hand-painted wallpaper and its amazing history.
Bright and vintage home design

The fantastic home decor ideas Wayfair stylists absolutely love

These are the home decor tips and trends Wayfair stylists think you should consider adding to your interior design.
Midcentury inspired bathroom design with floral wallpaper

These captivating midcentury modern bathrooms will inspire your next reno

From midcentury modern vanities to patterned tile, these old-school-inspired bathrooms are gorgeous.
marble flooring in grey room with red chair and side table

5 incredible reasons you should get marble floors (and 5 why you should pass)

To help ease your decision-making process, we’ve gathered five reasons you should invest in marble floors and five reasons why it may not be for you.
modern neutral patterned living room by FLOR

The stunning summer design trends the experts say will be everywhere

From vibrant color-blocking to glamourous metallics, we absolutely adore these designer-approved summer design trends.
dark green living room with green sofa and gold details

These amazing jewel tone paint colors will add drama and sophistication to your home

Jewel tones are incredibly trendy right now. These hues are some of our favorites.
blue and turquoise room decor with metal details

Add some glam to your home: The do’s and don’ts of metallic decor

Metallic decor adds a bit of glam, but you don't want to overdo it. Follow this guide.
mint walls in midcentury modern dining kitchen area

10 amazing kitchen ideas for the midcentury modern enthusiast

Midcentury modern kitchens are timeless. Get inspired by these 10 ideas.
professional chef using carbon steel pan

Why carbon steel pans are the only ones experienced cooks reach for

Carbon steel pans are recommended by the pros for a reason. Here's how a carbon steel pan can upgrade your cooking experience.
modern farmhouse aesthetic with dark colors and vintage touches

Experts reveal the farmhouse style wall decor they absolutely covet

Follow this advice from the experts for amazing farmhouse style wall decor.
carbon steel vs cast iron pans

Carbon steel vs. cast iron frying pans: Which cookware is better?

When it comes to the debate between carbon steel vs cast iron, which pan should you invest in for your kitchen? We've got the answer.
modern new-build home entryway with period decor

How to add character and charm to your boring new-build home

New-builds don't come with the same issues as older homes, but they don't have the same history either. Here's how to add personality to your space.
modern regencycore aesthetic with blue walls and ornate mirror

Is regencycore really a thing? Interior design experts weigh in

Is regencycore the new cottagecore? This is what you need to know about this trend.
exposed red brick wall in living room with large windows

The best wall paint colors to make your vibrant exposed red brick pop

Exposed red brick is a fantastic design feature. These wall colors go wonderfully with it.
professional organizing help girl boxes jpg

These professional organizer tips and tricks can help any homeowner keep chaos at bay

Follow these professional organizer tips and tricks to organize your space -- and keep it that way.
Modern black and white bathroom.

The most Instagramworthy black and white bathrooms we’ve ever seen

Black and white bathrooms are a classic for a reason, and these gorgeous examples prove why.
person sitting at desk home office in bedroom

Design the perfect home office to help new college grads become office rockstars

Set your professional life up for success with these home office ideas perfect for new grads and those new to the working world.
what is contemporary industrial design light airy

Contemporary industrial design: The ultimate guide to this sophisticated style

Contemporary industrial can be a fantastic mix for home design. Here's how to combine them.
Woman standing in modern kitchen with unique light fixture

These are the most beautiful kitchen lighting ideas we’ve ever seen on Instagram

You're going to absolutely love these unique kitchen lighting ideas.
Blue and white porcelain plate decor on entryway table with flowers

The gorgeous grandmillennial decor that you probably already own

This is everyone's favorite vintage accent decor. Here's how to use it.
Small kitchen and dining room with black and white modern home design

Secrets revealed: The small house interior design tips the experts trust

Interior designers tell us what they do to make a small house appear bigger.
amazing tile decor ideas tiled fireplace hexagonal

These tiled fireplaces on Instagram prove hearths can be a unique design feature

A tiled fireplace can offer a unique look. Get inspired by these cool designs.
farmhouse entryway design with light colored rug

This is the affordable farmhouse decor item that will bring your design together

These are the do's and don'ts of styling your home with farmhouse style rugs.
taupe wall paint color in an empty room

The best taupe paint colors to totally refresh your home

Taupe doesn't have to be boring. With these amazing shades, you can design a wonderful, creative home.
Modern black and white bathroom with large tub

This is the absolute worst design idea for your bathroom ever

Don't make this terrible design mistake in your bathroom.
woman taking mental health break with a journal and coffee

Emotional escape rooms are the newest home trend (seriously!): 5 fantastic ideas

Emotional escape rooms are the newest trend to come out of the pandemic. You should consider these ideas.
Cream-colored suburban home with for sale sign

You’ll sell your house fast if it has one of these 10 design features

Want to sell your house fast? These home design features have been proven to help sales go more quickly.
Blue kitchen cabinets in farmhouse design

8 spectacular farmhouse kitchens that prove blue is a top hue

Blue is a great color for your farmhouse kitchen. Get inspired by these ideas.
suburban houses on street in a cul de sac

Nextdoor really wants you to get to know your neighbors (virtually)

Nextdoor is rolling out new features designed to help you befriend your neighbors. We've got a few ideas, too.
Sage green accent wall and decor in modern home design

The way Instagrammers are decorating their homes with sage green is so inspiring

Sage green has taken center stage as one of the most inspiring and soothing colors in 2022 home design. Try these amazing ideas.
wood stain in can with brush on wood decking

The incredible wood stains for your deck experts say will have staying power

A new wood stain on your deck can help you achieve a refreshed look. To gain an idea of what wood stains are becoming more prominent, we spoke to the experts.
person holding color swatches

The experts say these are the best paint colors for your zodiac sign

To help you find some inspiring new paint colors to spruce up your space, an expert astrologer gave us insight on the best paint colors for each zodiac sign.
hellenistic greek statue bust on windowsill with candles

Get ready for the Hellenistic revival in home design

Hellenistic design is making a comeback. Here's what you need to know.
Red house with for sale sign in the front yard

12 new home must-haves buyers have proven they’ll pay more for

Homebuyers are willing to spend up to 3.7% more on a house for these amazing home features.
modern coastal living room with blue and white wicker

8 modern coastal design ideas that will give you the chic home of your dreams

Add some comfy charm to your modern home with a coastal vibe. Try these fantastic modern coastal design ideas.
flower patterned wallpaper with flower vase on nightstand

This designer’s tips for a grandmillennial bedroom are absolutely phenomenal

An interior designer shares their tips for a gorgeous grandmillennial bedroom.
rustic mediterranean living room with neutral colors and exposed wood beams

Rustic Mediterranean interior design is the relaxed style your home needs

Want a design style that's simple, yet classy? Rustic Mediterranean can help you achieve the look.
modern rustic design with a modern chair and concrete wall

The ultimate home design guide for blending modern and rustic styles

Modern and rustic design can mix perfectly — these are the do's and don'ts you should follow.
woman arranging flowers in a vase on the table

7 fabulous spring decor trends that Instagram is obsessed with

Give your home a makeover with these Instagramworthy spring decor trends.
bedroom paint colors light grey aesthetic

The best bedroom paint colors for every vibe and aesthetic

Want your bedroom to reflect your personality? Try these ideas.
dark green monochrome color palette for living room design

The biggest do’s and don’ts for a monochromatic color scheme in your home

A monochromatic color scheme can look put-together and elegant. Here's how to do it right.