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kitchen remodel with white cabinets

Experts say to look out for these 5 hidden costs during a kitchen remodel

Don't get caught unaware by these hidden costs of remodeling your kitchen.
cozy and hygge room inspiration with candles

What hygge is (and what it isn’t)

A lot of people get hygge wrong. Here's what you need to know.
makeup brushes in cup organizers

How to declutter makeup in less than an hour

Is your makeup bag a mess? Here's how to declutter.
ideas for reusing old iphones

5 ingenious ways to use your old iPhone around the house

Not sure what to do with an old iPhone? Here's how you can put it to work in your house.
person holding phone and viewing home security footage

What Amazon’s latest offerings tell us about the future of home security

Amazon just made some major announcements about its fall devices. Here’s what it means for home security and automation.
person holding new iphone in office space

4 amazing new iPhone features that will make buying a home easier

If you're looking to buy a new home, these new iPhone features will make that process just a bit easier.
bohemian styled room with warm wall paint color

The hottest home design colors this year are all about comfort

The trendy color palette for your home is all about soothing comfort. Here’s how to refresh your home.
Woman organizing her summer clothing

3 clever ideas for storing summer clothing all winter long

With fall and winter approaching, summer clothes will be vanishing. Here's how to store your summer wardrobe the right way.
Painting with a roller

Fall home remodeling trends to watch for

These trends are fall-friendly and look great all year long.
bright pink chair and printed wall art in maximalist room

What ‘maximalism’ is and how to know if it’s right for you

Have you heard of maximalism? We discuss what it is and how to know if it's right for you.
clever decor item storage tips seasonal mantel fireplace

3 clever ways to store seasonal decor items

As seasons change, you'll need to store decor items. Here are 3 clever ways to store any seasonal items for the home.
fall home decor on fireplace mantel

How to transition your home decor from summer to fall

Like your wardrobe, the home should also get a revamped look for fall and winter now that summer is over. Here's how.
Gray modern sofa with fall decorations

4 easy ways to make your home feel ready for fall

We've got some tips and tricks to make the transition from summer to fall really easy.
stylish blue laundry room

5 laundry room lighting ideas under $70

Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to lighting, but we haven't forgotten them! Here are some lighting ideas that won't cost an arm and a leg.
Young woman decluttering her clothing

Our 5 favorite ways to declutter as you go for a tidy living space

How to stay tidy so you don't have to constantly spend weekends cleaning up after yourself.
Scrubbing the oven with a sponge

How to clean an oven in one afternoon with oven cleaner you make

Cleaning your oven seems like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!
beautiful bedroom with blue and grey walls

Get inspired for your next project with these master bedroom remodel ideas

Ready to remodel your master bedroom? We've got some great tips and tricks.
modern and minimal home accent table and chair

How you can make your home more modern and minimal

How to make any home more modern, and adopt minimalism to keep it looking gorgeous all the time
Person organizing boxes in their finished attic

How to organize an attic — even if it’s been left untouched for years

Organizing an attic seems daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here's how to make sense of your clutter.
woman decluttering her bedroom

How to get rid of unwanted clutter in your home

Have too much clutter in your home? Here's how to decide what to get rid of, and how to lose the junk.
crispy bacon stacked on a wood board on counter

No need to question it: The 3 best ways to cook bacon

There are too many trends, tips, and tricks for cooking bacon. We've had enough: Here are the three best ways, no doubt about it.
man using a scraper to tear wallpaper from the wall

This is the best way to remove your old wallpaper

Tired of looking at your dated, faded wallpaper? We tell you how to remove it without damaging your walls.
bright and colorful summer food table setup

7 600-calorie dinner ideas your family will love

Try these easy dinners you can whip up in no time for the family that won't ruin anyone's diet.
modern bathroom floor tiles and cabinet

How to paint ceramic floor tiles in your bathroom

Painting ceramic tile in your bathroom is a simple upgrade that adds tons of pop to the room. Here's how it's done.
person with luggage at the airport

Good, better, best: Our favorite luggage brands for every budget

Our favorite luggage brands for carry-on and checked baggage.
a clean modern bathroom with tan walls

Instagram loves these 5 modern small bathrooms

The best small bathroom concepts we've found on Instagram. You've just got to see these concepts.
a light bright and clean bedroom

How to clean your bedroom in 15 minutes flat (without shoving things under the bed)

Cleaning your bedroom is a chore, but our tips will have it tidy and organized in no time.
blue couch in clean living room

Are you cleaning your living room couches enough?

Most of us don't think about cleaning the couch cushions when tidying up. Are you guilty, too?
Sheer and gray curtains in a living room

How to wash and dry your curtains to keep allergies at bay

When cleaning your home, don't forget the curtains! Here's how to clean them and keep your home looking great.
woman opening a white air fryer on kitchen counter

This is how to deep-clean your air fryer the right way

Air Fryers get gross, too. Here's how to clean yours for healthier eating and a clean kitchen.
summer dinner party at night

6 summer dinner party menu ideas your guests will love

Put together the ultimate dinner party with these recipes
best way to dice onion person cutting red

Is this the best way to dice an onion?

Is this the best onion-dicing technique out there? Find out
landscaping stacked flower beds

9 summer gardening tips landscaping experts want you to know

The pros think you need to know these gardening tips
how to get credit reports free report laptop

This is why you should pull all your credit reports for free today

Credit reports are essential to maintaining good financial health. Here's why you should access yours right now.
Family watching TV together on the couch

8 nostalgic Netflix movies and shows we love streaming with our kids

Spend some time with your kids this weekend and introduce them to your old favorites
west elm storefront

West Elm announces its first content creator ambassador program

This is everything you need to know about West Elm's newest initiative
mom and child waving on video call

How to host an amazing virtual Father’s Day celebration

Can't see Dad in person? Here's how to make a meaningful virtual celebration
Spring flowers home decor on table

Refresh your living room with these simple spring DIYs

cut chicken breast on counter with knife

How to make the perfect baked chicken breast every time

Tired of dry chicken? Here's how to get juicy meat every single time
pickling vegetables in canning jars

How to make crisp, flavorful pickles in a weekend

This pickle recipe is the perfect thing to accompany burgers at your next cookout
woman opening white air fryer

Our best air fryer tips for beginners

Just got an air fryer? Congrats! Here's how to use it the right way
three aprons hanging up on the wall

You need to throw out your apron right now — this is why

You don't need an apron. Trust us.
Kids giving their dad a Father's day gift

5 Father’s Day gifts for the guy who’s always in his office

Dad's office probably needs a little something -- and we've got some ideas for you
nonstick pan teflon danger non stick cooking stove

Could your nonstick pan be hurting you? What you need to know

Is your nonstick pan dangerous? This is what you need to know
hello fresh meal subscription box

Ripoff report: Why meal subscription boxes aren’t worth the hype

It's better to cook at home...even if it's more tedious
Cast iron pans on table

How to clean and season your cast iron pan the right way

Your cast iron pan needs special care - here's how to make sure it lasts for years to come
family in front of home with sold sign in yard

5 things real estate agents want you to know before selling your home

Yawar Charlie shared with us everything real estate agents think you should know before you list your home
man in front of house for sale

Why you shouldn’t trust Zillow’s home valuation estimator

Dennis Bowers shares why you can't believe every home valuation tool out there
family carrying luggage and leaving home

How to prepare your home before your next vacation

Come home to a clean home with these tips for every room of your home
Vinegar cleaning solution with spray bottle and sponge

6 ways you can use vinegar as a cleaning agent — yes, we’re serious

Vinegar can be a powerful cleaning agent - here's how to use it to clean your home