The best roof rakes to make your winter chore easier

A good rake will last you through several hard winters. It’s better to buy the best rake the first time than to buy cheap and having to replace it after every snowstorm. Making sure your rake has adjustable rods is also important. We might even dare to say that with the right rake, getting that snow off your roof could be fun. Let our picks for the best roof rakes convince you.

You know your roof better than we do, but we can still help you find the best roof rake. Depending on the height and length of your home, you might need to consider extensions. If your roof is not too deep, but it’s wide, perhaps a wider rake will make the task easier. But either way, you want to make sure the rods can lock tight and that the handle is comfortable to grip, even with thick gloves. Our picks got you covered.

Garant Yukon Roof Rake

Best Overall

The Garant Yukon Roof Rake is our overall best choice. Its 24-inch head covers a lot of surface, and the material of the blade is specifically designed to not scratch or harm your roof. It has several extension rods, which make reaching those far-away ends easier, with a handy, anti-slip handle.

Ames Companies Telescoping Roof Rake

Best Telescoping Roof Rake

If length is an issue, be sure to get our pick for the best telescoping roof rake — the Ames Companies Telescoping Roof Rake. With an easy-to-use, push-button design, this roof rake can extend up to 17 feet. And its 24-inch blade is reinforced with a wear strip for added durability.

MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Rake

Best Roof Rake Design

The MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Rake has a razor design, so it’s technically not a rake, but it’s just so well-made we had to include it here. The Dynamo has a 24-foot reach and can clear snow that’s 2 feet wide, all without you getting on a ladder. It’s also made from aircraft-grade tempered aluminum. How’s that for the best roof rake design?

OK, so maybe raking your roof is still a chore, but with these top picks it’s sure to go by fast and easy while being done right the first time. Having one of these around will help keep your home warm and your roof safe — not to mention how quickly you can get back in and relax by the fireplace. Maybe raking your roof isn’t that bad after all.

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