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These DIY lights are easy to install and make your laundry room feel huge

Your laundry room may not be the most exciting room in your home, but it’s definitely among the most frequently used ones. While it may not demand the decorating finesse you flex when updating your living room or master bedroom, it does require a few simple essentials to transform it into a room that’s actually enjoyable to be in. 

When looking at your laundry, there are necessary fixtures, like a washer and dryer, and optional upgrades, such as a utility sink, cabinets, shelves, and perhaps a table or counter for folding clothes. How often do you think about the laundry room’s lighting, though? Before you start worrying about costly electricians and hard-wiring through sheetrock, stop in your tracks! If your laundry room doesn’t have an existing light or switchboard to install new fixtures, there’s no need to worry. There are easy, DIY lighting options that require no wiring and minimal installation.

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Homeownership means getting exciting about laundry room lighting, so let’s dive in!

Laundry room with tilesLED: Bright lights for your laundry room — no hard wiring needed!

A revolution in lighting, LEDs allow any DIY lover to install necessary lighting practically anywhere in their home, all without hard wiring, without costly electricians, and (in some cases) without tools. They run on batteries, so as long as you can peel and stick or drill and mount, you can install lighting anywhere. While many easy DIY projects take place over the course of a weekend or a couple of hours, this super short project takes mere minutes!

You may be wondering why laundry room lighting is such a big deal in the first place. Apart from being able to see while you work, a well-lit laundry room will actually make the room look bigger. These rooms are usually pretty small to begin so they tend to feel a little cramped when you’re spending time in there. LED lights are especially bright and long-lasting, so you can spend as much time as you need spotting stains and running through laundry day with ease.

Bright lights for your laundry room

Motion-activated ceiling light

Walking into a darkened laundry room carrying an overflowing basket of laundry is a recipe for disaster. This motion-activated ceiling light solves that dilemma brilliantly. Covering an area of 260 square feet, this battery-powered ceiling light installs in just five minutes and doesn’t require any wiring or an electrician’s expertise! It provides powerful, hands-free lighting via motion activation and automatically shuts off 30 seconds after you leave the room to prolong battery life. With four ordinary C-cell batteries, you’ll enjoy 100 lumens of laundry room lighting for up to one year of regular use.

LED puck light trio

If you have wall-mounted cabinets and a counter or folding table beneath, your laundry room needs this 3-pack of puck lights. You can install these helpful lights in seconds without drilling or hardwiring anything. Simply use the included 3M tape and mounting screws to attach the lights under cabinets and near tables to illuminate any shady areas. The light turns on with a touch, providing easy access to 55 lumens of brightness apiece. Plus, this handy trio includes a remote with a dimmer function just in case you want dramatic mood lighting while you fluff and fold. 

LED Battery Operated Ceiling Pendant 

This option has the style of a pendant light without any of the installation woes. This stylish fixture is finished with brushed nickel and a frosted glass shade that looks just like traditional hanging light. It provides 170 lumens of light, and, because it’s battery-powered, is super easy to install. If plastic lights and simple mounts don’t fit your style, add a little ‘wow’ factor that will make your laundry room feel a little less dreary and industrial. Battery-operated lighting never looked so good! 

You can really never have too much lighting in your laundry room. Aesthetically, it makes the room look bigger and brighter, all while increasing the functionality of the space and making this chore a little less humdrum. These easy-to-install lighting options will upgrade your laundry room within minutes so you can get a luxurious look without paying the price.

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