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Maximize your small space: Our favorite loft bed ideas from Instagram

Fantastic Instagram loft bed ideas to save space and optimize storage

Nothing quite hits the mark when it comes to space-saving solutions in the bedroom like a loft bed. This bed style optimizes your bedroom storage, maximizes the space available, and creates unique bedroom setups that allow you to get creative with how you use your space. And the best part is that these bed setups make cozy nooks for a comfortable night’s sleep, an afternoon study session, or imaginative play. A loft bed is great for anyone of any age and can significantly add to the versatility of the bedroom.

So, if you’re looking for some loft bed inspiration to bring this creative setup to your room or your kid’s room, you’re in luck. We searched Instagram for some of our favorite lofted bed ideas, and now, we’re going to share them with you.

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A bunk bed for the kids’ room

This twin loft bed is a fantastic way to maximize space in your kids’ room. Let’s face it, there are only so many rooms in the house, so oftentimes, this means there will be some shared spaces. But it can be challenging to squeeze two beds, two dressers, and two of everything else into the bedroom! That’s why lofted beds like this one, featured by @archdose on Instagram, are amazing.

Diverging slightly from the traditional bunk bed, this loft bed comes with additional storage space both under the bottom mattress and at the foot of both beds. Additionally, there’s no ladder. Instead, even young children or those with limited mobility can easily step up the stairs to the upper loft. Furthermore, this twin loft bed is elegant and looks more luxurious and comfortable than the standard metal bunk bed frames, meaning that the room design will look far more sophisticated while also adding additional storage in such a limited space.

Something fit for a tiny home

This design, featured on @unitedtinyhouse on Instagram and originally posted by @canopyandstars, showcases how adults can incorporate a loft in even the smallest of spaces. Full loft bed sets can be hard to come by, but creating a custom solution for your room is certainly doable. This designer built a platform above the door to create a cozy nook fit for a bed.

While this solution is fantastic for small homes and studio spaces, it may not be ideal for every room. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t mimic this in your space. With the right equipment and wherewithal, you can create a custom loft in your own room or apartment, creating a cozy space for your mattress so you can create more room for storage and other furniture items at ground level.

The perfect space for a teen

While loft beds are often built with young children in mind, there’s nothing quite like the loft solution for teens. Lofts are perfect for teens because they add extra space for studying or relaxing with friends. They’re also ultra customizable, meaning your teen can put their own spin on their loft setup.

Instagram user @unitedtinyhome shows off a comfy and eclectic loft bed decorated with curtains, boho-style fabrics, and plenty of cozy furniture and shelving. The lower space is used as a unique hang-out spot with lots of seating and personalization for a young teen.

Because loft beds are so customizable, teens can use the space however they like. One method we often see used by teens and young adults is creating a loft bed with a desk nook underneath. These are fantastic for students and those who prefer their own mini office space without taking up too much space in their room.

A custom unit for optimized closet space

@theoldwoodph on Instagram shows off a custom unit with a built-in closet that can maximize space in the master bedroom. Custom builds like this can be useful for homes with small bedrooms or limited closet space. Having a built-in, personalized closet and dresser system with your bed on top not only saves space, but it offers you more organization for a cleaner room. In addition, this design, in particular, hides the bed nicely, so there’s more privacy during sleep and a greater separation between the upper and lower levels of the loft space.

Loft beds can help you save space in a tiny room. But it can also help create a more multifunctional space, depending on how you choose to use the area beneath the loft. So whether you need a quiet study space for your teen or are looking for more optimized closet space in your own room, there are several ways to create the perfect loft bed to suit your needs.

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