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Proper lighting can make a small bedroom feel cozy and inviting — here’s how

Lighting plays a significant role in creating the perfect ambiance of a space. For bedrooms, this means that the lighting you choose will set the tone for the area where you relax and wind down at the end of each and every day. Unfortunately, small bedrooms face the challenge of finding the proper lighting to maximize their space. While it can be easy to opt for a single overhead light, they often leave a space feeling cold, tiny, or empty.

Today, we’ll cover some of the best small bedroom lighting ideas to create a cozy atmosphere where you can retreat.

wall sconce above nightstand in bedroom

What is the best lighting for a small bedroom?

When lighting a small bedroom, it’s best to use several different sources of lighting to help create a sense of movement in the space. Using a single overhead light can leave your space feeling bleak and stale. So, instead, we recommend using multiple lights to help the room feel more like a relaxing retreat.

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Put up some wall sconces

One of the best ways to light a small bedroom is to use wall sconces. Wall sconces don’t take up a lot of space and utilize the empty, vertical space that you may have available. Wall sconces are best placed on either side of the headboard or directly above the bed, but you can place them wherever suits your needs and design style.

When choosing a wall sconce, try to find something that matches the color palette and aesthetic of the room. Be sure to place them in a location where you are unlikely to bump your head, and use warm yellow or orange lights for a soothing lighting effect.

Try some LED light strips

Modern homes can benefit from the use of LED light strips in their bedroom. A popular idea is to place the light strips under a raised platform bed to create a gentle glow. This also gives the illusion that the mattress is floating in the air.

Alternatively, teens and young adults have found value in placing changing LED light strips along the edges between the wall and ceiling to create a unique effect around the room. For a more sophisticated take on this approach, adding LED lights as backlights to bookshelves, behind picture frames or artwork, or around vanity tables can also create a futuristic glow throughout the room.

Add a large floor lamp

While it might seem contradictory, a large floor lamp can actually enhance the look of a small space. Floor lamps like arc lamps or tall lanterns can add dimension to a small room. These large lighting sources are also great for reflecting light or creating enough light so that too many multiple sources of lighting won’t be necessary.

When using a large arc lamp, it’s okay to keep the base near the corner of the room. Position the lamp so it arcs toward the room’s center and allows for the maximum lumination of the space. For lantern lights, place them at least one foot away from the wall in order to create a border effect that allows the room to feel larger.

modern bedroom with under bed lighting and backlights
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How do you light up a small bedroom?

If you’re trying to light a small bedroom properly, there are two tips that we recommend you follow for the best look.

The more lights, the better

Perhaps the most important tip is that the more lights you add to a small room, the better your design. Tableside lamps, LED strips, fairy lights, and wall sconces are small sources of lighting that can be beautifully paired with one another.

Use a few bedside tables paired with open-flame candles or LED equivalents if you want a traditional look. Modern lovers might prefer LED lighting under the bed and a lantern light or two. Mixing and matching your lighting ideas will create more definition in your space.

Use both bright and warm lights

Another trick is to mix both bright and warm lighting to create a subtle blend of color. While it’s best to avoid using both extremes at once, a dull white light paired with a gentle orange glow can look lovely in your space. Likewise, yellow lighting creates a fluid ambiance in a room, while orange and soft lighting can make the area feel quaint and cozy. Additionally, if you opt for LEDs, there are several amazing colors to choose from to create a mood that suits your space.

Lighting is an essential part of designing a small bedroom that feels expansive and inviting. Try to mix and match your lighting solutions to curate a romantic and cozy space that reflects your style. Wall sconces, LEDs, and oversized lamps are a few ways to create efficient lighting while also adhering to your need for a retreat at the end of the day. Play around with your lighting solutions to figure out what works best for you.

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