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9 teen bathroom ideas you’ll love (because it’s not a phase!)

If you have a teenager and are looking to decorate their bathroom space, we have you covered. There are tons of teen bathroom ideas out there that will not only appease even the pickiest of teens, but even you’ll love them too. The key to a successful redesign is involving your teen as you design; that way, you know they’ll be happy with the patterns, colors, and overall aesthetic.

That doesn’t mean you have to do what they say, but it helps lessen the chances of arguments, eye-rolling, and other fun teen behavior that’s all-too-familiar to every parent. These bathrooms will give your teen an opportunity to express their own style, all while creating a space that’s organized and functional. The only thing these designs are missing is a built-in cleaning service.

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Keep it light and floral

Teens can be finicky, so it’s best to stick to designs that aren’t overly trendy. Otherwise, you may find yourself redecorating every few months as their tastes change. You can never go wrong with a creative mural, especially one that’s painted by them or inspired by their favorite colors, cities, plants, or other interests. It can become a unique focal point and one that stands out from other bathrooms.

You can also wallpaper one wall with a floral or printed pattern that speaks to their personality. This way, if they ever become bored of the current design, you can always remove the wallpaper and hang a new pattern.

Focus on the lighting

Most teens are applying and wearing makeup and shaving for the first time, so make sure the bathrooms are well-lit so they can stay safe and confident while doing so. Use bulbs that give off 75 to 100 watts of illumination, especially if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light coming in. / Deposit Photos

Go for something dramatic and classic

A black-and-white bathroom is classic enough to stay in style as they age, but the contrast also provides a touch of drama for your teen. For bathrooms with white, grey, or light neutral walls, choose a black and white tile floor pattern and accents like a dark-framed mirror and black rug. Then, you can play with pops of their favorite color in the towels or framed wall art.

If they are musical, why not incorporate their passion into the design? Cross and hang drumsticks over the towel rack or a vintage guitar poster like this one from Amazon across a bare wall. Be creative and personal, and your teen will appreciate your attention to detail.

Don’t forget the textiles

If you have a shower base that isn’t deep, make sure you have a thick rug to catch any water coming from the shower for when they forget (again) that the shower liner goes inside of the tub. Choose towels that are absorbent and won’t hold onto excess water so they stay fresher longer. This is perfect for those times when your teen forgets to wash them as frequently as they should.

Use the space wisely

Teens have quite a lot of products they need to get ready for the day. Dealing with puberty comes with a lot of acne products, shaving gels, and cleansing products that they’re experimenting with. Finding smart ways to organize all of these is important, especially if they have a small bathroom. We love this utility cart from Ikea, and not just for the cool army-green color. The three shelves have enough space to stack everything they need in the morning. Plus, it’s on wheels, so they can move it in and out as needed.

immo RENOVATION / Unsplash

Go bold

We love bold colors for teen bathrooms, as it gives an edgy vibe that won’t say, “A toddler used to get ready here.” Rather than primary colors, try more mature hues like sage green, midnight blue, or canary yellow. Incorporate these colors on the walls, in the backsplash, or in accents like shelves, shower curtains, and rugs.

Going bold isn’t just for paint. You can choose a mosaic tile for the floors, countertops, or shower backsplash to make a statement. Then keep the rest of the colors more muted for a sophisticated design.

With these styles above, you can create a bathroom that your child will enjoy for many years to come. Plus, these are all elegant enough to double as a guest bathroom once they’ve flown the nest. As with any bathroom, choose paints, wallpapers, and other decorations that can stand up to the heat, humidity, and moisture in the air. And, most importantly, make sure all the materials are easy to clean.

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