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6 stellar grandmillennial decor ideas from Instagram you’ll want to steal

Grandmillennial decor pairs modernity and the classics to create a unique home design that’s suitable for people aiming for a bit of antiquity in their spaces. Lace, frills, vintage patterns, and fun wallpapers are staples of this eclectic design, which blends vintage decor with more contemporary pieces. With grandmillennialism flourishing throughout today’s interiors, there are so many wonderful designs to find inspiration from. So, we’re sharing six amazing grandmillennial design ideas from Instagram to help you revamp your home with some vintage flair.

Make a pastel statement in your dining room

Designer @ericcrossinteriors shares a stunning grandmillennial dining room that’s sure to inspire anyone looking for a modern twist on a classic design. With a light, dusty pink as the base of this color palette, the room radiates a gentle and welcoming feel. Striped wallpaper, an ornate lamp, a classic chandelier, and an antique dining table help tie the design together. What we especially love in this design is the reupholstered backing on the dining chairs. By incorporating a natural element into the design, this grandmillennial scheme feels vibrant and luxurious.

Take the style to your kids’ rooms

Grandmillennial decor doesn’t have to be exclusively reserved for the dining room or living area. So why not bring the style to your kids’ rooms? Instagram user @greystoneonwaverly features a gorgeous mint green kid’s room with beautiful grandmillennial touches. Leaning on the more subtle side of this decor style, the designer uses pattern and color to pull off a cohesive look. Mint green moulding and finishes adorn the space alongside a patterned wallpaper and matching bed sheets. Baby pink highlights, vintage furniture, and classic rugs help create a gentle atmosphere with a touch of antiquity.

Don’t underestimate the beauty of rugs

While it’s well known that pattern plays a significant role in perfecting the grandmillennial look, knowing how to use that pattern in your design can be tricky. We love patterned rugs, especially in grandmillennial decor, which is why we were drawn to @mysoutherntupelo‘s stunning living room design. The room features three patterned rugs that ground the space and add a bit of accent color to the overall design. A vintage rocking chair, console table, and elegant gallery wall help accentuate the grandeur of the space as well. To pull off this unique look, they’ve opted to combine three similar yet distinct patterns to create a vintage aesthetic that helps establish their color palette while also incorporating texture into the design.

Add a fun wallpaper to your bathroom

Adding wallpaper to your bathroom can help lift and revitalize the space. Patterned wallpapers, in particular, can add character and charm to a small bathroom, making the room feel more authentic and inviting. If you’re looking to create a quaint bathroom design and want to partake in the grandmillennial decor trend, we recommend looking to @lucaseilersdesign for inspiration! Their blue floral pattern creates a cool, relaxing space fit for any bathroom. Paired with a rich blue vanity and marbled countertop, as well as an ornate mirror, this setup captures the luxurious notes of grandmillennialism. Grandmillennial design is all about using the classics with a modern twist to create a luxe and vibrant space.

Don’t forget the fine china cabinet displays

Another staple of grandmillennial design is a fine china cabinet. Filled with elegant ceramics and dishware, the china cabinet is coming back in style. These days, people use china cabinets in unique ways to help highlight key components of their designs. Rather than being used for simple dish display, china cabinets are becoming additional shelving space perfect for books, plants, and other decor pieces. Designer @lucaseilersdesign demonstrates a modern take on this timeless classic. Built-in shelving in place of a cabinet is one way people achieve a similar dish display aesthetic without taking up too much space. Of course, opting for an antique cabinet would work just as beautifully!

Polish up and pair some antique furniture pieces

If you’re looking to bring grandmillennialism into your home, follow in @southern_charm_cottage‘s footsteps and invest in some quality antique pieces. This Instagram user blends vintage furniture with modern decor and materials. A modern tweed rug beneath a vintage cabinet can create a humble pairing that radiates grandmillennial design. Additionally, mixing and matching antique and modern chairs, tables, or lamps can help create a unique aesthetic that adds a bit of charm and character to your space. You could also opt for a blend of modern and classic color palettes to achieve a more cohesive look.

Whatever you choose, blending the old and the new is at the core of grandmillennial design. With a focus on the classics and incorporating antiquity into a modern setting, grandmillennialism is helping people reshape their interiors and invite a bit of nostalgia into their homes. Try using a blend of patterns on your rugs and wallpapers to take advantage of this unique decor trend. Or opt for a subtle approach through the use of color and vintage furniture to help accentuate your design.

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