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Check out these stylish teen bedroom designs on Instagram that aren’t kitschy

Avoid over theming your teen's bedroom by taking inspiration from these amazing Instagram designs

When parents think about redecorating their space, they often get too carried away when it comes to decorating their teen’s room. Decorating a teen’s room is all about finding that balance between youth and adulthood. You want to include their interests and allow their personality to shine in the space, but you don’t want to go overboard.

Teen rooms can easily become kitschy or overly themed. But there are several ways to adhere to your child’s style without going too far. If you’re looking for room ideas for teens that feel modern and fresh, then we have some teen bedroom inspiration from Instagram that you don’t want to miss.

Boho, cottage-inspired teen room

This Instagram reel by @blesserhouse features a stunning before and after shot of a boho, cottage-inspired teen room. With two twin beds on either side, this is a fantastic setup for teens who share a space. The muted green walls and gentle earthy tones give the room an organic and biophilic feel, while the soft off-white tones and textures on the bedspreads and the chair offer a more cottage-like aesthetic.

The metal bed frame, framed butterfly art, and wicker details give this room a whimsical and more youthful vibe without the room leaning into an overly themed design. If you want to bring a boho or cottage-styled setup to your teenager’s space, we recommend keeping the decor simple and focusing on tying whimsical and youthful elements with adult pieces, like simple linens and a more mature desk setup.

Pink, classically styled teen room

For the teen who doesn’t shy away from pink and classic styles, this teen room by @6thirtydecor is a great way to create a gorgeous design without going overboard. Pastel pink accents give the space a feminine look, while beautifully framed photographs help create a more mature feel. Plush linens and poufs, a mini chandelier, and a simple yet sophisticated bed frame help create a classic and luxe look.

This design style can be great for a teen who favors a classic look or for homeowners who want to create a fresh, simple aesthetic in a more modern home build.

Maximalist bedroom inspo

Maximalism is a trend that has really taken off in the last few years, and it’s certainly become a popular design style with teens looking for fun and funky ways to express themselves. This maximalist bedroom inspo by @ourlayeredhome features vivid mixed patterns, soft pinks paired with bolder turquoise blue, and decor items that lean into an eclectic touch.

The curvy lamp stand, rounded ceramic desk seat, patterned headboard, and hanging flower-shaped light all add an air of eccentricity to the space. To pull off a maximalist aesthetic in your teen’s space, opt for bold patterns, bright colors in the color palette, and mix and match items to create an artistic look.

Teen’s dark bedroom aesthetic

Every teen is unique, meaning some don’t want a lot of colors or patterns in their safe haven. This dark teen bedroom aesthetic by @nestingwithgrace on Instagram is perfect for teens who prefer a moodier, more masculine aesthetic in their space. Dark, slate-gray walls, rich rust-colored accent tones, sports decor featuring their favorite teams, and industrial-leaning decor items, like the bedside lamps, are great ways to create a darker, more sophisticated look.

This bedroom color palette is ideal for many design styles, ranging from industrial to more modern and tech-savvy aesthetics. Led strip lights, metal accents, and plenty of dark wooden furniture details can help create a space fit for the more edgy teen.

Minimalist bedroom ideas for teens

Let’s face it. Not every teen wants an over-the-top space. And not every parent favors a cluttered or dramatic household. That’s where minimalist bedroom ideas like this one by @a.dabbled.dwelling on Instagram offer much-needed inspiration. This teen room is simple, fresh, and minimal. Sleek white walls and minimal decor create a modern space that feels fresh and easy on the eyes.

We love the wooden details throughout the room, which really help warm up the space. The wooden slats in the far corner and the hanging vines on the wall help create dimension in the space without overcrowding the look. Both also bring a more biophilic aesthetic to the room and diverge from the traditional gallery wall by creating a design that’s more visually interesting.

The retro plant-themed room

This room featured by @palim.tintin on Instagram shows a retro plant-themed space that’s super trendy right now. Retro and vintage aesthetics are making their way back into home decor, becoming a popular source of inspiration for teen rooms. Vintage blankets inspired by Moroccan rugs, like the one seen on this bedspread, retro album covers as wall art, and beaded curtains are fun additions to a retro-inspired space.

Additionally, the plethora of plants seen here is a great way to style the space while also participating in the current green trend in home design. Teens with green thumbs who want to dive into a vintage aesthetic might favor this space.

Teen rooms can be tricky to style due to the need to create a balance between youthful interests and adult aesthetics. Thankfully, Instagram has plenty of inspiration, like the images above, to help influence homeowners looking to create the perfect teen space. Just remember to avoid over theming, and when in doubt, don’t shy away from adult design aesthetics when creating a mature yet fun look in your teen’s bedroom.

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