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5 creative winter balcony ideas so cozy they’ll make you forget how cold it is

These inviting balcony ideas are fantastic for winter

While winter may bring an abundance of snow and cold weather, that doesn’t mean you have to remain cooped up inside. If you have a balcony available at your home, you also have an opportunity to enjoy some cozy winter evenings outside or a chance to soak up beautiful sun rays and fresh air during the day. However, you might be thinking, “How can a balcony be cozy in the winter?” Well, it might be easier than you think! Despite being exposed to the elements, your balcony can offer the perfect amount of coziness this winter.

Here are five of our favorite winter balcony tips to help you stay cozy and warm in the winter without having to feel stuck inside.

Woman sitting on a balcony during the winter

What do you do with a balcony in the winter?

While many people will throw a few weather-protective covers over their patio furniture and bring their plants indoors for the season, you can opt instead to take advantage of your balcony during the winter months. With a bit of preparation, you can protect your balcony from chilly winter nights or harsh snows so that you can still enjoy the outdoors come the colder season.

Be sure to use a canopy

One way to winterize your balcony so that you can use it during the winter is to use a canopy. If your balcony doesn’t have a roof to protect it from piles of snow, canopies can be an effective choice. It’s no fun to spend your time shoveling a path or cleaning off your patio furniture during the colder months. So instead, prepare for the season by adding a canopy to keep your balcony as clean and snow-free as possible.

Additionally, using patio furniture covers in tandem with a canopy or overhead cover will allow you to keep the snow off of your materials so that you can enjoy them even when the weather outside would try to deter you.

Modern autumn hygge set in living room

How do you decorate a balcony in the winter?

Once you’ve adequately prepared your balcony for winter, you can begin decorating. However, some decorations may not withstand the colder temperatures or excess moisture, so it’s important to consult instruction manuals and product descriptions before leaving items outside.

Add some curtains

Outdoor curtains are made to withstand some weather conditions and can be the perfect addition to an outdoor balcony space. Curtains provide privacy for colder evenings outdoors, and they add additional protection against chilly winds or falling snow. Hang some outdoor curtains around your balcony to open and close them whenever you like. Also, these materials enhance the look of your space, increasing the level of coziness and inviting a sense of elegance and sophistication to the space.

Decorate with fairy lights

Fairy lights or string lights are another way to decorate your balcony in the winter. Many outdoor lights hold up against cold temperatures, rain, and snow, so they can be great additions to your outdoor space. Furthermore, these lights will brighten your space in a gentle way — and unlike candles, they can’t be snuffed out by chilly winds.

If you have any evergreens on your balcony, you can also wrap fairy lights around them to create a stunning look. While this can mimic a Christmas tree aesthetic, adding fairy lights in this manner also keeps them secure and ready to go whenever you find yourself enjoying the outdoors.

A cozy balcony decorated for winter

How do I make my balcony cozy?

To enhance the cozy appeal of your balcony, you can add a few decorations. We recommend only bringing these decorations out as you use your balcony to prevent damaging your items. However, setup can be a breeze, and you’re guaranteed to be left with a warm and cozy atmosphere fit for snuggling up despite the cold.

If you have the space, add a mini fire pit or stove

If your balcony or apartment permits it, adding a mini fire pit or stove outdoors can be life-changing. While open flames aren’t always acceptable, small electric options built for outdoor conditions exist and can be the perfect addition to your space. Using a mini fire pit or stove outdoors can provide the heat you need to stay warm and cozy while you enjoy the winter landscape below. Position the heater in the center of your space or direct it toward your seating area to maximize the warmth available.

Adorn the space with plenty of pillows and blankets

Adding pillows and blankets is a necessary part of enjoying your balcony in the winter. Be sure to bring plenty of warm fabrics outside with you so that you can bundle up and stay warm. Wools, knitted materials, and faux fur are especially great options for keeping warm. Additionally, have a nice hot drink on hand to keep on a nearby patio table to ensure that you’re as toasty as can be while you relax during the winter season.

You don’t have to leave your balcony unused until spring. If you take the proper steps to prepare your space before winter, you’ll be able to enjoy your balcony during all months of the year. Be sure to use gear specialized for outdoor use and read all instructions provided so that you can be as warm and secure as possible during the winter season.

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