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The best slug killers

Banish this pest and prevent irreversible damage to your garden with our curated selection of the best slug killers. Deploy these solutions as soon as you can to target the problem before it becomes a hard-to-stop infestation. Combined with other measures like salt borders or using beer to draw them out, you can quickly regain a natural balance and protect your plants.

Make sure you use the right products to deal with a slug problem, since regular insecticides won’t cut it. These animals are mollusks and more closely related to a squid than to any garden insect. Our suggestions target this slimy nuisance before it decimates your crops.

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Monterey Sluggo Snail Bait and Slug Killer

Best overall

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The Monterey Sluggo Snail Bait and Slug Killer provides you the same level of protection professional farmers use, for you to enjoy in your home garden. One of the best products on the segment, this two-in-one solution baits and kills at the same time with a granular formula that continues to work after rain or watering. A completely pet-safe alternative that will not harm other wildlife.

Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait

Best organic slug killer

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If you prefer an organic solution to your pest problems, the Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait formula will kill all snails and slugs in about a week or less after consumption. Using natural compounds and advanced additives, this powerful formula will bait the mollusks and exterminate them by preventing normal feeding. Completely safe to use around pets.

Ortho Bug-Geta Snail and Slug Killer

Easiest to use

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Keep your garden free from slimy pests with almost no work thanks to the Ortho Bug-Geta Snail and Slug Killer, a simple set-and-forget solution that works for up to three weeks on a single application. Nontoxic pellets are used in moist soil to bait the slugs to stop them from wreaking havoc on your backyard.

Protect the countless hours you’ve invested in keeping your plants healthy and growing. A snail infestation can really take a toll overnight especially after heavy rain, and slugs can quickly take over your crops. Choose the best match among our suggestions and eradicate these pests from your property at once.

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