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aop version 8 hiker using laptop in car trunk during vacation

The best car mattresses for super versatile comfort on the fly

From hiking to swimming and exploring the wilderness, it’s no wonder campers are exhausted by the time the sun sets. With a comfortable car mattress, you can cozy up in the back of your car and take in the starry sky before dozing off. After a restful night’s sleep, you’ll be ready to do it all over again the next day.
lighting fixtures in kitchen

The best downlights for subtle and attractive brightness

One of the most popular choices to improve lighting indoors is the use of downlights, a type of fixture that is recessed into the ceiling for completely seamless aesthetics and shines a downward beam of light. Downlights are a great way to create zones within a room or highlight specific areas or objects.
woman smiling while seated outdoors

The best patio chairs for lounging and entertaining outside

Get back to nature in the comfort of your back yard. With patio chairs that are built for relaxation you can dine al fresco, soak up the sun or sit back to watch the sunset any day of the week. Enjoy the open air with our favorite outdoor chairs and ease into the comfort that your patio has to offer.
aop version 11 best wicker furniture flowers chair

The best wicker furniture for flawless backyard gatherings

Texture and casual elegance are the defining characteristics of wicker furniture. This timeless decorative style is most popular for outdoor furnishings. Enhance the beauty of your patio and enjoy a more natural lifestyle with the laid-back sophistication of wicker furniture.
best yoga blankets mexican cotton wool blanket woman beach

The best yoga blankets for versatile and portable practice

We all love the health and spiritual benefits of a yoga practice. But let’s be honest, sometimes the only thing that gets us through class is that moment when we get to relax and wrap up in a soft yoga blanket. Nothing quite compares to the coziness and tSometimes the only thing that gets us through yoga class is that moment when we get to relax and wrap up in a soft yoga blanket. Nothing quite compares to the coziness and thickness of these tightly woven covers. Perfect for the studio, but also amazing for home, camping or outdoor concerts.hickness of these tightly woven covers that keep you warm without making you too hot. Perfect for the studio, but also amazing for home, camping or outdoor concerts.
best lawn chairs folding rocking reclining cushion couple enjoying backyard

The best lawn chairs for maximum relaxation in the great outdoors

Having the right lawn chair will elevate your leisurely lifestyle with comfort, convenience, and style. Long gone are the clunky frames from the past -- the new generation of chairs allows you to enjoy both the convenience of foldable outdoor furniture and the comfort to really enjoy that poolside afternoon.
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

The best flood lights for home safety and security

Either for safety or aesthetic reasons, setting up your house with the proper floodlight is a must. These lighting solutions create a pool of bright light thanks to a very wide beam coming off the lamp. A basic element of landscaping, they bring inviting warmth with a sense of active surveillance to deter intruders.
Kids in the garden

10 tips for a stylish contemporary garden design

Today’s modern gardens keep it simple with no-fuss plants, straightforward designs, and a focus on  the natural and sustainable.
pros cons bbq grills gas electric grill burgers

Pros and cons of gas and electric BBQ grills

You may be a bit overwhelmed with all of the conflicting reports as to which type is best: gas, electric, or charcoal? Here's what to know.