Make your housewarming party a hit with these amazing ideas

Housewarming parties are some of the most remarkable events of the year! It’s always exciting to move into a new home and begin decorating it to reflect your personality. It’s even better to showcase the new place to friends and family!

While these events are common and well-loved, it can be hard to know exactly how to throw a fun housewarming party if you’ve never had one before.

What do you do at a housewarming party?

Housewarming parties are just as they sound. They’re parties! Essentially, a housewarming party is a get-together of family and friends to welcome and “warm” a new house. Back in the day, it was a tradition for family members and guests to bring firewood and light the fireplaces of new homes to literally warm the house.

While not every house has a fireplace anymore, the tradition of throwing a party when moving into a new home has stuck. Most housewarming parties include mini-tours of the home, gift unwrappings, food, games, and anything else that seems fun!

They’re a great way to showcase your new home and begin feeling more comfortable in it. The style and activities included in the party are dependent, of course, upon personal preference and the new homeowner’s idea of fun. You can serve alcohol, cakes, and small snacks. Or you can order pizza and watch a movie. The ideas are endless, but ideally, you will partake in a fun activity that you and your friends and family will enjoy.

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What do you say in a housewarming invitation?

Housewarming invitations are the first step to throwing a fun and memorable party in celebration of your new home. Choosing a unique card design that reflects you and your home is a great way to create a personal flair for your housewarming invitation. While this may be a classic when it comes to invitations, you can always send an email or personalized text in today’s digital age!

In your invitation, open with the exciting news. You just got a new home! Let your invitees know that you are excited to show off your new place to them. Be sure to include the new address, your contact information, and the date and time of the party. You can also include a special note about games, food, or other activities if you feel your guests may need a head’s up.

The housewarming invitation is meant, at its simplest, to be a small letter telling your invitee about your new home, the party you wish for them to attend, and when and where it will be held. 

Decorating tips for a housewarming party

Unlike holiday parties, housewarming parties don’t necessarily require a lot of decoration. Since this may be the first time some of your friends and family members see your new home, it’s best to keep things simple. Style your house as if you were performing an open house on HGTV. Of course, you can make it more personalized and homey! 

Include pictures of you and your family on the walls and your mantel, if you have one. Lay out a platter of fruits and veggies on your dining room or kitchen table. Look into housewarming party recipe ideas so that you can set out the most delicious snacks and drinks for your guests.

One great tip is to make sure there’s plenty of seating so that everyone who visits has a place to gather if need be. You can set out board games or items needed for any party games you wish to host. You can also set aside space for any gifts, just in case your friends and family bring them.

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Fun housewarming game ideas

One of the most popular housewarming party games is a home scavenger hunt. As the host, you can create a list of items around your house that your guests have to find. You can challenge your friends and family individually or allow them to form teams. Whoever finds all the items on the scavenger hunt first is the winner!

Another fun housewarming game is room memory. Divide your guests into teams, then send them into a room of your house and let them observe the space for a minute or two. When the time is up, the teams have to make a list of everything in that room. The longest correct list is the winner!

Board games, word games, house bingo, and Pictionary are perfect for housewarming parties. Anything that involves teamwork and includes a home theme is excellent for a housewarming and makes your party fun and memorable! Moreover, if your new house is rather tiny, read our guide on how to host a small party in a house or apartment.

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