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The best ant baits

Ant infestations are difficult to get rid of without using effective ant baits. Ant baits eliminate ants from the whole colony to ensure you won’t face problems later on. On this list, we’ve compiled the best ant baits available to help you decide on the right one for your home.

Ant baits are available as gel, granules, liquids, and even powder. Depending on where the infestation is and how severe the situation is, choosing the appropriate bait will help clean up your home. Gels and liquids are great for localized infestations, but granules and powder are helpful for covering more ground. Getting rid of ants completely takes time, but with these top ant baits available, you’ll witness lasting results. Here are your best options.

Terro Liquid Ant Bait 

Best Overall

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Terro’s liquid ant base works by attracting ants over two weeks, slowly eliminating the colony. The two-pack product features a twist-off, ready-to-use liquid bait station that can be placed anywhere in the household, especially around entry and exit points. This bait works best indoors on flat surfaces.

Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait

Best Granules

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Amdro’s granule ant bait comes in a 24-ounce container to cover up to 1,080 linear feet around your home. Shield your home from over 23 ant species and stamp out the infestation source outside. This bait is best used outdoors for serious infestations.

Terro T300-3 Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits 

Easiest to Use

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Terro’s T300-3 liquid ant bait features borax, which eliminates the colony by allowing ants to live only long enough to share the bait. One pack contains three liquid-filled bait stations, which can be placed in tight spaces like under large appliances and household furniture.

Ant baits can be your first and last line of defense against infestation. If you want to rid your home of pests, try Terro’s liquid ant baits that are available in various models and different pack sizes. By contrast, you can tackle the problem from the outside with Amdro’s granule ant bait to create a protective perimeter around your home. Ant baits keep your home free of insects with little effort.

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